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And we see it working: it would be impossible to put together 118 hours of video content for Exam FM (video lessons, solutions, and review videos) without a team approach. Having a team means that you’ll get different perspectives, helping you learn better. Having a team is how we’re able to have multiple people answers your questions on the forums and through e-mail. Yes, close on the heels of our Corporate Finance announcement, VEE Applied Stats is now available too!
Coaching Actuaries is proud to announce their Gold Sponsorship at the first annual Midwest Actuarial Science Conference on Saturday, Oct.
Raise Your Odds® is registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office and Earned Level™ is a trademark of Coaching Actuaries.
This is not exactly what you see on the monitor when you’ve failed a test, but it’s for sure the way you read it. It does not really matter how many tries it took you to pass the exam, as long as you pass it.
It all depends on the exam you are studying for, but my personal benchmark has been to do one full mock exam every other day. The day after your mock exam, make sure you mark yourself and review the topics you were deficient on. A good practice is to solve verbal problems in your head conceptually on your way to work or while doing some chores or working out. Because you did not pass your exam last time, it is likely that you did not sacrifice enough.

Actuarial exams are all about short-term pain for a long-term gain, so have the big picture in mind and keep ploughing on! Disclaimer: The content of this blog post is the sole opinion of the author and is not associated with Coaching Actuaries, its team members or its brand. Written by David Zheng: When studying for the actuarial exams, I prefer to understand the material and how the formulas are derived, rather than only memorizing and applying formulas. Even our company values are centered around our primary value of Teamwork, which is written on the wall in our lunchroom. We do it differently because we know that you the student get the best value by having a team of coaches on your side guiding you toward success. For example, our MFE review videos taught by Tong Khon Teh, ASA, CFA, present another way to approach key concepts than is found in Abe’s MFE manual.
We get so excited when we hear your positive feedback in how our coaches helped you reach your goal.
Most of the qualified actuaries, even those in very high places, likely did not pass every exam on their first try. Some hiring managers may ask you whether you passed every single exam on your first try, but they are very understanding of the situations where you did not, as long as you explain why. It is very important to simulate the exam room environment as much as you can so you do not get a shock when you are actually there.
Depending on how close you are to the exam date and how prepared you feel, feel free to modify the number of mock exams per week.
In my experience, memorizing formulas is best done while practicing problems, but there are still some items that require flash card memorization.

Coaching Actuaries provides an opportunity for actuaries to share their ideas, but does not claim any responsibility for the content provided.
You may find one or the other best for you, but either way you’ll benefit from the diversity of thought. Even with more people using Adapt, we consistently see that 90% of users at Earned Level 7 report on our surveys that they passed their exam!
Thus, if we add to our staff, hopefully that translates to better products and services to you. My picture is on the wall at my alma mater because my team won the school’s statistics competition. I was once pleasantly surprised when, after failing a test, our CEO told me that he failed one exam twice! Use the same earplugs, calculators, pens, pencils, scratch pads and watches as you would on the actual exam. You don’t need to have a specific numerical example as long as you remember the steps and the reasoning behind your calculations. Usually it seems just easier and faster to do it yourself without having to work with someone else.
The videos have an all new simplified format to help you focus in on the examples and teaching.

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