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Michael Nir - President of Sapir Consulting, is a management consultant, Agile coach, speaker and author.
Give Your Business The Best Management With Agile Project Management Strategies With Professionals Trained From Top Agile Coaching And Consulting.
The overall growth and prosperity of any business depends intensely on the business methodology and project management techniques. The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the Agile lifecycle model, terminology, concepts and roles. For many years, there were two major approaches for structuring Information Technology (IT) development projects - traditional waterfall or iterative development.

After four days, you will not only grasp the necessary components of Agile Project Management, but will augment this understanding with seriously simple tools and templates. Since, you have invested sufficient time and finances in your business, you will surely want the best results to be received for your efforts. New approaches are now available that fall under the general category of a€?lighta€? or Agile methodologies. The purpose of this project management training course is to provide an overview of Agile terminology, concepts and roles. The class will also highlight a common Agile lifecycle model so that students can see how an Agile project could be structured from start to finish.

By the end of the class students will see why these Agile processes are exciting and unique. Students will also have enough information to start an Agile initiative in their organization.

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