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BIO:Clarissa is a very well educated woman with 3 college degrees - a Bachelor's in Accounting, an MBA in Forensic Accounting, and an MSA in Forensic Accounting.
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Book your FREE Discovery Coaching SessionBook your FREE Discovery Coaching Session with Tandy today. Developing a positive attitude to money and success is wildly important if you want financial freedom and independence. Ever Since The Film 'The Secret', The Idea Of Being Able To Create A New Life Of Abundance For Yourself Has Become Hugely Popular.
But There Is Definitely A Problem - Yes The Principles Of The Laws Of Attraction and Abundance Always Work- So why were there so many disappointed people who were unable to change their lives?
Now quantum physicists are even showing in their experiments what mystics have been saying for thousands of years. If you believe in the laws of gravity and magnetism, then believe in the laws of abundance and attraction. Yet allowing yourself to have thoughts of joy and happiness will allow you to experience it. It is important to understand that the real role of the subconscious mind is to keep things like your body temperature, breathing and heart rate at the same rate consistently. So whatever kind of life you have been living, that is what your subconscious mind accepts as being 'normal' for you.
If you have only ever had poverty and disappointment in your life, then that is the state your subconscious mind tries to keep you in.
So as soon as you start to use the process of creating and try to develop Abundance, your subconscious mind works against it and starts to say things like 'you don't deserve it' or, 'you don't really need that' - whatever is necessary to prevent you from receiving your dreams by stopping you believing in yourself. By making the effort to manifest for yourself, you are communicating all of your hopes and desires to the Universe, but if this is too great a change, your subconscious mind will do everything it can to prevent the changes from happening. So if you successfully reprogram your subconscious mind you will get everything in life you desire!
Once you have convinced your subconscious mind to accept the changes in your life you will start to receive all of your desires. Now, take whatever actions you are inspired to do to make those dreams and fantasies a reality. One might ridicule this very idea and argue that the scarcity or financial hardship has been caused by events that were beyond your control but one should remember that abundance of wealth is only a manifestation of our inner thought processes and desires.
The Law of Attraction as a theory has gained popularity in recent years owing to numerous books and movies like 'The secret'. Another common problem that befalls people going for the law of attraction is that they try to figure everything out themselves abundance.What they need to do is only figure out their object of desire and then concentrate all their thoughts and emotions on it abundance. Using the power of the human mind by man to attract any object of desire from the infinite universe into manifestation in actual reality is known as The Law of attraction.
Get into a quiet and tranquil place where the chances of you getting disturbed are minimal abundance. It's like writing a letter straight to the universe for you to open fully into your greatest self. If your life is less than perfect then you need to accept that your own subconscious mind has made it like it is! That what we think of as being 'reality' only exists in our minds which we can change at any time.

