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Unless you are a speed typist and know all of the major office software packages, you'll probably need to brush up on your skills by going back to school for a bit. With three years of work experience and a bachelor's degree, you are eligible to get a Chartered Financial Analyst certificate.
If you are looking at different career paths and degrees, then a business administration degree might suit you.
The skills taught are broad based and quite often you can choose to take more courses in a subject area that you find interesting once you have enrolled. Individuals with a business administration degree can find a number of similar positions across a range of industries. Other employers include business development agencies that may be government funded and whose purpose is to regenerate regions in economic decline. At Quetzal Skills, we offer both in-class and online trainings in IT, Business Skils and Project Management.
True, many administrative assistants have no formal training, but employers increasingly require a broad range of skills and duties.

The Certified Financial Planner credential covers different areas of finances: insurance and risk management, benefits, taxes and investments.
A business administration degree can be used in so many different settings, industries, and types of organizations. Course subjects may cover some or all of the following areas: accounting, finance, human resources, business law, sales, marketing, planning and control, administration, project management, strategy, and e-commerce. There are several large management consultancy firms who may be interested in people with business administration degree. You must be over 16, willing to learn, be enthusiastic, reliable and happy to learn from feedback from your tutors and employer. Our interactive courses are taught by industry experienced and certified professionals of Canada.Course Details content goes here. If you pass both exams after a few years of studying, you are well on your way to becoming a certified financial planner. If you do not want to tie yourself down to a narrow discipline, then a business administration degree could provide you with the academic achievement and career flexibility that you are searching for.

Clearly, the more experience you gain over the years means that you could qualify for a position of more responsibility.
An Apprenticeship takes around a year, but it can be flexible to fit in around your busy life, holidays and commitments. If you've answered yes to these questions then you might have some of the characteristics that make up a successful accountant. Mid level management, executive and administrative positions are available in every conceivable commercial, not for profit, governmental and academic institution. Our interactive courses are taught by industry experienced and certified professionals of Canada.Price Lsit content goes here. The most prestigious firms can of course afford to recruit only the very best trainees, so you may find competition is intense for these positions.

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