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Latest Arkansas Business PollWhat do you think of Wal-Mart bringing back its store greeters? The national media circus that continues to surround ousted Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino. Unfortunately, the 51 year-old Petrino had the romantic misfortune of banging bodies with a 20-something volleyball hottie who was engaged to another Arkansas coach. That in reference to the Freedom of Information Act unearthing more than 100 pages of documents related to the scandal. The kicker being that Petrino misspelled the name of his alma mater on the resume as Carol College instead of Carroll College. In addition to coughing up a 20 grand Christmas present that Dorrell hid under her mattress and later used to buy a black Acura, Petrino showered her in – would you believe? Worse yet, Dorrell apparently used a portion of Petrino’s $20,000 gift to help pay for her upcoming, but presumably now-cancelled wedding. Which brings us to what is supposed to be Dorrell’s final payoff from the Petrino affair. Call me a skeptic, but no way she’s going to pass on a book, movie, magazine or Playboy shoot on this deal.
Yes, I know that Joe Normal does the same thing, but its shown at an alarming level in this little segment, where you can take the kid out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the kid.
That resume lookslike the average arKANSAS University tenured professor, probably a little more polished. When I played they would haul us out for handshakes and meet and greets in our Jerseys when the rich alums with deep pockets visited.

Easy Cliffy this was an update…The Freedom of Info stuff just broke late last week, and the stuff I wrote about were hot off the presses yesterday. Bologonous, you make a good point, free enterpriseand all that jazz and I agree with the $100 million empire stuff, but, being a non sports guy, I guess I just cant allign all that with…. And, yes, while I can draw a comparison to a great corporate leader being the face of the charge… I also have the same problem there. Why do we say education is important but pay primary and secondary teachers salaries a pittance above the poverty line? Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long visited with media following his Little Rock Touchdown Club appearance Monday. Lightning Game 4 NHL 7pm ET Live Extra Finland vs. It can be a complicated and messy process trying to filter through what's real and what isn't. You know, the dude who was slated to become the poster child for Missouri‘s new SEC football rivalry with the neighboring state that will replace Kansas?
All of which fell asunder after Petrino dumped his motorcycle recently, babe aboard, and all heck broke out in the biggest college sports sex scandal since Penn State. Hearne would battle me with the rebuttal, that XYZ CEO is there to build stakeholder value and he’s right.
But, like I said, Hearne, coming from the trading end of things, could likely debate me into the ground on my argument and make an equally good case.
Why should a college make that kind of bank off kids who dont have gas money to get to campus, and if given $20, they are investigated??

While athletes and entertainers who can probably do no more than spell their name and address garner millions of dollars and have more money than they know what to do with.
Credible information can be hard to come by, and sources often have agendas behind what they are willing to reveal. But being far less Republican than I used to be, I have a difficult time thinking one man is worth $50M a year. Then to college, where thats reenforced with tutors, ways to cehat the system, as they continue the trail of misdeeds until they get to the pro levels where its fully manifested in outrageous behavior.
I do NOT understand how these guys carry the value they do any more than some of our CEO’s who are paid 10 times that in severance to LEAVE a company they successfully flew down the toilet! Australia Olympic Sports Sun 4pm ET NBCSN Amgen Tour of California: Stage 8 General Sun 4pm ET Golf Live Extra Regions Tradition - Round 4 Golf Sun 5pm ET NBCSN Lightning vs.
Lightning Game 4 NHL 6pm CT Live Extra Finland vs. Australia Olympic Sports Sun 3pm CT NBCSN Amgen Tour of California: Stage 8 General Sun 3pm CT Golf Live Extra Regions Tradition - Round 4 Golf Sun 4pm CT NBCSN Lightning vs.
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