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I wonder if the 3-D will actuall look GOOD in Blu, when spy kids came out it was that lame red blue look. That picture doesnt look like the traditional red and blue 3-D glasses that are packed with 3-D DVDs, hmm. Bouncy X wrote: they cant do proper 3D for televisions yet Anyone happen to know specifics as to why? I'm a manager at a movie theater and there are a few reasons why digital 3d will never be at home. I work in the field of Stereoscopic 3D imagery and HD filming so I thought I would share some info on the subject of 3D for home use. Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D is a throwback to the action adventure movies that used to run on The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night in the 60s and 70s.
It recalls the family friendly romps of yesteryear, but with its appealing “Gee whiz, we’re going to the center of the Earth!” enthusiasm I think today’s kids will eat up the adventure story and the impressive 3-D effects.
The story is pretty simple; this is, after all aimed at tweens and not the sci fi geeks who would have read the Jules Verne book it is loosely based on. Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D is jammed with corny jokes—“Haven’t you ever seen a dinosaur before?” asks nephew Sean as a T-Rex chases them.
Brendan Fraser anchors the cast as Trevor, and while I miss the actor who once made movies like Gods and Monsters, when he actually tried to act rather than rely on charm to skate by, he still has the chops to out shine the special effects and bring some humor to the film.
I‘m not sure that anyone over the age of twelve is going to want to sit through Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D more than once, but the 3-D effects are good, there’s a strong female role model, the story is exciting and kids will enjoy the adventure. A unique residential community located off Johnston street and West Broussard road, Beau Savanne offers numerous amenities to make life more enjoyable.
Located about a mile from Interstate 10, this single-family residential development has 76 lots with a common area and pond. Located in Broussard, LA, this community offers a serene country setting just minutes from Ambassador Caffery and Hwy 90. Located just barely on the outskirts of the Lafayette city limits, you are only a short drive away from everything Lafayette has to offer! Located within the city limits of Lafayette and situated in a bend of the Vermilion River, Grand Pointe takes full advantage of the natural beauty of the site, which has been enhanced further with the creation of lakes and parks.
The Lakes at Morganfield, is a vibrant new waterfront community, located just over a mile from McNeese State University. Located in the heart of Youngsville, Laurel Grove is a livable community with a park and walking paths. Country living located in the un-incorporated community of Milton, just minutes from Hwy 90, Youngsville and Lafayette! River Ranch’s mix of retail, dining, and professional services all within walking distance is a return to the traditional concept of Main Street in America.
Just a short drive from everything Lafayette has to offer, Sawgrass Park is the perfect country community for your family! In the heart of Youngsville, this development promotes convenience with a sense of community living. Just minutes from the heart of Youngsville, and the brand new Youngsville Sports Complex, Wells Landing is the perfect country setting for your family! Oddly enough, the film Journey to the Center of the Earth is not getting a full multi-platform video game treatment. Just because there are no console alternatives for Journey to the Center of the Earth, does not mean that you should pick this one up. You're going to be as lost as the characters since the game never tells you what you're supposed to be doing.
The environments look pretty decent and they're big, but the character models are awful and the animation is jerky. Horrible controls make the game an endless pattern of accidentally jumping into bottomless pits.

