• OCEAN TechCon19
    IBM i Technical Conference

    July25–27, 2019 - Costa Mesa

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  • OCEAN TechCon19
    IBM i Technical Conference

    Over 50 Sessions

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  • OCEAN TechCon19
    IBM i Technical Conference

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Technical Conference Overview

Three Days of Inspiration & Innovation!

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2019, Costa Mesa, California

Technically, We’re passionate about continuing education on the IBM Power Systems platform !


2019 Innovation, Modernization & Professional Development Day

Thursday, July 25, 2019
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

National University

Showcasing the lastest IBM i technologies to Innovate, Modernize, & Thrive. Professional Development topics to enhance your business skills.

Technical Conference

Friday, July 26, 2019
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

National University

Full day of technical presentations focusing on all aspects of IT from strategic directions to drilling down into today’s latest technologies plus the Vendor Solutions Expo.

Labs & Workshops

Saturday, July 27, 2019
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

National University

Workshops & Hands-on learning labs to tune up your skill sets.
Lunch is included!


OCEAN TechCon19
IBM i Technical Conference

July 25–27, 2019 - Costa Mesa

Thursday Track 1

Innovation & Modernization

Tools to Modernize Your IBM i Applications and Adopt DevOps Ray Bernardi - ARCAD

What the South Dakota vs. Wayfair decision means for IBM i Users Buk Kapadia-Jackson - Avalara

Build a Dazzling Web App on IBM i in Under 10 Minutes — with No Coding! Robert Swanson - CNX

The Mechanics of Modernization Mike Pavlak & Eamon Musallam - Fresche Solutions

Lunch and Networking

Discover the Power to Become an IBM i Hero for Your Company Orlando Ferrer - inFORM Decisions

The Evolution of Content Services Susanne Moore - S4i Systems

Combat Passwords on Post-Its with Multi-Factor Authentication for IBM i John Dunn - Syncsort

End of Sessions

Thursday Track 2

Professional Development

Application Developer Modernization Discussion Jesse Gorzinski, Charles Guarino, Mike Pavlak, Robert Swanson

How to Ensure the Success of Every Project Richie Palma

Building Your Personal Brand Richie Palma

Overview of Open Source on IBM i Jesse Gorzinski

Lunch and Networking

Highly Effective Communication Eamon Musallam

Fitting Continuous Learning Into Your Busy Schedule Richie Palma

Interviewing Skills For Both Sides Linda O'Neil

End of Sessions

RPG! It's Alive with New Treasures! Charles Guarino

Vendor Expo and Coffee Break

RDi and Git - The Basics Charles Guarino

Test Driven Development: Clean Code that Works Patrick Behr

Lunch and Vendor Expo

Migrating to Git for RPG Apps Liam Allan

The Business, Science, and Uses of ILE Service Programs Charles Guarino

Vendor Expo and Refreshment Break

The Next Batch of the Best Stuff of Advanced RDi Charles Guarino

End of Sessions

Maria DB on IBM i Erwin Earley

Vendor Expo and Coffee Break

Advanced Embedded SQL Birgitta Hauser

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Functions – Much More than Running Numbers! Birgitta Hauser

Lunch and Vendor Expo

IMHO SQL's Most Useful Features Simon Hutchinson

Generating JSON Documents with SQL Birgitta Hauser

Vendor Expo and Refreshment Break

Consuming JSON Documents and Web Services with SQL Birgitta Hauser

End of Sessions

What's New in Db2 for i for 7.4 Scott Forstie

Vendor Expo and Coffee Break

Db2 Mirror Revealed Scott Forstie & Douglas Gibbs

Hidden Gems of IBM i Scott Forstie & Douglas Gibbs

Lunch and Vendor Expo

The Best of ACS! Scott Forstie

IBM i in a Modern Compute Environment Richie Palma

Vendor Expo and Refreshment Break

Real-Time Governance of Database Activity Scott Forstie

End of Sessions

IBM i Meets IoT Jesse Gorzinski

Vendor Expo and Coffee Break

Conquer the IBM i World with Open SSH Jesse Gorzinski

It's IBM i, Damn It! Why the Name Matters Jesse Gorzinski

Lunch and Vendor Expo

Advanced Python Programming and IBM i Mike Pavlak

Managing Open Source on IBM i with Containers and Chroot Jesse Gorzinski

Vendor Expo and Refreshment Break

Modern ILE DevOps Liam Allan

End of Sessions

Business Uses for Python on IBM i Mike Pavlak

Vendor Expo and Coffee Break

IBM i Security for Programmers Robin Tatam

Node.js, Db2, Best Friends? Liam Allan

Lunch and Vendor Expo

Building and Managing PHP Applications Fast for IBM i Erwin Earley

Exploring NoSQL Databases Erwin Earley

Vendor Expo and Refreshment Break

Go Beyond Modernization Alex Roytman - Profound Logic

End of Sessions

Cool Things in Navigator to be a Rock Star Administrator Pete Massiello

Vendor Expo and Coffee Break

Moving from HMC Classic GUI to the New Enhanced GUI Pete Massiello

How to Successfully Upgrade to IBM i 7.4 & 7.3 Pete Massiello

Lunch and Vendor Expo

IBM i Security: The Good, Bad, and the Downright Ugly Robin Tatam

Are You Secure? Are You Monitoring the IBM i Audit Journal? Robin Tatam

Vendor Expo and Refreshment Break

Tips and Tricks to Improve System Performance and Save Disk Space Pete Massiello

End of Sessions

Schedule for Saturday, July 27, 2019 - Workshops and Labs

  • Application Modernization Database Workshop

    Birgitta Hauser

    jQuery Master Class

    National University

    Lunch included!
    Today, when we talk about application modernization, most think about having to reface their application and going mobile. New technologies will be used to change the layout and programs will be rewritten. … but what will a nice design be worth if the base, i.e. the underlying database is still in your grandfather’s style, grown over the years with lots of redundancies?

    LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Discover the advantages of SQL over DDS and the SQL enhancements within the last releases. Replace DDS described physical files with SQL Tables. Use SQL Indexes for native I/O instead of DDS described keyed logical files. Move business logic into database by using SQL views, materialized query tables and referential integrities. Add row and column access control (RCAC) for avoiding unauthorized data access. Start using instead of triggers to allow a further redesign of the existing data base.

    AUDIENCE: IT Managers, project leaders, programmers and database administrators who are currently working with an old “grown over time” database and want to modernize this database, without destroying the current applications. This presentation will also be valuable for those who need to design the database for a new project.

    Modernization Goals
    Moving Business Logic into Database
    DDS described logical files versus Views versus Indexes
    Binary Radix Tree Indexes
    Encoded Vector Indexes
    DDS described physical files versus SQL Tables
    Unique Identifier (Identity columns, RowId, Sequences, Generate_Unique)
    Row and Column Access Control (RCAC)
    Temporal Tables
    Journaling and Commitment Control
    Constraints and Referential Integrities
    System and SQL Trigger
    Instead Of Trigger

    LEVEL: Advanced

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  • Linux on Power Systems & Shell Programming

    Erwin Earley

    SQL BootCamp

    National University

    Lunch included!
    Bring your laptop because there will be hands-on exercises throughout the workshop!

    SETTING UP LINUX ON POWER SYSTEMS: So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and explore Linux on your Power system but don’t know where to start? This session will explore how to install Linux on a Power system, both PowerVM as well as the KVM hypervisor will be covered as well as hosting Linux I/O from an IBM i instance.

    LINUX ADMINISTRATION PART I: You’ve decided to embrace Linux in your shop but not sure how to administer it – this session is for you. This session will take a look at a number of administration topics including installation, boot process, Linux devices, virtual file systems, storage management, user management and Linux file systems.

    LINUX ADMINISTRATION PART 2: Part 2 of the Linux Administration topic will continue where part 1 left off and take a look at administration topics such as working in the Linux shell, managing software packages, security, network management, monitoring and troubleshooting, and Linux management tools.

    SHELL PROGRAMMING: If you are going to work in the Linux operating system, or PASE for that matter, then understanding how to program in the shell is an important skill that you must possess. This session will introduce you to the basic shells that are available and go through a number of programming constructions including looping, functions, and I/O processing.

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  • Python
    Hands-on Lab

    Mike Pavlak


    National University

    Lunch included!
    Python is a language that has been perceived as infrastructure or plumbing in the IT department, much like CL. While this is an excellent use for Python, it has emerged as a strategic language for application development, too.

    In this workshop we’ll explore the implementation, syntax and application use cases of Python on IBM i. From a fundamentals perspective you will get hands on experience using the command line, shell environment, script creation, storage and execution. As we progress through the workshop, we will delve into Db2 data access and program calls using XML Service as well as a brief tour of frameworks.

    Then we’ll wrap things up with how open source applications built in Python can add value to your IT environment.

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  • Node.js Hands-on Lab/Workshop

    Jesse Gorzinski, Douglas Gibbs, Dave Romo


    National University

    Lunch included !
    Node.js is one of the fastest growing runtimes and is being used by enterprises to quickly deliver differentiating solutions which take full advantage of the cloud. Join us for a day of education and hands-on experience. In the morning, you will receive education about the many benefits of using Node.js. You will also learn how to connect Node.js to Db2 for i using the IBM-provided open source libraries. You will also learn how to obtain support.

    After lunch, you will get some hands-on experience as we will teach you how to use JavaScript and develop your first project with Express.js, a popular web application framework. From there we will cover important tools for Enterprise-level Node.js such as TypeScript, a type-safe language useful for developing more robust applications.

    Finally, we will demonstrate the power of Loopback, a highly-extensible framework by IBM that excels at quickly generating APIs that connect back-end services to requests. We will teach Node.js in terms that RPG developers are familiar with, and demonstrate why Node.js is a perfect match for doing business on your IBM i.

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OCEAN Technical Conference Will Be Held At

National University

Costa Mesa Campus

3390 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Cancellation Policy: Conference fees, less a $50 cancellation fee, will be refunded if a cancellation request is received prior to July 12, 2019. Please contact us at info@oceanusergroup.org to request a refund. No refunds will be issued for requests made after July 11, 2019.

Hotels Nearby

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325 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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Double Tree by Hilton
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Phone: 714.751.2400

Courtyard by Marriott
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3002 S Harbor Blvd,Santa Ana, CA 92704
Phone: (714) 545-1001


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