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As I related to you in the previous Blog, Elena and I arrived in Novosibirsk late on Thursday, the 15th, and rested from our journey from Barnaul.
Our MLM Team System is a tool for realizing those Goals and fulfilling those Dreams.   And their DREAMS are the actual motivation to make this all happen!
The evening of this first day, Elena and I also enjoyed a fine dinner at a Georgian Restaurant with the company managers who are overseeing these leaders. You effectively share your vision and knowledge at individual and group meetings.  You actively listen and communicate clearly. You implement clear plans using network systems and teams, delegating tasks, supporting and overseeing the progress, and rewarding success.

Some people refer to this as your “Alpha Leader Qualities.”  But I believe it is a lot more than qualities or characteristics.  It is the internal living power of your leadership! You motivate others to reach their goals and to work together as a team.  And you use the most effective, up-to-date technology – like Social Networking, email, text messaging, videos, MP3’s, webinars and other powerful Internet applications, and well as offline tools, to get your message out, find and sponsor members of your network, and lead your network to success. You work systematically, in a competent and skilled way.  You are always learning, growing, and working on the cutting edge. You are an honest, trustworthy, and loyal, ambassador for your business.  And principles are something more — they are the timeless universal laws in every area of your life, which you strive to discover and apply. 1) Желание быть Лидером (горячее),2) Обучаемость (жажда),3) Желание изменить свою Жизнь (огонь),4) Иметь Чистое и Доброе сердце!

And you do this first for yourself, then you can help those who follow you develop their vision.

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