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Are ready to make a real commitment to your Self, to Spirit and to Service a€“ To make an even bigger difference in this world and to live a life of greater balance, health, wealth and happiness along the way. Deeply desire to connect more CONSISTENTLY with your angels, spirit guides and Highest Self. As you grow spiritually and intuitively, it is absolutely CRUCIAL that you learn to do so SAFELY so you do not indiscriminately open your Third Eye and attract all sorts of energies out there. Most of us did not have the blessing of growing up in an indigenous culture, where our natural psychic abilities would have been supported with proper teaching and mentoring, supervised practice and loving encouragement. But you don't have to give up on being intuitive or settle for the level you are currently at. In Higher Consciousness you will be guided safely, in the Spirit of Love, with only positive intent for the Highest Good of All, to develop your relationship with your own Spirit Guides, Angels, Animal Totems, God, Goddess and your Highest Self - Ultimately with the Source of Truth and Love. You will experience PERSONAL HEALING & TRANSFORMATION in many areas of your life, quite likely beyond what you can even imagine or know to ask for right now.
You will increase both your CONFIDENCE & COMPETENCE intuitively, for your own personal guidance and to help others. You will gain PROVEN, PRACTICAL, POWERFUL metaphysical tools - many of which are very simple to use and take little time to fit into your life - as well as have mentoring and support every step of the way so you use them successfully and comfortably. You will feel more DIVINELY CONNECTED & PROTECTED and develop a more regular meditation practice, experience prayer in a whole new way, and connect more on a daily and ONGOING BASIS with your own guides.
You will learn to master the flow of energy through your CHAKRAS, AURA and how to improve your own vitality and life force energy, and feel GROUNDED, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS while your Spirit soars! This opportunity wona€™t last so tap your Third Eye, call in your higher guidance and make the choice that BEST supports your joyous ascension and awakening! Every two to four weeks for the next 5 months, we will meet via phone or Skype for a LIVE SPIRITUAL RETREAT.
The INTUITIVE AND ENERGY MASTERY TRAINING you will receive will help you personally, as well as your loved ones, for many years to come. Level Two will begin in early 2014.LEVEL ONE Certification is a prerequisite for LEVEL TWO.
If you want to build a THRIVING, 6-FIGURE BUSINESS as an intuitive, coach, Lightworker, healer, spiritual teacher, writer, artist, psychic or holistic practitioner, Level Two will transform your relationship with money, your ability and visibility to serve, and in truth, your entire life (in an amazing and prosperous way). If you can free up about 15 to 30 minutes a day, and about 4-5 hours a month for the trainings (live or replay), you can easily fit this into your life. In truth, much of what Higher Consciousness will help you do is to connect and ALIGN so much more with Spirit and your angels and Highest Self that you actually feel a sense of GREATER BALANCE AND FLOW IN YOUR LIFE. You will be supported to live your commitment to Spirit by meditating, praying & doing energywork daily (even a few minutes a day makes a big difference!), and enjoying spiritual reading and journaling. Mainly you just need to be willing to SHIFT YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS so that more and more of the time, EVERYTHING YOU DO IS A SPIRITUAL ACT OF JOY!. If you are feeling like you are not living your best life, that you are stressed and disconnected more than you'd like to be, you need this program. The angels are VERY excited about working closely in this way with a small, select group of committed souls. 2.Higher Consciousness is BOTH an online metaphysical academy and a meditation, energy mastery and spiritual development retreat with LIVE coaching and teaching. 3.This program draws from EASTERN & WESTERN Spiritual & Healing Traditions, as well as SCIENCE & SPIRIT, integrating the best of contemporary Mind-Body Medicine with Ancient Shamanic Wisdom and Heart-Centered Angelic Channeled Teachings.
Chakras a€“ How can you work with these energy centers of the body for personal healing, and to improve every aspect of your life?
Animal Spirit Guide Totems a€“ Who are your animal totems and what is their medicine, what are their messages and teachings for you right now? Spiritual Clearing & Protection a€“ How do you clear out old energy, entities, cords and stay strong and safe while opening more intuitively?
