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Binnenkort verschijnt mijn taalkrachttraining “Een mens beter laten worden dankzij suggestieve taal”. En komen er korte workshops waarin je de werkelijke kracht van de woorden kunt ontdekken die jij uitspreekt en denkt. I just feel I can’t do anything right in life.  I struggle with relationships at home and at work.  Why me? I offer a complimentary strategy session for us to determine how coaching can help you and which knowledge and skills are most applicable to your situation. I help college-aged students and adults with ADHD to understand and maximize their strengths so that they can lead a more successful and happier life. We are quick and spontaneous, often living in flow rather than in the artificial structure of minutes and hours.
We make intuitive leaps and connections that make for very interesting ideas and projects to work on within coaching. We are usually very bright and interested in many things so we can be fascinating to talk with. We can concentrate intensely on things we care about and we usually work well to deadlines that we’ve committed to. My passion comes from my own ADHD and the understanding I have gained over a lifetime.  I am committed to your leading a successful life!  Your success is my success.

Click the image above to take the Personal ADHD Assessment and find out more about how ADHD affects you.
Angela’s own struggles and success in dealing with ADD enable her to better empathize with and guide clients to their own successes. Angela Hall MA, obtained her Master’s Degree in counseling from Liberty University, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Her research experience includes work in the Human Emotions Research Lab at George Mason University, where she studied the effects of gratitude on substance abuse recovery. Her previous counseling experience includes crisis management and individual psychotherapy with patients struggling with depression and anxiety at Virginia Baptist Hospital. Angela offers a free initial consultation to identify treatment issues and develop a preliminary counseling plan. Angela welcomes family members to attend the initial consultation in order to gain a broad perspective of treatment concerns. With our signature success coaching program you will get powerful tools that specifically work for ADD’ers in order to start achieving your goals immediately and get the results you deserve! Maar de woorden in de linker kolom raken je brein en lichaam op een andere manier dan de woorden uit de rechter kolom.
With professional help and focused efforts to develop organizational skills, she moved from average student standing to top of the class.

In counseling, she will help you to develop your own individual pathway to improve concentration and satisfaction in school, work, and relationships. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from George Mason University, graduating magna cum laude.
She has led group therapy and provided individual counseling for clients recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. Angela’s Masters degree in professional counseling distinguishes her from many ADHD coaches who have not recieved this level of training.
She graduated magna cum laude from an honors psychology program and achieved a 4.0 GPA in graduate school. Hall is prepared to help clients manage anxiety and find relief from depressive symptoms which often complicate ADHD.

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