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Patrick had been starved for a prolonged period of time, not a week, stuffed in a garbage bag and thrown down the garbage shute from the 11th floor by a fat, ugly black sleaze by the name of kisha curtis. I’m going to tell you all the story of my horrible facial pain, devastating diagnosis, and subsequent treatment.
My husband offered to take A., and the girls, to karate that night so I could stay home and rest. The ONLY good thing about reading this right now is knowing you are healing and are on the flip side.
I can’t even convey how fortunate and blessed I feel to be (relatively) healthy and to have had the ending I got. Whenever we listen to any story which is said to be true by any person regarding a miracle then we always ponder that is it true and if it is then how it is possible. Faith in god or universal power- In order to understand the concept of do miracles really happen, the main driving force is faith in God or universal power.
Strong willpower – If someone has very strong will power and has control on his mind then yes miracle really happen.
These things will definitely sound otherwise but in reality, these are the things which determines the miracle. Being tied with no food for more than a week, the poor dog had almost been starved to death. By the time I had sent off the last child with the last parent, I realized my jaw was killing me. I took a couple of ibuprofen and went to sleep, expecting I’d feel better the next day. The persistent throbbing ache that had plagued me for a day or so remained, but I had developed excruciating shock-like pains that shot from my lower jaw, along my cheek, up to my ear, just under my temple. They lasted anywhere from thirty seconds to a few minutes and they made me want to cut my jaw off. It is very frustrating not knowing what is going on and not being able to get any reprieve from the pain.

And after a while we think do miracles really happen and left the topic with no prominent answer to it. As you would read through your opinion can be vary but this is what we believe when it comes to Do miracles really happen? If people have enough belief on the concept of divine power then they can easily believe that yes, the miracles do happen and that also very significantly. There are many techniques by which you can create such illusion that a miracle happened but in fact it is just an illusion or a false notation. People who believe on material things and ignore every other power that might even be the almighty one then they can’t believe on the concepts like miracle. Few believed that he would survive, nevertheless love and care brought the dog back to life. I asked that he keep the girls and maybe get me a milkshake to drink since I couldn’t bear to eat with the pain in my mouth.
I could barely keep my eyes open and focused through the pain and, in fact, I was so horribly distracted that I missed a turn and had to park in a different spot. I can’t imagine what you were going through, especially not knowing what was going on. You are a stronger person than me, I would’ve been in Urgent Care shortly after that pain started.
My father has had it for years and watching him go through that much pain was arduous for all of us. The existence of anything essentially happens mainly because either we believe in them or we don’t. On the contrary, if people are more negative and practical and have a tendency that there is nothing like God in the existence then the concept of miracle also gets a bit faded. Any experienced or illiterate persons who do not have any knowledge of such illusions and magic get trapped in them and denote that as a miracle. A human mind is the only object by which all the surrounding of today has evolved and only another human mind can challenge it but this is not an easy process.

There are many people who believe what they see and ignore to believe that has no materialistic value. It is our inner intuition and desire to see a miracle that convinces our eyes to believe on something extra ordinary. Not only was it miserable to try to talk, I couldn’t even pull myself together to listen to and focus on my kids. But the reality is that these are just tricks to show their creativity by befooling people.
So, the next time when you ask do miracles really happen then first look in your heart and try to find out what you want to see.
I would hold up my hand in a gesture begging them to just STOP for a second, wait, let mommy make it through the next jolt. Such people have negative approach and they don’t want to see the positive side of anything. Will power is the only thing by which you can create and destroy almost anything in this world.
But still they can believe on miracle only if you prove them logically otherwise just by seeing it or hearing from some one’s mouth, they are not going to accept it as a fact.
In fact, there is nothing called miracle, it is just a power of mankind that is not known to masses. And whenever it is shown to them, they termed it as miracle because this cannot be done by every individual.

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