Grounding a€“ How can you grow spiritually and feel the incredible JOY of spirituality without being a space cadet?
Sexuality, Love & Relationships a€“ How do you connect with your Twin Flame and Soul Family and manifest HIGHER LOVE? Creativity & Expression a€“ What if you could abSOULutely change the world by speaking your Truth and letting Spirita€™s Light shine through you!? Personal Power, Manifestation & Abundance a€“ What are the best ways to MAG(net)ICALLY MANIFEST MORE MONEY a€“ while doing what you love? Spiritual Dreaming a€“ Cultivating lucid, creative & healing dreams every night, remembering your dreams, meeting spirit guides or your soulmate! Please note that all classes are BLOCK CLASSES OF SEVERAL HOURS, serving as an actual RETREAT. I have been on this path for over 40 years, and I am so unbelievably blown away by you and what you do. More evidence was brought to my attention that Spirit does exist through your channeling and intuition. The one big thing I've learned from you, Sage, is everything is love and God loves us all unconditionally. The spiritual and personal growth you have helped me experience have been immeasurable and more than I could have dreamed possible.
She approaches any healing from the heart and helps her clients connect with their own Truth. I was also blessed to personally witness an ANGEL appear at the end of a healing session with Sage!
Sage and the angels working through her can help you get to a whole new level to create positive changes in your life. I don't know how much of what makes you such a great teacher is Archangel Michael's fantastic wisdom (and humor!) and how much is your own but the two of you are an incredible teaching team, beyond description. This program is Level I and is the PRE-REQUISITE for the Level II program which will be a PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION as an Intuitive Angel Healer & Spiritual Counselor! Level 1 helps you PERSONALLY and Level 2 helps you help others and helps you PROFESSIONALLY AND FINANCIALLY.
If you choose the Certification Track, attend (or listen to replay for) all the hours and turn in supporting documentation, you will receive a beautiful certificate in this Level I course in "INTUITIVE ENERGY MASTERY"!

All students in LIVE will be assigned a BUDDY GROUP to help you stay on track, develop friendships with other conscious, heartful people on the path, and with whom to celebrate your successes along the way! All Higher Consciousness students also get DISCOUNTS ON ANY 1:1 PRIVATE READINGS, LIFE PURPOSE & BUSINESS COACHING, AND SOUL AND ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS OR PACKAGES WITH SAGE. MANY of the INTUITIVE and ENERGY MASTERY PRACTICES you will learn in Higher Consciousness are simply not available anywhere else because they were channeled by Sage or because they are ancient mystery school teachings, some of them hundreds of years old! If you complete most of our 8 live retreats and turn in supporting documentation showing what you learned (and a reasonable upgrade Certification & Coaching fee), at the end of the program you will receive a beautiful certificate in INTUITIVE ENERGY MASTERY! You can also take this program for personal intuitive development without the certification option. So if you want to get the BEST INTUITIVE TRAINING ON THE PLANET and have LIVE SUPPORT so you have the most empowering and enlightening experience, this is your chance! By signing up now, not only will you secure your spot, you will PAY LESS AND GET MORE so herea€™s how you sign up. This is a very popular meditation in Sage's programs and it brings feelings of peace as well as wisdom from your eternal soul.
Do you ever feel like you commit to doing things that would be wonderful for you, yet you find yourself falling of track, procrastinating or distracted? A magical guided journey into the lush green forest where you will meet wondrous mythical creatures, nature spirits and enjoy yourself thoroughly while you connect with the Fairy Folk! The value of this training program with 28 hours of LIVE TRAINING plus thousands of dollarsa€™ worth of CURRICULUM MATERIALS and BONUSES is well over $10,000.And the true value for the rest of your life is BEYOND MEASURE.
Spaces are very limited for LIVE to keep the group intimate and ensure you get a LOT of personal coaching, healing and support the entire 5 months. Home Study includes all the same materials and the Facebook group access but has no live access. Note: There are no refunds because you will have instant access to all the trainings, replays, bonuses and written materials. The next 10 TWO (2) STUDENTS who enroll in Higher Consciousness LIVE will receive either one of three private 1:1 INTUITIVE READINGS OR ONE OF 7 REIKI HEALING SESSIONS! The Modern Mystery School traces its roots to the wonder and power of ancient Hermetic wisdom. The deepest mystery is the answer to the ancient question, "Who am I?" The Modern Mystery School offers ancient, advanced meditation techniques to break open the doors to your inner wealth of wisdom for personal transformation and growth. Throughout the centuries, 7 Ancient Mystery Schools guarded the hidden knowledge of the sages.
