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I am running for this particular bench because I want to bring to the voters of Harris County the same dignity, respect and professionalism that I bring to my cases. For example, voter-registration in the top five Democratic-rich South Texas counties where Davis expects to do well is up 5.8 percent from the last time there was a governor’s race – slightly better than the average statewide. The Davis camp hopes for a good showing in Dallas County and Harris County, especially among Democratic-leaning black and Hispanic voters. Does that mean Battleground Texas has failed to deliver on its much-ballyhooed promise to register new voters? The measure allows qualifying residential zones of up to 500 contiguous homes to curtail densely packed projects by setting a minimum lot size for each structure.
Councilman Brad Bradford, who represents Riverside Terrace, has been watching a slow gentrification of the neighborhood near South MacGregor Way and Texas 288, about 3 miles from downtown, for about a decade. The neighborhood group granted approval on Wednesday, he said, “worked very hard to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood.
The campaign to steer state reserve funds to road projects is not being waged with yard signs and televised debates but, rather, with chamber of commerce lunches and a smattering of direct mailings. Based on current estimates by the state comptroller, splitting the money between the rainy day fund and transportation projects would mean about $1.7 billion for each in the first year. The money is not nearly enough to meet all of the state’s highway needs, making Prop. To adequately maintain roads and improve those stressed by population and economic growth, TxDOT estimates the state should be spending $5 billion more a year, leaving a $3.3 billion gap even if Prop. The number of voters showing up at Harris County’s 41 early-vote locations was down by 25 percent for the second straight day on Tuesday, according to tallies released by the County Clerk.
A total of 20,380 registered voters cast a ballot on Tuesday, more than 7,000 fewer voters than cast one on the first Tuesday of early voting during the last midterm election in 2010. For the second straight day, the poll location at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center served the highest number of voters: 1,401.
In Tarrant County, which contains Davis’s home base of Fort Worth, 29,391 people voted Monday, nearly three times the comparable number for 2010. Harris County, which contains Houston, saw 61,735 voters Monday — an increase of more than 11,000 compared to the number who voted on the first day in 2010. So a potential for change this year is reflected in the first-day numbers, but again, is it enough?
Even traditionally low-turnout early voting counties that tend to go Democratic, like Cameron and El Paso, are up significantly over 2010, though their first-day turnouts remain lower than the other large counties.
Harris County experienced an 11,000-vote Day One increase and cast 61,735 votes, or about a quarter of the big-county total. The Republican strongholds of Montgomery, Williamson and Collin counties also saw healthy increases in first-day voting, so once again, the big-county totals can’t be used to predict much. I am running for this bench because I have extensive criminal trial experience which drives my desire to improve at least one felony District Court.
As early voters head to the polls for a landmark election in Texas, a new survey conducted for KHOU-TV and Houston Public Media shows Republican Greg Abbott with a commanding lead over Democrat Wendy Davis in the race for governor. This latest poll dovetails with other surveys conducted earlier this year showing Abbott with a double-digit lead over Davis, indicating few voters have changed their minds during the course of the campaign. In the lieutenant governor’s race, Republican Dan Patrick also has a double-digit lead over his Democratic opponent, Leticia Van de Putte. One more point: Despite the 15-point lead they show for Abbott statewide, they show Davis leading Harris County by a 40-35 margin.
Observers have long known that only a few options were available for the route of the privately funded high-speed train line between Houston and Dallas. As part of the federally required process to evaluate the line, the Federal Railroad Administration and Texas Department of Transportation released maps of the nine routes they are considering and the two chosen for deeper evaluation. All follow rights of way of railroads, TxDOT or utilities, which is pretty standard for rail development.
The route has long had support of elected officials in both metro areas, as well as state transportation leaders.
Looking at the southern end in the Houston area, the real decision — which could quickly get political — is which of the two preferred routes is the top contender.
Both routes have also been prime candidates for commuter rail service, which Houston area officials have said would definitely complement any high-speed line, along with local transit. See here for the background and here for more about those commuter rail proposals, which would be an enticing add-on for this project at some point.
A lawyer by training, Adams was appointed in March 2001 as presiding judge in Harris County Justice of the Peace Court, precinct 4, position 1.
The Harris County Commissioners Court appointed Adams to the bench, and voters reelected him three times, most recently in 2012 to a four-year term. Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman, who for 13 years worked down the hall from Adams in the courthouse at 6831 Cypresswood Drive in Spring, remembered the judge as a dedicated public servant who treated his three dozen employees like family. I am running for this bench because I previously served for 4 years as the judge of the 337th Criminal District Court. This race is also important because presently there are only three (3) Democratic criminal district judges, out of twenty-two (22), in Harris County.