Whatever energies you put out attract the same energies back - so crucially are you putting out the right energies? People try to manipulate the Law of Attraction to make their financial condition get better, but this is why so many people fail. But it must be mentioned here that this universal law has been in existence since time immemorial. In fact, most religions teach that the only people who hold any actual 'power' are priests or other similar intermediaries.The fact remains that each individual is a part of this infinite cosmos and everyone has the inherent ability to manifest anything and everything that they want from the universe through the power of their thoughts and beliefs abundance.
The universe will decide in what way it will manifest in reality abundance.But this does not go on to say that you don't have to take any action at all abundance. Starting form the universe, the world we are familiar with to our own existences, these are nothing but manifestations of energy in one form or the other. In other words, it is the ability to achieve anything that one wants in life.This law is all about the power of the human subconscious abundance. Or when you do get money, you have to immediately spend it all on your current bills and unexpected bills?Let's change that right here and right now, because it really is just a mindset that you have in yourself about the money you can have in your life. Most of her energy healing work has been self taught in taking techniques that worked and tweaking them to work a little bit better for her. If you feel as though you have to read a book to gain the knowledge that you need, get the book. One of the questions that may arise here is that if the Law of Attraction is a universal law, then why doesn't it work for individuals in the way they want it to?
Not only has it been the basis of many mysterious teachings but it has also served as the very core of various belief systems in this world. On the contrary, you will have to action at one point but it will only be an inspired action. The energy flow that takes places from your end as a result of your intense visualizations and the strength it receives from your true belief that its coming your way, lets it connect to the infinite energy of the cosmos and ask that very object of desire from it into manifesting in your real life.
Focusing your thoughts brings your desires into reality, it doesn't matter how big or how small your desires are abundance. We only use a mere fraction of the total mind potential that we have and if we can utilize it completely, then making this new age spiritual concept of the Law of Attraction work is quite possible abundance.The 2006 movie 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne is what made this concept immensely popular in recent times.
Make sure you do not take in a heavy meal before practicing meditation since it tends to makes you sleepy abundance. So, if you are unhappy with your life now, it only makes sense to change your thoughts onto what you want and to keep your thoughts there as much as possible.Thus, you would be creating your own future by thinking of only those things which you want the universe to give to you abundance.
These mindsets are created throughout our entire life, but really do start before we were even born.
And because of this, she has developed her Zone of Genius - being able to tune into the energy of businesses and do some amazing clearing energy work on those businesses. It's not that one will manifest abundance without even working out for it;rather this hard work will inspire him for success so that it won't even seem like work to him,like the instance of a baseball player going for a match,implementing his hard work and getting abundance in terms of millions of dollars.
To get the answer to this, one must first realize that this universal law is always at work in your life irrespective of whether you want it or not or believe it or not abundance. That is, you will act upon what the universe nudges you towards.For instance, while trying to attract money, money making opportunity ideas may start coming to you. Hence, you can now achieve anything and everything in life by making this universal law work.
As long as you can control your thoughts, you will get what you want.But keep in mind that this is also true for negative thoughts as well.

The author also has a book by the same name and the movie is all about how one can use his own mind power to attain anything he wants in life. You must act on these inspirational ideas when your heart tells you they are the right things to do. A bit of effort and regular practice from your end can tap into the hidden potential within your mind so much as to enable you to attain any object of desire you ever want in life. If your mind is harboring negative feelings and all your thoughts are centered on the lack of money or the debts you have, then these are what are going to get attracted from the universe into manifesting in life more and more.The law of gravity and the law of attraction are very much the same. The approach of Ask-believe-receive was showcased in the movie as a technique to make the law of attraction work.
Now, it is time for you to become conscious about your own breathing and your entire existence.
But she only does things she absolutely loves and follows the advice the universe gives her. If this Law isn't working for you, it means you haven't learned its true essence abundance. You can be a good person or a bad person, it does not matter but if you jump from the top of a house, you will hit in the ground.
By this method, one is able to manifest in reality any and every object of desire that he wants from life.What you do primarily is 'Ask' yourself about what you truly want in life?
The abundance that comes into your life comes from what it is you truly desire, what you believe deeply that you need and deserve.
This is also the way that the law of attraction works.Thus, keeping your thoughts positive is extremely crucial to the working of this law for your benefit abundance.
It might be things like money, fame, promotion or even grand buildings, cars and other luxury stuff.The most important step is the 'Believe' one since you have to have total faith that your object of desire is coming your way and soon take place in reality. Instead of an improvement in matters of financial abundance, they spiral even further into financial ruin.
Practice deep breathing exercise for a few minutes which would cleanse your mind and induce a calm state thereof.
In order to relax your body, clench your body parts for a few moments and release it and do this for a few times for heightened relaxation abundance. Simply making the decision to manifest abundance and focusing on it several times a day through various techniques like affirmations, is really not the way to go about it.
Start visualization by imagining yourself having already achieved the object of desire that you seek abundance. Have you stumbled upon the Law of Attraction because you're going through financially tough times?
Envision yourself in this way with intense concentration and focus and let all your emotions of happiness, excitement, sense of achievement flow from you.
Do you think that perhaps, something in the way you live your life is causing those financial hardships? You might find it hard to accept, but whether it's good or bad, your financial condition is the result of the Law of Attraction.

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