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GeoHub is a portal of open location-based data from city departments that empowers both the public and city employees to explore, analyze and build on the data.
Youths are highly enthusiastic about starting their own businesses in order to realize their dreams. Hundreds of runners and walkers gathered in the afternoon of November 8, 2015 at Ap Lei Chau for the 12th CyberRun for the Rehabilitation with the theme of “Sunset Jogging to Cyberport”. Esri China (HK) participated in the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of our long-term business partner NetCraft Information Technology (Macau) Co. Esri User Conference (Esri UC) 2015 was once again successfully held in San Diego from July 18-24. In Esri User Conference every year, Esri presents hundreds of organizations worldwide with Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Awards.
GIS professionals, users and friends who open the website of Esri China (Hong Kong) every day may have a pleasant surprise in early August. Smart City promises to enhance the quality of city living by using Information and Communication Technology and related initiatives are generating interests among different sectors in the city. The revamped Statutory Planning Portal 2 (SPP2) of Town Planning Board launched last fall has quickly become one of the most popular website providing public information. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Nepal on 25 Apr 2015 has taken over 8,000 lives and injured over 19,000 people. Esri is supporting organizations that are responding to earthquake disasters with software, data, imagery, project services, and technical support. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2002, the Caring Company Scheme aims at cultivating good corporate citizenship.
The Esri Asia Pacific User Conference (APUC) has finally returned to Hong Kong after a decade and the 10th Esri APUC was successfully held in 27-28th January 2015.
This year, about 600 delegates from 20 countries of Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America descended upon the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. What bothers me though is how buyers think they can pay a low price and get a ton of amenities.
This got me thinking about families and the sort of stress that we live in today, and I wonder if our expectations are too high?
For most families, “The Forever Family” is the one that can roll with the ups and downs of life, the one that knows when to hold tight to the roller coaster and when to let your arms fly up while you laugh and scream with delight and terror! Piecing together a family by reading Facebook comments or attending free webinars is like sticking on band-aids when stitches are needed. I hate to think that God created the world for us to have to figure out everything on our own.
David Franklin, MA, has twenty years of experience teaching, facilitating, and coaching hundreds of people in workshop, group, ritual, and one-on-one settings. I am a Leadership Transformation and Executive Coach assisting individuals and teams in creating impact in their organizations.

I bring 18 years of management consulting experience where I helped companies accelerate their pace in: 1) strategy definition & execution, 2) intentional succession planning, and 3) building high performing teams.
I subscribe to the philosophy of a systems-based approach to coaching where our actions are driven by our internal beliefs, perceptions, assumptions, and values. I value the personal relationship between coach and client and recognize that I am not for everyone. When I decided I needed to reevaluate my career direction, I determined an objective outside voice was needed. My husband and I realized that as owners who have so many day-to-day responsibilities, we needed someone to look at the big picture and help us to grow our employees, which in turn would help us to grow our company. Through his knowledge and expertise, Todd helped us express who we are as a company with the establishment of our mission and operating philosophy.
Todd realized our need for set processes, so with his guidance and the hard work of our management team, we now have all of our processes in place and he has given us the guidelines to establish a great training program for new employees. Soon after a career change into Property Management, I had the opportunity to start working with Todd. I would recommend his services to anyone who is committed to pursuing excellence in all aspects of their life.
Todd has been instrumental in helping me get unstuck and advance my career and productivity.
Todd has a gift for helping me to find the point I need to focus on to overcome whatever obstacle is before me.
In addition, I invited him to one of our team meetings to work with us on a particular problem – why our team, with its diverse personalities, was failing to get quality projects out on time. Right from the start my coach developed a strong alliance by ensuring I understood we came as equals and the power came from the coaching relationship.
This is the home that you buy for raising your kids and then seeing your grandkids come for visits and spend time growing up there too. Are we too attached to building our “Forever Family” and not concerned enough with who we are right now, at the present time? Most ADHD families resemble a colorful abstract painting more than a muted Norman Rockwell painting. I have not watched house hunters, but I have indulged in similar shows, and I love the analytical approach you have taken to gleaning knowledge from watching this. I help men become effective leaders, improve relationships, and integrate their spirituality and sexuality. After much research, we decided that Todd Curzon was a perfect match for our needs and we have not been disappointed. We have learned to manage our team in a more effective manner through well defined weekly and quarterly meetings.
With Todd’s guidance and encouragement, time management tips and prioritization techniques, we have completed our employee policies and procedures manual and held a successful workshop to define what professionalism in our workplace looks like.

He has helped guide me through the changes of being in a new industry and new position, while focusing on my strengths so I could maximize my results.
Curzon's services for over a year and has been a tremendous help to us as a team and to me personally.
There were many instances when I faced challenging situations and needed a sounding board when considering my options. Where we feel comfortable changes, what we like to eat can change, who we want to spend time with, what TV show we want to watch, and so on. From my own experience I know that there are people out there who are waiting for you to ask for their help, or receive the help they’ve probably offered more than once. His book, "Radical Men: Simple Practices for Breaking the Myth of Masculinity and Embodying Your Authentic Self," offers new perspectives to help men discover who they are and to create a men's movement based on creating community, cultivating healthy relationships, taking accountability, and stepping into leadership in service of the greatest good. Just describe your coaching goals and we'll send you a list of great coaches with the right fit for your specific needs. Our company has gone from a chaotic, reactive atmosphere to an environment of Communication, Teamwork, Respect and Accountability. As well as weekly one to one meetings with each manager and they with their team members, which has helped to keep us all moving forward in our growth.
My coach had a unique talent for putting people at ease and invited discovery that enabled me to get to the right answer for me. Working with Todd at Assured Leadership weekly helped me to feel more confident in short term and strategic planning. For others, it may mean putting some of life on hold temporarily because you family needs some intensive care.
Todd was able to actively listen to me, challenge my thinking and guide me through the evaluation and discovery process. Todd always challenges me to step away from my comfort zone and to really break down my thought process. On several occasions he challenged me to step outside my comfort zone reinforcing that my current career trajectory was right on the mark.
In the end with his counsel I made decisions with a view to the future versus being reactive. One day we’re gung ho about school work or cleaning our rooms, and the next day the mere thought is exhausting. Throughout the year we have been able to work together, I've become more organized, prepared, a better thinker, and most importantly gained confidence in my new role.

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