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In the third and last episode of their series “Don’t let your dreams fall asleep”, (read part 1, part 2) Ciprian and Richard (authors of the recently published ‘Dream It, Do It, Live It!, a free sample chapter from the book can be found here) share their view on what it means to make your dreams and career ambitions real, including your dream of becoming a partner. There are three key aspects to keeping your dreams and goals awake, and from being awake to becoming a real living part of your life: the right mental framework, the right environment and the right approach.
If you are struggling with your mental framework start by asking yourself – do you just want to spend forever dreaming, or do you want to really live this dream? If you cannot motivate yourself to pursue your dreams, the simplest solution is to find a motivator. To  help you create your own approach, we wrote “Dream It, Do It, Live It!” This book teaches you how to go ahead about making your dreams a reality, in a very practical manner. If you combine the right mental framework, the right environment and the right approach, we are confident that you stand a much, much higher chance of achieving your dreams, whatever they may be. Richard Newton and Ciprian Rusen are serial authors who joined together to write the book Dream It, Do It, Live It!Wonderfully illustrated, it includes both practical advice on how to get things done as well as the real life stories of 4 people who followed their approach to achieve their dreams. The essence of lifehacking is to cut the Gordian knot; this means you need to think outside the box in order to find the solution to your problem. You should forget the money and focus on what you really love doing; that is what lifehacking really is. The fact is, if you love doing something enough you are likely to dedicate enough time to it to master it. No matter what your passion is, as long as it offers some value to the world it will eventually earn you money. Step 2 Program the ChipTo program the ATtiny85, all we need is an Arduino and a breadboard. Step 3 Breadboard the CircuitBreadboard the circuit according to the diagram below.The great thing about using a 3 volt supply is that we don't even need to pair resistors with the LEDs, because there is no extra current to protect them from. Step 4 Layout and Solder the BoardNow that we understand our circuit, we can move it to a permanent board. Step 5 Attach to GogglesPlace the board on the goggles so that the LEDs poke through the eye holes. Step 6 Test It Out!To use your new lucid dreaming goggles, wear them for a few minutes each day and take note of the light pattern.
I made lucid dreaming glasses and when I used them, I had a lucid dream, so I made more lucid dreaming glasses in my dream, but they didn't work. I was just wondering if you could do this without the goggles, using an attiny driven ssr and a bedside lamp. Surely one needs to regulate the frequency between 8 and 13 pulses per second to corresponds with alpha waves? Dreams and goals do not become real because you dream them, but because you make a choice and say: “I am going to do this!” This is not just about saying the words to yourself, but believing them and meaning them. If you really want to achieve a dream, you must prioritise the steps towards achieving it as higher than other things that eat up your time. We regularly meet people with great dreams who are waiting for that perfect time to pursue them. This includes a physical location, but also other factors such as whether you can cut yourself off from distractions.

Most times though, it is possible to find a balance with those around you, as long as you make the effort to find it. That is someone around you who will nag you, chase you and remind you on a regular basis that you have made a promise.
You cannot effectively pursue your dream if you are constantly interrupted by phone calls, messages or your Facebook friends.
Each of us has different preferences for how we work best and what is the ideal environment for work. We are great believers in the powers of positive thinking, but positive thinking alone will not achieve your dreams.
We also interviewed four people about how they achieved their goals and ambitions, the problems they faced, how they solved them and what they learned along the way. Yes, you need to have ‘X’ amount of cash to live on but beyond that, make your mark on life. Few people achieve this in life because they chase money doing something they hate and never put in enough focused effort to excel at anything. Inside your mind, anything is possible, from your grandest wishes to your worst nightmares. Be sure to test that they are large enough to fit the LEDs you have.Ideally, the hole should be just wide enough that the LEDs are held in place. Mine stays on just by force of the LEDs, but you can glue or screw the board into the goggles for a more secure connection. This needs to be a certain type of person – a friend who you trust, who understands the dream is important to you, and who is willing to take the time to remind you to keep working on it. For some people being able to progress requires silence, for others it requires loud rock music.
Their stories are not only inspiring but also full of practical advice anyone can use to make their dreams real. If you were a multi-millionaire, you would write that novel or screenplay, create your masterpiece on a canvas or pen your unique insights into nature like Wordsworth wouldn’t you? Do you want to be just another ‘clock puncher’ who earns enough to survive but never truly live?
The very essence of lifehacking is to find an innovative way around a problem, following your passion does precisely that and much more! This is all well and good, but what if you could control your dreams and become the omniscient god of a handpicked reality whenever you go to sleep? Try to find the best compromise of utility and aesthetics.You will go through several experimental layouts. If you are in real life, you will remember specifics, but in the dream world, most things are vague. Post up your ideas and projects on the community corkboard and share your experience with us!
This is because there is a structure which gives motivation at work, which does not exist in your personal life. With some thought, it is usually possible to find regular times when you can disconnect from everyone else.

Dreams and career ambitions require real work so you must pay attention to the third component of achieving them: using the right approach.
Or would you prefer to look back on life in 40 years time and say ‘I went for it, I followed my passion and I loved every last moment of it’. Inception took this idea to the logical extreme by invading other people's dreams.While we can't hack into the dreams of others, we can definitely play an action hero movie star in our own! You can always get help in the forum or by messaging me directly.Please let us know if you have a lucid dream! Real prioritisation always requires deciding what to stop and what to quit, so that you can achieve those things that are important to you. But we do suggest you look at the things you do and cut out as many time wasters as possible.
REM is the stage of sleep most likely to result in dream activity, and your brain cycles through this stage of sleep several times throughout the night. If one of the flashes catches you in your REM stage of sleep and you are keen enough to notice it in your dream, you can be the god of your brain! This can be difficult, but is even more important, if your life is as busy as most successful people in professional services. Make the effort to explain that the dream is important to you, it will take time, you need their support and willingness to give you space. We are not saying to become completely cut off from everyone else, just disconnect for scheduled periods of time.
During lucid dreaming, the sleeping dreamer is conscious that they are in a dream, but remains in slumber. To make sure we see the light pattern during REM sleep, we repeat it in ten minute intervals.
All it takes is knowing you are dreaming without waking up!I do not suggest opening your eyes while the LEDs blink. That is 730 hours a year – or the same number of hours as you would spend at work for 90 days!
You do not have to be completely rigid, in fact we advise against an overly rigid approach.
This allows you consciously manipulate and transform the dream world just like in Inception.Today, we are going to make our own lucid dreaming goggles and hack our subconscious into submission. If I offered you 90 days to work on becoming a partner right now, you would probably jump at the chance.
They tend to have a space they can work in, and when they are in it nothing else is allowed to interrupt them.

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