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I wanted to start off with the quote by Dudjom Rinpoche, a realized master, who has experienced firsthand the paradox of the phenomena of still mind power.
There is absolutely nothing logical in accordance to our own mind by achieving the state of complete stillness, as it is the very nature of mind to be in constant turbulence.
Achieving the state of still mind is going beyond time and space, and it is the foundation of attaining the enlightenment, a state of mind where logic has no presence. In this post I’m going to go over the importance and all the benefits associated with transitioning from the fast to the slow(er) state of mind power. It is imperative to realize that the process of slowing the mind down is not about becoming lazy or not productive. Picture yourself being picked up by a raging tornado, where you are spun incredibly fast on the very edge of it, amongst all the debris, unbearable noise, and in the darkness. The purpose of this series of three posts on mind power, is to achieve one goal – to illustrate the importance of order by which anyone who attempts to raise above the mind in order to realize their true self, can do so. At some point in our life we all come across this one moment that we’ve been anticipating and yet reluctant to act upon for various reasons. This post is not about the importance of taking action, but rather the significant difference between taking action and taking a leap of faith. There is more to this single step than we think we know and taking action is just a part of it.

This extraordinary ability of our mind to create mental pictures, objects and events which are not present is evident in the world around us. Hello, my name is Andrey and I am absolutely fascinated by the power of human mind, body and consciousness. True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us. The Shugyo (pronounced shoo-giyo) Training Center is Fort Collins first martial and healing arts cooperative.
All of the programs at the Shugyo Training Center use martial arts as a method of mind and body integration, thus evoking each arts innate healing nature. A  All of the programs at the Shugyo Training Center use martial arts as a method of mind and body integration, thus evoking each arts innate healing nature.A  At the Shugyo Training Center we believe that traditional martial arts training has the power to dissolve the internal aggression of itsa€™ participants while at the same time developing empathy and compassion forA  others.
This is one of the most greatly misused and misunderstood subjects in the world, and for a good reason. As we can’t go from moving fast to be still instantaneously, we need to slow down first. You might have heard about the eye of the storm phenomena, which is the space inside the storm, where there is absolute calm, as the storm itself spins around its center point.
Understanding the difference between the two will result in your ability to achieve your big and small goals in life without struggle and with joy. But taking a leap of faith with complete assurance of the desired outcome is a totally different approach, something that is not easy to master.

We all use it, whether consciously or unconsciously, in most of our daily affairs and it’s not to be confused with some idle daydreaming. I am here to share the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained myself as well as from my teacher who said.. Your ability to master at least the first two will benefit you in ways you’ve never thought possible. It is like making a jump and trusting the universe with the landing, which would require tremendous amount of trust and belief.
Imagination is not some kind of default mechanism that we are equipped with and use on rare occasions for a short while and for entertainment purposes only.
It is the same with our mind.  As this step is of tremendous importance, let’s start slowing down slowly.
Unfortunately, most of us are on this idle mental treadmill jumping from one thought to the next tirelessly.

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