3D films look best on the big screen, the only one of which I've seen in a theatre was Sharkboy and Lavagirl (which was c**p). The first-run copies have a widescreen-only DVD in 3-D in addition to a dual-ratio 2-D disc?
One, the 3D version of the film could only be played of specifically designed screens, that are actually silver, and warped inwards. You’d watch the show and then plan your vacation to take the ride based on the show at Disneyland or, even better, Disneyworld. Set in present day, Brendan Fraser plays a scientist who travels to Iceland to search for his missing brother and to prove his theory that there are giant volcanic tubes that connect the Earth’s surface to its center. Homes starting in the 240’s, in the Green T Lindon, Youngsville Middle and Comeaux High, school zone. Homes starting in the 450’s, in the sought after Milton Elementary, Milton Middle and Comeaux High, school zone. Homes starting in the 210’s, in the Plantation Elementary, Paul Breaux Middle and Comeaux High, school zone. Homes starting in the 170’s, in the sought after Milton Elementary, Milton Middle and Comeaux High, school zone. Far enough from the hustle and bustle, but within minutes of everything you need in South Lafayette, including the brand new Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and the up and coming Costco Development. Homes Starting in the 600’s, in the Plantation Elementary, Paul Breaux Middle and Comeaux High, school zone. Homes starting in the 230’s, in the ever sough after Milton Elementary, Milton Middle and Comeaux High, school zone.
From the developers of River Ranch, Sugar Mill Pond, is the perfect family oriented place to live. Homes starting in the 150’s, in the Green T Lindon, Youngsville Middle and Comeaux High, school zone. Unlike most summer blockbusters, this Brendan Fraser flick is only being converted to a Nintendo DS game.
The novelty of listening to your character's hilarious death noises wears off by level three and that's not even far enough to play the hard to control mine cart or river raft games. Extras will include commentary by Brendan Fraser and filmmakers, 3 featurettes, and an Adventure at the Center of the Earth challenge. Granted I work at the theater, so I see movies for free but I had to pay the first 2 times. Then in front of the digital projector the image gets projected thew another screen that distorts the image even more, my making the image warped in an opposite way, the the screen. Playing anaglyph through a composite setting means that all the information is flowing through 1 combined lead, setting your Blu-Ray or DVD to component means that the image is being transferred to your TV through separate RGB channels meaning the 3D anaglyph movie has a much better chance of retaining the high colour bandwidth necessary for home 3D viewing. Please make the message constructive, you are fully responsible for the legality of anything you contribute. In tow are his nephew (Josh Hutcherson) and a beautiful Icelandic mountain guide (Anita Briem). The approximate thrill level is akin to an amusement park ride, which, no doubt, this movie will inspire.
Homes starting in the 210’s, in the Live Oak Elementary, Acadian Middle and Carencro High, school zone. Homes starting in the 190’s, in the Ernest Gallet, Youngsville Middle and Comeaux High, school zone.
Homes starting in the 210’s, in the Ernest Gallet, Youngsville Middle and Comeaux High, school zone. That might sound promising, since it means the developer won't have to try and mimic a bigger, flashier console game. The game is difficult only because the controls are so terrible and on top of everything the story is barely presented at all.

Causing the image to actually be more oval shaped if it was flattened, but because of the shape of the screen it appeared to be rectangular. While exploring a cave they become trapped and their hunt for an escape route leads them closer and closer to the center of the Earth and the wild landscapes—and creatures—that exist below the surface.
This charming little neighborhood is centrally located within the City of Lafayette, just off of Kaliste Saloom Rd. Unfortunately it looks like nobody told Human Soft that, since this game looks, feels, and sounds like it wishes it was a console game.
So unless they redesign TV's to be warped, Digital 3D will never be a home experience. And I hope that the codec and anaglyph conversion to Blu-Ray is all I hope for, and is at least equal to what I have achieved in my 3D conversions to HD. The problem is, it's freaking terrible, and there's not even a console version to go play instead.
Center of the Earth, the game, stars what looks to be 3D models of an emaciated Jude Law, the skinny kid from Superbad, and Kirsten Dunst after she drowned in the freezing waters of Iceland.
It's hard to tell if the character models were designed without seeing any of the actors, or if the 3D movie distorts the actors so much that these are actually accurate renditions. The developers aren't new to the action platform genre, since they made the Tomb Raider game for the DS about two years ago. Much like in Tomb Raider, Human Soft has managed to create some pretty decent 3D environments. Volcanic mines, crystal caverns, and jungles are all presented and the levels are actually pretty big. However the controls for this game are so bad that traversing these large environments is an extended lesson in pain. Maneuvering through the treacherous terrain in Journey is a difficult task, thanks to the controls making it look like the characters have death wishes. The movement is 3D, but the camera is fixed, so trying to do something like backtrack means jumping towards the camera and hoping you remember where the nearest ledge is (and guess what, you didn't remember).
There are quite a few checkpoints throughout each level, so progressing isn't impossible, it just takes a while because you play each segment three or four times.
The voice acting and sound effects for Center of the Earth are so horrendously bad that they literally made me LOL. In fact, whenever anyone walking by heard these sound effects, they immediately cracked up, too. I seriously hope that the developers didn't actually pay somebody to record this stuff, or worse yet, that this is possibly Brendan Fraser! It sounds like they grabbed a couple of interns who were already so burned out from working for free all summer that they could no longer convey any emotion besides complete and utter apathy, and then had them record some grunts and screams. The little dinosaurs sound like stray cats, and the bigger dinosaurs don't make noise at all. And I'm pretty sure that's actually a person going, "Swoosh, swish!" for the weapon sounds. As if the bad controls weren't enough to make this game too frustrating to play, the very set up kills it.
In one of the earlier levels there's a part where, at the very end of the level, you're given an item that shows you the location of runes. That would have been useful to know at the beginning of the level, so that I didn't have to backtrack all the way to the beginning, then turn around and go all the way back again!

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