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I’ve always been intrigued by Dreams and Visions.  But growing up and being alive in such a rational, scientific, natural age doesn’t leave much room for either being considered legitimate, does it?  But they are, and I embrace them with all my rational, scientific, natural self because I believe the supernatural has invaded us through our Messiah – Jesus, connecting us with God our Father and living in us through God the Holy Spirit. Now, I know there’s some weird stuff out there trying to pass for legitimate, but “c’mon man”, test the spirits!  Remember Joseph?  Where did those Dreams come from anyway?  Remember Paul and Peter?  Where did those Visions come from anyway?
My answer is Our God – Father, Son and Spirit – is a Dreams and Visions God – always has been and always will be, in time and space.  Prophet Joel‘s words continue to echo in our hearts.  So what’s the point and what does this have to do with church planting? This is the beginning.  This is the “art” of church planting, God’s Dreams and Visions calling you to respond. May His Dreams and Visions for your life so captivate and compel you that your only response to His call is, Yes Lord Jesus!  Whether that “call” is to plant a church or _________, let Him fill in the blank. Truly we often day dream a lot and in the night not often do we actually have a “night vision” but rather “dream”.
SO what are “day dreams” and “night visions” and what about the dreams in the night and visions in the day? This is something we are going to take some time to talk about because it has been something I have been asked about many times and these unusual experience even encounters need to be better understood by those who follow Jesus Christ especially in this hour and age that we have moved into. I think a better title may actually be “Mysteries Revealed” sometimes when we have dreams and visions. SO many times people want to avoid the “imagination” instead of engage it, because they are afraid it is vain and of no use to them but only a waste of time. Ever heard someone say “dream with God?” How can a person “dream with God” if they do not know what God dreams about? Yes, not in the sense we do(we sleep, He doesn’t sleep) but remember…WE are made in THEIR likeness!
In a dream in the night, our conscious is asleep but we have what psychologists call a “sub-conscious” and it does not sleep.
Whereas a “day-dream” is a place our conscious is awake and our mind is engaged and this is where we must learn to get our thoughts captive to Jesus because we have access to the mind of Christ Jesus…directly to our Heavenly Father! Talking about the supernatural realm that is much more real than the one we are housed in right now. IF we learn to “DO” the little things like taking our thoughts captive to Jesus, and imagining how that might look…it propels a child-like wonder AND expectation within us.
Ever heard the old saying, “practice makes perfect?” Well…in this instance yet…practice can help to make “complete” when we better understand our Heavenly Father seeing things from HIS perspective rather than that of our own “vain” thinking!
So, what is the difference in a “vain imagining” and a “day dream” that might lead into a vision or encounter with Heaven or with Jesus etc.

Vain defined means: devoid of substance or meaning, fruitless, pointless, failing to have or unlikely to have the intended or desired result. That place in our mind is also the point where visions come in when we are poised before the Lord in worship. You must know Holy Spirit enough to recognize in your spirit when what you are dreaming of has become something you could never have come up with! This is where learning to communicate is so fun, ask before you sleep for the “how to do” this and then faithfully write down your night dreams.
21 He said to them, “A lamp is not brought in to be put under a basket or under a bed, is it? When you day dream, take a moment and invite Holy Spirit to invade that “day –dream”…sometimes it may be a healing for you, an idea to make or build something, a solution to a problem or just to make you laugh! As you awaken from the deep sleep time where dreams have been happening there are times when as you are aware you are awake, you being to “see” into another realm. Its important for us to have understanding of dreams, visions, even day dreams that are actual dreams not vain imaginings.
Proverbs 29:18 tells us that without vision (whether it comes through a prophetic word, vision, dream) people are unrestrained meaning?
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Bloggers on the site include a Who’s Who list from the Church Planting World comprised of coaches and authors. First off, a “day dream” is while a person is actually “awake” and it is connected with imagination.
Dreaming is connected to creativity and creating things and HE is THE Creator of all things! This is the place where Holy Spirit can clearly speak to us through dreams, which are much like a “parable” in the night! There isn’t really a difference except when Holy Spirit intervenes because we are both open to that and have also asked for Him to reveal things to us.
If we want to see what and how He sees and hear what HE is saying…we have to allow HIM to take us into places we have never experienced. The ability to think of ways of dealing with difficulties or problems, ability to visualize and form images especially of things never seen or experienced directly. We cannot instigate an encounter with God and heaven but we can position ourselves before HIM expecting to hear from or be with Him to worship Him, love on Him and also to be loved BY Him!

Suppose you are asking the Lord for an idea to build or fix something and you have done your “house-keeping” so to speak, put on armor and taken your thoughts captive to Jesus and now you are seeking answers. That is a “night vision” and not to “box that in” night visions are not limited to only being awake.
These are people who think beyond typical conventions and who are interested in seeing lots of people won into relationship with Christ through church planting. Neither one is right and neither extreme will help a person to better understand why God created “imagination” in a human being made in HIS likeness!
22 For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been kept secret, but that it would come to light [that is, things are hidden only temporarily, until the appropriate time comes for them to be known].
Prophetically speaking, it may come like a picture, word, something that seems to “pop” in your head. I have had what I call “dreams within dreams” but knew that the dream in the dream was more! Because our Heavenly Father wishes to communicate with us and does all the time, we just need to learn. In fact, even with all the prophetic training classes I have led over the years I didn’t realize I had not spent any in depth training for the ones who participated, just touched upon it. Includes Cayce’s instructions for understanding messages of love or concern or advice—as well as warnings—in dreams from loved one that have passed on but continue to communicate with us on earth from the other side.
NOW this is not some will it to happen or name it claim it this is “how” a child thinks and when we “get that”, we can see and hear as a child of the Most High much more readily.
23 If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear and heed My words.” 24 Then He said to them, “Pay attention to what you hear. Sometimes there is a measure of “literalness” to those and they are more like a “night VISION” instead of a dream, which is more like a parable in the night. By your own standard of measurement [that is, to the extent that you study spiritual truth and apply godly wisdom] it will be measured to you [and you will be given even greater ability to respond]—and more will be given to you besides. This is “revelation” something revealed that the Lord wants to show to you or help you with.
We can ask for wisdom and understanding to know how to implement it OR share it with someone for them to know or do.

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