Likely mayoral candidate Chris Bell is asking the city of Houston to reconsider its interpretation of an ordinance that would give Sylvester Turner a major fundraising advantage when he runs for mayor next year. Bell’s law partner, Geoff Berg, sent City Attorney David Feldman a letter last week arguing that Turner and potential candidate Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia should not be able to raise money for their officeholder accounts and then transfer most of the funds to their mayoral accounts at the start of the race. Feldman has signed off on Turner’s plan, but many campaign finance experts do not share his interpretation, instead arguing that candidates should merely be able to make a single $10,000 donation to the mayoral bid from their officeholder account.
Bell, like other potential candidates who do not hold non-city offices, is prohibited from raising any money for a mayor’s race until Feb.
The election in November should not be about abortion or gay marriage or any of the other hot-button issues that campaigns use to ignite the base. The Republican candidate, Attorney General Greg Abbott, 56, has run a strong campaign, but our fear is that, essentially, he will perpetuate the Perry era, with its fealty to the hard-right social conservative wing of his party. After the editorial board wagged a finger at Davis for the wheelchair ad, I was afraid they might endorse Abbott out of petulance.
Because she is simply more on target with solutions to the state’s problems, we recommend Wendy Davis to be Texas’ next governor.
And there’s this: Beyond Texas’ very real infrastructure and funding problems, there’s also need for a fresh look at the state’s notions of fairness. No, it’s not OK for the state to meddle in who Texans choose to marry on the matter of gay marriage. Abbott, defending the state on these cases, has said he is obligated as attorney general to defend Texas laws.
Davis and her Republican opponent, long-serving Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, offer voters sharp, competing visions for the state’s future.
Abbott’s response when we asked whether he also would veto an attempt to repeal the in-state tuition law was a lawyerly attempt at triangulation.

Abbott, 56, expressed concern that his party’s xenophobic rhetoric on immigration will put off Hispanic voters, whose values he considers consistent with Republican values.
The trouble is, Abbott has positioned himself on the tea party end of the Republican spectrum the past several years.
There was a time we could have assumed Abbott would moderate his party’s worst tendencies on illegal immigration, abortion, same-sex marriage, school choice and other issues, but no more. Abbott famously has joked that his typical workday involves going to the office, suing President Barack Obama and the federal government, and going home. Tony Robinson was selected in January 2013 to serve as the first career Regional Administrator for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 6 office located in Denton, Texas. When the secretary of state last week announced a record-high 14 million Texans are registered to vote, Battleground Texas trumpeted that number as evidence their efforts are working. But voter registration in five top GOP-rich suburban counties is up a whopping 13.8 percent. Comparing percentage increases can be misleading, because things that are smaller to begin with can have sizable percentage increases without actually increasing all that much. We can argue over the numbers all we want, or at least until we start seeing some data about who actually voted, but who was registered matters at least as much as how many of them were.
A townhome developer, for example, could not build multiple units in place of a single-family home. Riverside Terrace is one of the last neighborhoods inside Houston proper with large lots, mature trees and a view of the downtown skyline.
1 said they are optimistic the proposal will pass muster with voters, and, they hope, set up subsequent efforts to shore up Texas’ teetering highway system. That figure, however, is dependent upon oil and gas production, which could be affected by recent drops in oil prices. On Monday, the first day of the two-week early-voting period, 61,735 total votes were cast. This year, the Secretary of State counts an increase of more than 600,000 registered voters, to 8,978,313, in the large urban counties, so that 2.68 percent comes out of a higher voting universe. While it is too early to suggest that the first-day turnout is indicative of what the change will be for the entire election, a 25 percent improvement in that percentage would bring turnout to 47 percent this year. But I’m confident another 38 percent turnout would signal inertia and tilt toward the status quo.
My forty-one (41) years of experience have given me an enhanced perspective in fashioning fair, just and meaningful outcomes of cases in that court. The citizens of Harris County are more likely to encounter a local judge than any other elected official. But beyond that, my philosophy is that every person who appears before the court, regardless of religion, national origin, race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation, should have confidence that he or she will be treated with fairness, justice, dignity and respect.
Another 3.3 percent said they were voting for someone else, while about 2 percent declined to answer the question. Those are the agencies or companies that own long, thin swaths of real estate that are relatively clear.
While the BNSF Railway option grabs a lot of Tomball area and then hooks along Loop 610 before coming south, the utility alignment connects with Cypress and follows the crowded U.S. Kent Adams, one of Harris County’s Justices of the Peace, passed away over the weekend. Kent Adams, who presided over one of the Houston area’s busiest justice of the peace courts for 13 years, died Saturday morning at his home on Lake Livingston. The court, which serves a population of about 1 million in the burgeoning Spring area, is often packed with people involved in cases ranging from traffic tickets to small civil claims.
