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Class Schedule May Change Without Notice so PrePay to Reserve your Seat and lock in your date. NOTICE: If you PrePay for Unavailable Date your payment will be applied for next available Saturday. Judges, Solicitor General's, Probation Officers, PreTrial Officers in different counties all have different anger management requirements to fulfill their needs for you. The Saturday Anger Management Classes covers all the same Educational Information as our 8 Week Anger Management Classes.
REFERRING PARTY INFORMATION – This is the person you are going to present your final paperwork to. This information will appears on Letter Of Enrollment, Progress Reports if Required, and Exit Graduation Papers. Besides getting your Court Ordered needed Certificate of Completion you also learn something!
B.) Certificate Of Completion Offered For All Who Complete 8 Hours of Classes hand signed by our Certified Facilitator and Corporate Seal. C.) Letter Of Completion Addressed To Your Referring Party With All Your Case Particulars, Completion of # of Hours Required, Explains Our Methodology, and who we are. I found the class a very positive experience and provided insights to how anger works, that it can be used positively for good rather than be destructive aggressive anger.
Today's anger management class was one of the most positive things I have attended and participated in ever.
I like the Communication DVD and learning about spotting the different communication styles we all use. I learned how to better recognize and manage my frustration before it results in my usual anger. Learned that if I change my awareness of my anger response that it can be used for good rather than be destructive.
It was great to be able to receive all the anger management information in one day due to my busy schedule, savings on gas and time. I liked that you told anger management stories from actual people you have seen as to what to NOT DO.
If you sign up and leave class early you forfeit money as your seat is reserved just for you. Letters of Enrollment, Progress Reports and updates to Probation Departments, Reports and updates to the Courts when requested are provided at no charge. Anger isn't considered a Psychological Disorder by either the American Psychiatric Association or the American Psychological Association in the way that depression or schizophrenia are.
I thought this online anger management class was going to be a waste of time, but I actually learned a great deal, especially about communicating!
I have taken many anger management classes throughout my some what violent past, but really like the approach you take.
Anger Class Online - Anger Management - Anger Class Online, the leader in Online Anger Management Classes and courses for court, business or personal growth. Anger Management Class Online - Anger Management Classes and anger services online, court or personal growth. Anger Management Class Online At Tom Wilson Counseling - Approved Online Anger Management Classes at Tom Wilson Counseling Center for court ordered requirements. Online Anger Class™ - Anger Management Classes - Online Anger Class™ Online Anger Management Classes, Court Ordered, Legal or Personal Growth Needs. Online Anger Busting - $65 16-Hour Anger Management Class - The Online Anger Busting Anger Management Course is one of the most thorough and comprehensive programs of its kind..
AJ Novick Group- Anger Management Classes, Online Classes - AJ Novick Group- Industry leader of anger management classes, online anger management classes, executive coaching, home study courses, workbooks, weekend workshops .

Anger Class Online - Free Online Anger Management Class - Free online anger management assessment and evaluation to determine if taking an anger management class is right for you. Anger Management: Avoid Being Controlled by Your Anger Attend one of our anger classes and recover from your angry life. The Best Way To Deal With Stress and Anger Attend AMI anger management classes, anger programs or our anger class. The Effects Of Anger Anger Classes and programs and articles can help with your anger problems. Immediate access to your certified court ordered anger management class certificate upon completion. Our Online Anger Management Class will meet all requirements for most Court Mandated Anger Management Counseling Classes!
Call or email to followup for PREPAY payment made to insure good communication and your needs are met. It is your responsibility to check with them and ask questions to what they will accept to fulfill your court requirements. It might be your Probation Officer, Judge, Solicitor General, Attorney, Employer, HR Department. When used they will improve your interpersonal relationships in your personal, business and public life. I learned about being intelligent with my emotions that I can choose better responses for better outcomes. Real life stories of how people messed up making it easier for me to remember what Not To Do! Richard was very funny and open to us all attending and let us fully express ourselves as things came up.
I particularly liked the self evaluating assessments that we did that help me realize my reactions to many events in my life. It was easier to understand the class lessons as everything flowed into the next chapter of info. From my first email inquiry and fast response, to the subsequent follow up emails answering all my questions, the Details offered that told me everything I needed to know.
The class will help me respond in a better way and let me become less reactive and explosive.
I find I do better with consolidated information learning situations rather than spread over eight weeks.
I learned a lot, not just about anger and managing those issues, but also behavior skills in stress management, that emotional intelligence can be learned to improve yourself and better communication skills while learning to fight fair. Required: Participation in class discussions, no sleeping in the class, be cooperative, if asked to stop and listen, do so.
Certificate of Completion is only issued upon completion of the training and full payment received. Policies can change without notice, but remain in effective for your duration of your training.
Since anger is considered only a symptom of underlying emotions, treatment cannot be billed to clients health insurance. Between listening to what is said and reading along with the narrator I found the information really stuck. Many other courses contain fluff with mushy content but your course took a simple and logical approach. It was far more intense than the 8 hour course, but overall the material covered and the way in which it was presented was again outstanding. Our anger management classes online are court accepted and our online anger management classes are low cost.

Our online anger management class is a convenient way to complete a court ordered, PO, diversion or school required program..
You will be able to reduce your reaction to anger triggering events to more appropriate responses that enhance your life. I liked the instructor, Richard as he knew the material and was non judgmental towards everyone in the class.
The teaching points just kept expanding layer upon layer and help me realize that EVERYONE should take this class. As the day unfolded I could see that the material was really relevant to my life and I could use it in a practical way. So I did not have to sit any longer than 2 hours before I could check by phone for text message or voicemail. I actually did learn good anger control coping skills and learned I need to manage my stress better. I have turned to regular exercise, taking controlled deep breaths, and excusing myself from a bad situation. Special Discount for Military, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Homeland Security Officials.
This means if you miss your scheduled course date without 24 hour notice, then you pay for missing it. I was in an abusive relationship and this respectfully pointed out the mistakes I made in my decision making process and in my communication and coping skills.
I do believe that this course will benefit anyone whether it is court appointed or anyone else who wants to better themselves. It does a good job at not making you feel bad about your mistakes, but that they are methods to help you learn. When I had a problem registering (my computer not acting right) I called the number provided and I was helped immediately.
Come join a select few who want the best anger management program [ Anderson and Anderson™ ] on the planet. But after a few research Google searches I decided to attend to this class because of what I read about this class. I would highly recommend this course, whether it's court ordered or as personal enrichment. It was very valuable to me to attend a Saturday Class since my schedule is very busy with work and family demands.
After attending Richard’s class, I was able to identify several tools to help me with my anger.
I told my Mom all about it and now she wants me to spend time with my niece and nephew coaching them with what I learned here.
Skill enhancing information in so many areas, that I found myself enjoying the class and owning it and saying yes to the information as it was presented.
This is a terrific course and I would recommend it to anyone who has problems with anger management. He made me laugh and see that it is just as important to learn how anger and rage works to give me tools to respond better to other people's anger. I talked to Richard over lunch about my situation and he was open and made some suggestions that got me excited.
This class gave me new insights and skills to deal better with the people I work with and leave my frustration at work and not dump on my husband when I get home.

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