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I am seeking TEFL positions anywhere from Mexico to South America, preferably with businesses - or computer-related businesses, where both my TEFL and my many years of computer training skills will come together. Can teachers successfully educate children to think for themselves if they are not treated as professionals who think for themselves? It is a Noise-O-Meter so that you can easily set the expected level of noise for given activities.
At the beginning of the day, all of the clothespins are clipped to the Ready to Learn section. When you say Give me Five students have to follow these 5 rules of course you have to explain the rules first at the beginning of the year. Then, during the day, students move their clothespins up or down the chart based upon their behavior.
As I explain the technique during Interactive Discipline seminars, I share some of my own experience using it. Assessment is coming in two weeks.) Oh never have two such important words sounded so boring.

Research has shown that students not only learn better in well-managed classrooms, but they prefer a well-managed classroom to one that is always on the verge of chaos. Since children are fairly well-versed in creating and sustaining chaos, this may surprise you, but it’s true.So what goes into classroom management?
If you (God help you) are doing the Teachers’ College nonsense, you will need to explicitly teach how Reading and Writing Workshops are supposed to work. With any luck, you will have been given a book or a binder on this by your administration, but, after all, this is the DOE. By all means, if there are department-wide, grade-wide, or building-wide routines on any of those things, follow them to the letter. First of all, if they’re already established and running, kids are more likely to simply assume that things are the same in your classroom and do them without being told. Also, frankly, you have a lot of decisions to make and it will save you some time to follow someone else’s routine. It’s okay if the actual teaching of this stuff is somewhat straightforward and lacking in the bells and whistles.

Please trust me when I say that your students will appreciate straightforward, easy stuff for a few days.
If they see that they can please you by walking into the room quietly, taking out a notebook, and starting a Do Now (for example), well, they’re very likely to try the next thing you suggest. But remember that it can be embarrassing for older kids, especially boys, to be praised very publicly. Try to be discreet in your praise until you know the kids well—a smile, a thumbs-up, a nod.
Then, every so often, the tickets go into a pool and the winners, say two or three in a class, get to pick out a prize. That helps me save money while still making all students feel special and recognized.If you have suggestions for other routines or other ways to get students on board with following them, please do post them in the comments.

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