These tools will help you break through the blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. One technique involves playing the audio subliminal messages at different frequencies and decibel levels than the foreground music making them virtually undetectable to your logical mind but completely detectable to your subconscious. Another technique used is stereo confusion which involves playing different affirmations and suggestions into each ear at the same time which confuses the conscious mind while the subconscious mind can easily make the distinction and get the message. The use of subliminal messages are so powerful that they've been BANNED from being used in advertisements in the United States due to their ability to influence the human mind! In an experiment done by a major medical journal, people were tested for their darts accuracy. The Million Dollar Video comes with a 60-Day FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - So you can try it out risk free.We are that confident that it will bring you the results you desire and beyond. You know that the spiritual is just as real, just as important as the physical (if not more so) but you could use some help being more tuned in on a regular basis.
In fact, encountering dark spirits is a major reason why most people shut down their natural intuitive gifts, and this is a very great loss. These are several hours in length to allow DEPTH and an IMMERSION in spiritual energy and training. There is no other intuitive training program taught by Archangel Michael, with this level of depth and breadth, that you can easily access from the comfort of your own home, with LIVE support. These are RETREATS so please GIVE YOUR FULL ATTENTION to show up for our intensive training just a few hours at a time, about every 3 weeks. There is not a lot of written work and you can do this even if you work, have children and a busy life. Learn about the 4 Soul Tribes and which YOU are, what this means in your daily life and for your destiny. Think of this as a SPIRITUAL INITIATION and ENERGETIC ACTIVATION to open your Third Eye, reawaken your JOY AND PEACE and much, much more.
Each training includes PRAYER, CENTERING MEDITATION, TEACHING, TELATTUNEMENT, HEART SEAT COACHING AND Q&A, AND NEW TRAINING MATERIALS. You will also receive ALL written material & replays of all retreats for your learning library. Yours and AAMichael's Telattunments have changed my life and I can never thank you enough, I am sooo grateful. When you took me through the golden portal with AA Michael in the TelAttunement in your recent class, I reunited with my Twin Flame! Through your teachings not only have I found a deeper connection with my true self but also with Spirit on a whole new level. Also, becoming a Reiki Master under your tutelage opened up a much deeper, more powerful connection with my own spirit guides and healing powers. I've been studying with you just a few months but what I've noticed already too is that I just can't stop smiling! I quadrupled my clientele & income during the first 2 months & my money & business just keep growing!
You will also learn in Level II the actual methodology for providing INTUITIVE ANGELIC MIRACLE HEALINGS and spiritual coaching and counseling to others, just like Sage does! Students in Home Study are encouraged to find a buddy on our Facebook community of like-spirited spiritual people you will enjoy connecting with.
This is not about a€?Sage is the gurua€? or a€?This is the only way.a€? Higher Consciousness is all about helping YOU be more on your own patha€¦ Hear your own guidesa€¦. Once you complete your registration, you will receive the details about the certification option which also provides you with DIRECT COACHING via email to support you throughout the program, and an opportunity to register for the Certification & Coaching upgrade.

Training will ONLY be available this one time as a program with FULL SUPPORT directly from Sage. From August 25, 20013 onward, this program will be ONLY available only as a home-study course with the replays of all training calls, curriculum materials and no LIVE coaching or teaching.
This amazing healing will bring to you one archangel after another, blessing and aligning you on all levels with your best life, with health, joy and abundance. Imagine your own lost energy being returned to you, empowering you and filling you with golden glowing Light. There is a tuition choice that is right for you so explore, follow the Voice of Love within you! Unless you can find someone to fill your space, due to the narrow enrollment window and limited number of seats, we would be unable to fill your spot. What clear guidance from Spirit or Archangel Michael, or what personal healing Body~Mind~Heart & Soul are YOU READY to receive? Use of any material from this site or anything associated with it is prohibited except by written permission.
