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The first question that people put forth when being told about the powers of positive affirmations is- does it work? From a scientific point of view, positive affirmations are nothing but the information you are providing to your subconscious mind, and commanding it to act upon it. Millions around the globe have transformed their lives using the power of positive affirmations.
However, her life started plummeting again when her husband left her for another woman, but Louise did not lose hope.
Louise also started her own publishing house, which publishes the work of other renowned personality development gurus such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Doreen Virtue. Like Louise hay, anyone can change their life through positive affirmations, if they really wish to.
So today I want you to go and get a pen and paper, that is correct no computer, tablet or phone. Look, this year has been challenging to say the least –  two car accidents, friends and loved ones diagnosed with terminal illness, but I will not be defeated; neither are they and neither should YOU!
Here are a few positive daily affirmations that I want you to add to your personal daily speech.
When you imbibe a positive attitude, engage in positive thinking, or simply repeat positive affirmations to yourself, you are commanding your mind to associate with a ‘pleasant’ and positive image, sound, or feeling.

They have gone from being broke to earning a healthy living, from being obese to having a gorgeous body, from single and lonely to having met their soul mates. Louise’s life had been eclipsed with mishaps- she was raped at the age of 5, dropped out of high school, was pregnant at the age of 15 and had given her child up for adoption when she was 16. She turned to the First Church of Religious Science and was learning about the exceptional power of thoughts.
Her work has helped thousands of people around the globe to considerably reduce and eliminate a lot of personal, professional, and health-related problems in their lives through self-empowerment.
Although, the potentiality of positive affirmations is expansive, it needs some working upon.
I never believe in making them because I always thought that actions will speak louder than words.
This is the reason why you feel more charged up and optimistic when you chant these positive affirmations.
There are cases where people have actually accelerated medical recuperations by simply chanting daily affirmations. She thought of having earned a reprieve when her modeling career took off, and she married Andrew Hay, an English businessman.
Look I will continue to speak the power of daily affirmations into my life because there is POWER in setting your mind to do something GREAT!

Here is a free audio version of her book I Can Do It – The Power of Thoughts and Affirmations. But, when actions get tired sometimes, they need something to fall back on and affirming words can really help me pursue my 2015 ambitions. It was around this time when Louise was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and she vowed to heal her cancer with positive thoughts and affirmations alone.
She triumphed over cancer by religiously asking for forgiveness, and opted to go for therapy, reflexology, balanced nutrition, and occasional enemas. She later went on to write a book titled You Can Heal Your Life, which is an account of her journey from diagnosis to cure. And also throws light upon a number of ailments, how it worsens due to one’s psychological beliefs, and how to heal these ailments through positive thought provocation.

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