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As you can see I have past my 60th birthday and am not quite finished my cartoons – so I’ve given myself a reprieve until Friday – I decided to postpone turning 60 until then . While mentoring young teen Meg (in art) i was mentioning that i needed some new quotes to illustrate. I have embraced the Law of Attraction principles for many years now and wanted to illustrate a faucet. William James the fabulous philosopher and psychologist came up with this quote – I’ve always admired him so was thrilled when this quote came across my desk!
Always a fan of Rumi – this quote really spoke to me “The Door is wide Open, don’t go back to sleep. Marcus Aurelius has gifted us with many fine sayings – here is one of them “The Soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts” I felt a rainbow would be a great way to illustrate a rather abstract concept.

Remember i have a fun birthday contest giveaway happening – if you have not already entered to win go here and leave a comment! Last week when i went to visit my other two grandson’s Sam and Toby I snapped this photo with my i-phone while exiting the Skytrain station.
Lately I’ve been focusing more on “being stuck” than on what i want which is clarity and direction. What kind of signs do you pay attention to?  Is it the words or numbers on a license plate – the name or tagline on a passing truck, the discovery of a feather in the most unlikely place or a snippet of a song which appears to be speaking directly to you?  I’d love to hear your SIGN experiences!
I am FOREVER looking for signs and thought this was a sign for me.  It really was a GIANT advertising for you to find stuff to buy at the mall however i took it as a constant reminder to find what i love and then GO DO IT!
All the edges are round which is fairly safe for babies however it makes it difficult to climb on to .

I watched Cillian raise his little chubby leg attempting time and time again unsuccessfully to climb on to the table.
So i gave him a boost.  Doesn’t he look smug as if to say “I’m the King of the Castle”?

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