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The importance of understanding anger was emphasized at the second in a series of Anger Management Workshops organized by the Ministry of Education recently. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Osmond Petty, reflecting on the fact that anger is a natural human emotion, explained that when seeking to deal with the issue of violence and anger in youths, it is important to discover the underlying causes and the primary emotions that lead to anger as well as to accept their right to be angry. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Anger management hotlines offer support, information, and crisis intervention to anyone involved in an anger-related situation. Uncontrolled anger is a serious problem that can lead to domestic violence, child abuse, personal injury, property damage, criminal activity, and loss of employment. Calling an anger hotline can help you prevent or escape a potentially dangerous situation, and speaking with an anger counselor can help you develop the coping skills needed to control your anger and prevent its devastating effects.
If you believe you are at risk of not being able to control your anger, or need help regaining control once an anger-related outburst occurs, calling an anger hotline can provide you with support and information. Anger management hotlines offer a different perspective on whatever situation is making you angry.
Counselors can offer tips on coping with anger and stress to make it less likely that you will lose control in the future. Calling a hotline allows you to talk over your problems and vent your anger, which is often enough to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation. Speaking with a professional can help you control your anger and prevent it from escalating to a dangerous level.
Counselors can offer you a safe outlet for your anger, talk you down from a potentially dangerous emotional cliff, or contact family members to assist you. Anger management counselors are able to contact the authorities on your behalf if you feel you are a danger to yourself or others, and they will remain on the line with you until help arrives. Victims of anger or domestic violence can also benefit from calling anger management hotlines. Anger hotlines offer a safe and anonymous outlet for discussing your concerns and fears, and they can provide you with an unbiased perspective of the situation, allowing you to evaluate your safety. Trained counselors have access to valuable resources to help you escape a potentially dangerous relationship.

Speaking with a trained professional can help calm you and enable you to see the situation clearly. You can receive information about the best course of action to take should a crisis develop, and a counselor can go over your safety plan with you to help ensure your safe escape. Counselors can contact the police or other emergency services for you during a time of crisis, can assist the authorities in locating you, and can remain on the line with you until help arrives.
Many organizations are available to help with anger management, and you can receive assistance online, over the phone, or by visiting a community organization that offers anger management services.
Prevent Child Abuse America offers information to parents who need help controlling their anger.
The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women offers intervention and support to victims of anger and domestic violence. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence offers abundant information on anger resolution, creating a family safety plan, and identity protection for victims of anger and abuse. A website listing of state hotline numbers for anger management services and domestic violence resources. The National Domestic Violence Hotline offers safe, anonymous, and confidential assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Safehorizon offers support, anger management counseling, and resources to victims of anger and domestic violence and to those who need assistance controlling their anger.
Call your local hospitals and ask about support groups for help with anger management and control. The National Anger Management Association offers an online directory that enables you to search for an anger management specialist in your area. Petty said, “For some young people, their anger gets out of control and they find themselves in difficulties, especially at school. Petty, told participants that they would be required to first get in touch with their personal emotions before seeking to assist young people in managing theirs. Taitt also referred to crisis anger which is the stage at which the young person becomes so angry that they get out of control. Starrett Greene was complimentary regarding the aggressive approach taken to securing funding for programmes and interventions that bring about positive sand meaningful change and development in the society.

They may also provide long-term counseling and referrals to outside agencies for continued services. According to the American Institute on Domestic Violence, more than 5 million women are abused every year, and anger and violence account for nearly one-quarter of all middle-class divorces in the United States. People on the other end of the line are trained professionals or caring volunteers with experience resolving conflict and keeping calm under crisis conditions.
Anger management counselors receive training in relaxation techniques and crisis intervention. This may allow you to diffuse the situation on your own, and can help you focus on removing yourself and your children from danger. For example, if you wish to leave the situation, counselors can call a taxi to pick you up, and they can find a temporary shelter to house you until you figure out an alternative.
The hotline provides crisis intervention, information, safety planning, and referrals to community agencies.
Chronic anger can significantly affect health and lead to the development of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and immune system dysfunction. They are available to provide support and information both before anger gets out of control and during an anger-related crisis. Some online organizations can send help to your home or another location following an email from you asking for assistance. That is why we have been having anger management training for teachers, guidance counselors and other key personnel,” He added.
Successful work with young people in anger management therefore will involve helping them identify and deal with their primary emotion as well as with their anger,” said Petty.

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