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We all have memories of books that have ignited our imaginations but is there one special book that has changed your life? That's the premise behind a fascinating new collection of essays featuring contributions from writers, politicians and actors, who discuss the book that holds a special place in their hearts. The entry I particularly liked was from the country music singer and songwriter Rosanne Cash, who seemed to capture what Marcel Proust said about there being no days of our childhood we live so fully as those we spend with a favourite book. Cash, who is now 60, chose the Laura Ingalls Wilder novel Little House on the Prairie but what was so touching about her essay was the honesty about what reading had meant to her as a child. On one of those Saturdays I discovered the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder and it was one of the greatest things ever to happen to me.
When Wilder wrote about Ma setting the table for dinner and how the light looked when it came through the window from the prairie, and how Pa played the fiddle in the evenings – it gave me the courage to face my own life and my own family.
Author Piper Kierman with Taylor Schilling (right) the star of the TV adaptation of her novel Orange is the New Black. The collection also shows again that people will open up when they are talking about literature (give a man a mask and all that), for example Tommy Hilfiger talking about his difficulties reading and his dyslexia; about how the world of books and imagination is such an escape when you believe you are a misfit.

Incidentally, the publishers Regan Arts teamed up with the literary charity 826National, which will receive a portion of the book’s proceeds to provide students aged six to 18 with opportunities to  improve their writing skills.
Submit A ReviewSubmit your reviews (written or video), author profiles, book-related videos or original cover art to reviews at odearylibrary dot com. The O'Deary Library is Toronto's oldest privately owned and publicly shared fictional book collection. Change Your Thinking is the bestselling guide to managing upsetting emotions by learning to think in a healthy and balanced way.
Change Your Thinking is based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), the psychological approach used by therapists all over the world. I asked my mom to drop me at the library on Saturdays, rather than find friends to play with.
Also, of course, in shows again the marvellous role librarians play in recommending good reading. We here at the O’Deary Library always seek to enrich our lives with text and allow books to help us explore things we might otherwise have missed.

Explor the complete list of 100 books right here and then come back and tell us how many of these you’ve read. It provides practical strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and behaviours, and taking control of emotions such as anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and guilt. That’s why this list of by Granby Public School proclaiming that this list of 100 books will make you more interesting, more attractive and sound smarter is so very intriguing to us. It also describes techniques for enhancing self-esteem, improving communication skills and developing greater personal happiness. This edition also contains a brand new chapter on mindfulness, demonstrating how mindfulness techniques can be integrated with CBT strategies. My childhood was so fantastically chaotic and unpredictable, with the complicating factors of drug addiction and fame in my father, and utter misery and sometimes hysteria in my mother.

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