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This code of Ethics provides the basis for good practice in the marketing, operation, financing and administration of education and training services by The Makeup School Ltd (TMS). TMS markets training courses and products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding vague and ambiguous statements.
TMS has state of the art training facilities that have been specifically designed for the purpose of makeup and hairstyling application. TMS has a clear fair and reasonable financial policy; that is made available to all prospective students prior to enrolment. TMS will provide clear financial information about the individual student fee course structure and balances. TMS students will be recruited responsibly and ethically at all times and recruitment will be consistent with training course requirements.
TMS will ensure that all information about a course is made fully available to a prospective student, prior to an enrolment into a course and that information is not misleading. TMS has a commitment to providing quality training with a focus on a continuous improvement. TMS will ensure that students have the educational background and English language proficiency to be able to undertake the course requirements successfully.
TMS has a very strong connection with the industry and we continuously update our training and assessment methods within the school to keep up to date with trends and new technologies in the industry.
TMS will protect your personal information and we will maintain records of your training progress and issue certificates in a timely manner. Students should speak directly with the person concerned to resolve the problem as soon as possible. If the student wishes to make a formal grievance they should put the matter in writing to the Directors of TMS within 21 days. Students at all times must maintain appropriate behaviour and follow TMS rules and regulations. The Makeup School is an Auckland based Makeup training facility owned by two of New Zealand's most experienced Makeup Artists. The Makeup School training facility will encourage your creative passions through its courses, continue to inspire and challenge you as it prepares you to venture out into one of the most exciting industries in the world.

Enrol to receive online presentations, developed by qualified Chartered Accountants, on the key elements of each unit.
This online workshop is a recording of our face-to-face TAX316 PASS workshop, which covers important technical topics and likely exam questions. This accredited online course will help you understand animal behaviour, common health problems and basic veterinarian procedures. Veterinary nurses assist in the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, illnesses and injuries. Assessments: 12 modules and 12 assignments, including case studies, quizzes and written assessments.
The Makeup School Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act 1993 on the 17th day of May 2007, registration number 1943388. Use this code as a guideline; this will help to understand the processes and quality assurance that are in place at the school. TMS is committed to non-discrimination in any form when recruiting and selecting, and at all times complies with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation. Work experience is a vital part of these methods; we strive to offer all students undertaking our full time or extended part time courses as much work experience as possible to prepare them for employment.
We will monitor student’s course attendance, progress and offer support to all students. Doctor’s certificates are required for students attending our full time and extended part time courses, where the student is absent for more than 3 consecutive days or have had more than 5 days away from class.
If the student doesn’t feel that they are able to speak to the person concerned, they can raise the matter informally with their tutor or Directors.
Penalties for breaches of rules and regulations or unsuitable or disruptive behaviour will be imposed as set out in the Student Handbook. You'll learn exam techniques on using your time effectively, pinpointing key words, identifying what exam markers are looking for and how to properly structure your answers.
You will gain invaluable knowledge in many different aspects of animal health care, giving you an edge over the competition. Use this course to improve your employment prospects and start your career pathway towards becoming a qualified veterinary nurse or animal technician. They are responsible for the welfare of the animals who stay at the clinic or surgery, and usually feed, water, clean and exercise them.

Her career began in banking, slid into IT in the banking sector and then shifted into general management in not-for-profits. Since 2007 TMS has provided quality education and training in Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling. All fees and charges including late payment penalties are stated on the enrolment form and must be accepted by the student in writing at the time of enrolment. TMS offer additional private tuition at a discounted students rate when agreed by both parties and when necessary. The staff member will attempt to resolve the grievance to the mutual advantage of the parties concerned.
The circumstances and results of any grievance are analysed thoroughly for their implications and acted upon appropriately so as to remove any grievances in the future by improving the relevant functions.
You'll also have access to qualified CAANZ facilitators, experienced in writing and marking the New Zealand Tax module.
You’ll also be able to complete a practice exam and check your answers against suggested solutions. They will also administer drugs, conduct tests, check stock and order drugs and other veterinary supplies, and undertake other administrative and reception duties. However, when she felt she needed to make a change, Karen chose a subject close to her heart. TMS seeks to prevent problems by ensuring that you are satisfied with your course and its outcomes. She gained most of her hands-on skills as a wildlife veterinary nurse in a sanctuary, as well as the more usual small animal work in a local clinic. In addition to their functional expertise, all staff are encouraged to be fair, courteous and helpful in the dealings with you. Any complaint about a staff member or course will be treated seriously, investigated thoroughly and dealt with according to the merit of the complaint.

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