However, to some general Media Players which can play WMV file only support a few media files, and sometimes the video and image effect are not ideal for us to enjoy. Here you can free download WMV Media Player software and install it on your computer, and then you can launch the program to open the main interface as below.
Click "Add File" button in the main interface and select the WMV video from PC local disk to open the WMV video on the program. After adding the WMV video to the program, it will start to play the WMV video automatically. When watching the WMV video, you can use the "Snapshot" function to capture your favorite image. 2.4inch MP4 converter (PC-AA006),support AVI format movie play MP4 converterMP4 converter 1. The original video format, known as WMV, was originally designed for Internet streaming applications, as a competitor to RealVideo. Blu-ray Master Blu-ray Player software, the versatile and powerful WMV Media Player software, has the ability to play any WMV file with super high video and image quality.
Or you can click "File" item at top of the toolbar to open the drop-down list and then select "Open Filea€¦" option to add WMV video to the program.

If you want to adjust the video to be perfect, you can click "Audio" item at top of the toolbar to open the drop-down list and adjust the audio track and channel; you can also click "Video" item at top of the toolbar to open the drop-down list and adjust the video track and screen size. The audio codec used in conjunction with Windows Media Video is typically some version of Windows Media Audio. Also with it, we can enjoy the Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO image file easily and fluently.
It has quite good codec support (except encrypted WMV files) 10 Oct 2012 Simply put, VLC is the power user's media player of choice. Those that play this type of file can use our free WMA player in order to listen with a high quality. Additionally, by using the best design practices, anyone with or without computer experience can easily ADAPT to the WMA player that we have provided. It is targeted towards high-definition video content, at resolutions such as 720p and 1080p. Finding high quality WMA players is difficult, but we have used the latest technology in audio sound quality to ensure that this software is the very best.
Anyone using the WMA file format will know that players have totally different sound qualities based upon the technology.

Codecs, Multiformat 8 Sep 2012 I tried playing a WMV file in VLC and it told me something along the lines of Unable to play WMV3 files. Upon first opening the software, you will find that the instructions are clearly indicated for you to start playing files with this software.
It might take a few moments for you to recognize the layout and features, but you will be able to start listening to WMA files in no time. To make sure that you are getting the best possible experience with windows media audio files, it is a good idea to use the free WMA player.
Not only is it free of charge, but you will be able to utilize the latest technology for higher sound quality. Even with the higher quality, you will find that the technology is not very difficult for you to understand or to use.

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