I will require no “on the job training”, and I can continue to work to insure that all persons regardless of status, receive fair and equal treatment under the law.
I sure am doing a lousy job of not thinking about that just yet, but this raises an interesting point.
As detailed in the Chronicle last month, Turner has raised money for his unopposed state legislative race this fall and has plans to eventually transfer the first $5,000 of each donation this winter.
It should be noted that one reason Turner is raising money now is because come January, when the Legislature is in session, he’ll be restricted from doing so by the rules of that body.
It should be about finding a leader with vision and foresight, one who’s willing to tackle tough issues too long ignored.
Given this prosperous moment in our state’s history, what better time than now to begin living up to our potential?
Wendy Davis could get anything done in a state still dominated by a Republican Party fiercely fighting a rear-guard action against social, economic and political change is a question we can’t answer. It’s in need of leadership different from the kind the state has had for much of the last 14 years under Gov. But we have not heard anything from the candidate to suggest that his personal views differ from those he espouses as the state’s top lawyer. I mean, I’m not the only one who remembers that Greg Abbott hired Ted Cruz to be his main litigator, am I? Davis’ positions on education, health care and economic fairness make her the best candidate to meet the looming challenges unparalleled growth has brought the state.
He talked about favoring the law’s concept but said he found the law flawed in its current form and in need of a rewrite. So despite producing an admirably detailed policy plan, we’re not confident he is the same candidate we have supported in previous elections. And recent decisions by his office protecting the source of the state’s execution drugs and clouding information about businesses that store ammonium nitrate and other dangerous chemicals have raised doubts whether he remains an unfailing advocate of open government. Whatever the legal merits of some of Abbott’s lawsuits, he has treated taking on the Obama administration as a game in which political points are scored.
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In the big South Texas counties they say they’ve targeted, the increase in registered voters is a lot better this year than four years earlier. As I’ve said before, some of the increase in voter registration is the natural result of population growth.
They are trying to do something that hasn’t been done before, and some level of skepticism is warranted until we see evidence of success in the results. Texas Department of Transportation officials would use the money to maintain and expand state roads, many of which are choking because of population growth and rapid expansion of oil and gas production in Texas. In person totals are down for each of the first two days, but thanks to the massive absentee ballot haul on Day One, overall turnout remains up in Harris County, going from 79,221 after two days in 2010 to 83,347 in 2014.
Wendy Davis’s run for Governor and a hot Texas Senate contest, Fort Worth and environs saw a 10,263 first-day vote total in 2010 rise to 29,217 in 2014. I am very much a people person, and it is important that judges recognize that they deal with people, not just cases. I have been Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1983.

Public meetings begin tonight in Dallas, and continue through October 29 at locations along the potential routes, with the last one on the 29th at the NRG Center beginning with an open house at 4:30.
The in-person totals are down from 2010, declining from 26,051 to 20,215, but as we have observed the absentee totals are way up, from 24,273 to 41,520.
That’s what this conversation with Navid Zanjani, the President of the Harris County Young Democrats is about.
And, with Republicans still in the majority in the Legislature, she will have no choice but to reach out to the other side in ways that Abbott is less likely to do. The Chron also endorsed Republicans for Land Commissioner and Ag Commissioner, so they recommended Dems for the top four offices, and Republicans elsewhere. The data on this site provides arrest and booking information and should not be relied upon to determine any individual's criminal or conviction record. Robinson is responsible for the direction and leadership of FEMA’s efforts in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and 68 federally-recognized Tribal Nations within this geographic area. And voter registration in Travis County where Battleground Texas has a strong presence is up 8.4 percent. A lot of those heavily GOP counties Slater cites have been slowly trending Democratic in Presidential years, but outside of Fort Bend the increase in Democratic votes from 2006 to 2010 failed to keep up with the growth in registered voters. Good for the residents of Riverside Terrace for working to achieve this bit of history protection for themselves. By most accounts, both Democrats and Republicans have strong mail-in Get Out the Vote programs, so the electoral meaning of the improvement is not clear. Based on my years of professional and personal experience with numerous judges all over the state, it is important for both lawyers and laymen alike to know that when they go to court, the judge truly is fair and impartial, and will not show bias in favor of or against either party.
