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Autocratic Leadership Is A Classical Leadership Approach, And The Corporate Equivalent Of Dictatorship Or Tyranny. And Voluntary Sectors, While One Who Adopt Democratic Rather Than Autocratic In Order To The Ones That Both External. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. People with low motivation or achievement-orientation tend to work as little as possible, and when working in a group, tend to pass on work to others.
Autocratic Leadership styles suit most blue-collared workers, especially those doing unskilled jobs who lack the qualifications, skills, or talent to respond to any participative leadership styles, or have low motivation, or require achievement acceptance to perform.
Examples of when to use autocratic leadership includes when the workforce displays Type X behavioral traits, when the nature of work or the situation warrants it, or as part of deliberate management strategy.

An autocratic leader who assigns clear and precise responsibilities ensures that such workers work their share.
At present time, all the photographs are taken from online resources and available for downloading. In cases such as these, management needs to supervise the workers and monitor activities strictly to ensure that workers do not avoid completing their duties. They like to seek and accept responsibility and apply their creativity in solving work-related problems, but most companies hesitate to let workers apply their skills, and under-utilize their workforce. There is no fee for getting photograph you like, so you can download as many of them as you want. It recommends a hierarchical structure with narrow span of control at all levels for this purpose.

An autocratic leadership style is the worst possible leadership type, especially for employees with a Theory Y type of orientation. There are a lot of different categories at our web site such as abstract, animals, architecture, cars, boats, motorcycles, nature, people, sports, space, holidays, celebrities and many others. An autocratic leadership style where the leader has complete authority and reserves the right to make decisions, and where the followers obey the instructions of the leader without question, remains ideally suited for workers with a Theory X type of orientation.

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