His writings have greatly influenced Western thought during the time of both the Renaissance and the Reformation.
Join us to explore some ancient rituals and meditations to bring in greater clarity with the full moon energy.
This hidden knowledge includes alchemy, kabbalah and uses sacred geometry and initiation to raise your vibration for total transformation. Once your mind is reprogrammed to become a money attracting machine, money will suddenly start coming into your life. Your ears won't pick up many of these messages but your subconscious mind definitely will.
Theta waves occur during heightened states of creativity and are found with a deep meditative state. The video uses these techniques and more to make a super-powerful video that delivers THOUSANDS of subliminal messages direct to your subconscious mind. Your eyes will be filled with POWERFUL images and subliminal messages that will literally become infused into your brain.
Lloyd Silverman incorporated subliminal messages into a treatment of half of a group of smokers who were trying to quit smoking using behavior modification therapy. There will be a lot of EASY-TO-USE, ABSOULUTELY WOWERFUL INTUITIVE PRACTICES for your toolbox.
You will experience live energetic attunements called TelAttunements with Archangel Michael and other ascended masters (via Sage) as well as have numerous opportunities for personal support on exclusive training calls and (virtual yet very real) RETREATS every 3 weeks for 6 months.
Which ANGELS AND ARCHANGELS are here to help you with what, and how do you honor them and heed their guidance?
And build a regular practice that is actually FUN and VARIED instead of boring and puts you to sleepa€¦?
And I now really understand that everything is created by God therefore everything is Love. She offers great healing, spiritual readings, teaching and coaching affordably for the incredible life-changing value you get. And this has empowered me to move forward with my life purpose as a healer and intuitive myself! You are sincere, incredibly intuitively gifted, loving, supportive, wonderfully approachable and make spiritual growth fun as well as life-changing.
I am now consistently able to shift any thoughts about lack to focus on abundance as a result of the prosperity consciousness work through the Prosperous Goddess program with Sage. See the energy that is all around youa€¦ And develop a deep abiding trust in your own Highest Wisdom, side by side with your own team of angels and spiritual guides. This month only (August 2013) you have the option of enrolling so you can attend LIVE (by phone or webcast) and being part of the magic as it happens! So whether you prefer the very affordable Home Study now, or to be a fully enrolled student attending the retreats LIVE ONLINE, now is the time to reserve your spot.
Listen to this healing and positive reprogramming audio 2-3 times a week in the first month of this program, and anytime you need a boost, and you will be so much more able to use the tools, show up and get out of your own way! Now imagine Archangel Michael adjusting your entire aura so you can magnetize all that you desire. We do promise to provide you with the highest quality spiritual and intuitive training you can find anywhere, and we guarantee that by making this commitment to Spirit today, you will have all the re-SOURCEs at your fingertips so you can powerfully build your metaphysical intuitive toolbox, clear your energy and connect more with your angels, guides, Highest Self - and YOUR best life. The Modern Mystery School, one of the 7 Ancient Mystery Schools, traces its roots in direct lineage to King Solomon and houses the wisdom of Ancient Egypt. You'll have money coming in such abundance that you'll wonder where it's been your whole life! Neuro research suggests that different areas of the brain respond to different frequency patterns. Your mind will be so completely filled with messages about making more money that you'll have no choice but to start living a life of abundance!
One month after treatment ended, 66% of the group exposed to the subliminal messages were still nonsmokers, compared with 13% of the control group. Explore introduction classes on chi, kabbalah, Higher Self and Hermetic Full Moon Meditations to check out what the Modern Mystery School has to offer.
The experimental group was exposed to the number subliminally embedded in behind a pink noise (similar to white noise) based audio track.In three different trials an average of 77% of people exposed to the subliminal numbers guessed correctly, in comparison to only 10% of people in the control groups who weren't exposed subliminally to the numbers. All Kudos + Praise are verifiable and on file and represent real students getting real results. Even at my age (65), I have discovered it is not too late to find true love and I have you and Archangel Michael to thank.

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