That judicial philosophy, combined with my extensive criminal court experience and excellent credentials (I was Board Certified in Criminal Law before my opponent was licensed as an attorney), makes me the ideal candidate for Judge of the 230 Criminal District Court of Harris County, Texas. I will say that most of the polls KHOU has done in the past have been for Houston Mayoral races, and their results have been mixed, to say the least.
Greg has the latest look at the mail ballots, and by Friday or so we should have a decent inkling of what’s happening based on the early vote rosters. We know that there has been a strong focus on Democratic turnout in this election, and we know that one area for this focus is with younger voters, who are likely to vote Democratic if they vote at all. And yet, there are pivotal moments in political history where the focus shifts and the people decide that enough’s enough.
The data may not reflect current charging decisions made by the State Attorney's Office or the outcome of criminal trials. Four years earlier, when Democrat Bill White was on the ballot, voter registration grew 5.9 percent in from 2006 to 2010. That doesn’t crack the top 20 total increases as I noted in my previous post, and the total number of registered voters in Rockwall County is less than the increase in registered voters in Dallas County, which grew by 58,086. One presumes they’re smart enough to target people that will be likely to go Democratic if they vote.
Go read this Houston Press article from 2009 and click through the accompanying slideshow to learn a bit more about Riverside Terrace and what they’re fighting to maintain.
In addition, the single biggest day for mail ballots to be returned in 2010 was Thursday of the first week, when 5,825 of them arrived. Too often in the past, docket control has been the focus of many, if not most, of the Republican judges on the criminal felony bench.
They also polled the 2013 Astrodome and inmate processing facility referenda, and the 2012 Presidential race in Harris County, with the latter being fairly accurate and the former two not so much.
Be that as it may, I tend to agree with Texpatriate that a better solution might be to let Bell and the teeming mob of other Mayoral wannabes do their own fundraising now as well.
As a senator, Wendy Davis had the courage and strength on more than one occasion not to back down. They are also the only paper of which I am aware to pick a Dem for one of the lower offices, when they endorsed Steve Brown for Railroad Commissioner. To obtain the final disposition of any criminal charges, contact the Clerk of the Court's Office. Robinson’s leadership, the Region has awarded and managed over $1 billion in grant funding each fiscal year to assist Region 6 partners in building capabilities and recovering from disasters.In Mr. The same thing for Cameron County, where voter registration this time has grown twice as much as it did between 2006 and 2010, the last governor’s race.
The good news is that we should have some idea of how this is going as soon as we have data about who is voting early. I also believe there are far too many low level, non-violent offenders (such as drug offenders) who need to be out on bond, as long as they have adequate community ties and do not pose a danger to the community. My main complaint with their non-Presidential year methodology has been having too broad a sample.
The Harris County Young Dems have been doing their own work on this issue, and I wanted to know more about their efforts. Licensed to practice in all Texas Courts, Southern, Western and Eastern District of Texas, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and U.S. If nothing else, it would help sort out the real candidates from the candidates-only-in-speculative-articles-about-potential-candidates pretty quickly. Robinson’s 28 years of service with FEMA he has held various management positions and has focused on assisting federal, state, local and tribal governments prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate natural and man-made threats and hazards. It is preferable that we not warehouse a large jail population awaiting trial, but provide a means, such as expanded use of personal bonds, for them to get out of jail, obtain or maintain employment, support their dependents and hire private attorneys. That may be part of the issue here, though obviously I’d like for as broad a sample as possible to be an accurate reflection of the electorate, but without seeing full data I can only speculate.
That would require Council to revisit its 2005 campaign finance reform ordinance, which I feel quite confident saying ain’t gonna happen.
Robinson has provided leadership during Presidential Disaster Declarations including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike and Isaac, the Midwest floods of 1993, Northridge Earthquake, Tropical Storm Allison and the 2013 Oklahoma tornadoes.
Additionally, I would not always revoke and double bonds, as is the current practice with most felony judges, when an accused submits a positive drug test while on bond. Rather, I might when appropriate, then require the defendant to enroll in an approved outpatient drug treatment program, and successfully participate in it to maintain their bond status.
Robinson has served in numerous special assignments and was appointed by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to serve as the Deputy Federal Coordinator for Super Bowl XLV in 2011, functioning as the primary liaison for federal consequence management efforts. He also served in special international assignments with the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) in Argentina and the Border Governors Conference in Mexico, providing subject matter technical assistance on domestic emergency management operations.Mr. He has earned numerous awards including the Medal of Merit by the Arlington, Texas Police Department in 2011, the Nancy H. Beer Goggles (2013), Supercreep (2013), KaBoing (2013), Gloop (2013, an oil slick face), Barbarian (2013), Voodoo Vampire (2013) and Ye Olde Oak (2013) are textured typefaces.

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