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Se voce era fa de Charlie Sheen ou pelo menos gostava muito de Two and a Half Man por causa do humor acido de Charlie, um mulherengo boemio que passou a abrigar o irmao divorciado com filho em sua casa de praia em Malibu e depois passaram a ser o trio mais engracado da TV, com certeza ira gostar tambem de Anger Management. E bem interessante como a serie comeca, pois depois de todo aquele episodio envolvendo  declaracoes polemicas a respeito de Charlie  e seu posterior afastamento de Two and a Half Man, onde foi substituido por Ashton Kutcher, ele comeca agredindo alguem dizendo “Voce acha mesmo que ele sera melhor do que eu?” e coisas do tipo, dando a entender que ele esta brigando com um de seus superiores, quando na verdade esta demonstrando a um grupo caseiro como uma pessoa desequilibrada age em meio a conflitos, ja que na nova serie ele e um terapeuta especializado em tratamento da raiva,  sentimento este que cessou sua carreira atletica.
After watching the premiere of Anger Management, starring Charlie Sheen, it has become apparent that CBS will surely be upset that they let Charlie Sheen go. The first episode of this series opens with Charlie Goodson, played by none other than Charlie Sheen, addressing three men in his living room about healthy aggression. While addressing the group we find out that Charlie Goodson was once a baseball player with severe anger issues, in turn damaging his baseball career.

And, just as we are convinced that Charlie Sheen is portraying a COMPLETELY different side to him, his PG rated sex scene with Selma Blair (as Kate Wales) pulls you back down to reality.
It is apparent that Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management, compiles more than one of his personas, which is sure to make this series a favorite for many. The world watched what seemed to be a down spiral for Charlie Sheen and questionably the end to his acting career last year, but he has proved us all wrong by coming back full force in his new comedic series. It becomes clear that Charlie is an Anger Management Therapist and these men played by, Michael Arden (as Patrick), Derek Richardson (as Nolan), and Barry Corbin (as Ed) are his patients. His daughter, Sam Goodson, played by Daniela Bobadilla, contrasts Charlie’s mannerisms with a polite and innocent personality.

Anger Management on FX will undoubtedly become a hit, watched on televisions everywhere on Thursday nights.
If I had a dollar for every time I laughed during this first episode I would be almost as rich as Charlie Sheen himself!

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