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Reid is an NCCP certified coach who coached a young team in the OBA for 3 years before taking over the Northern Kings’ youngest team and developing them over the past 3 years. With the ultimate goal of post-secondary education for ALL of his players, Grant’s standard of excellence has been set and is adhered to by all he coaches.
This year Coach Bryan is entering into his ninth year as a coach in the Ontario Basketball Association. Tony Jackson was introduced to basketball when attending George Syme Public School in Toronto in the third grade. After some time away from the game, he established himself as a family man and also in the corporate world. Some basketball fundamentals are individual - skills like shooting, dribbling, passing, and rebounding are skills that a player hones so that he can execute them on his own. The ability to set screens is a team-focused skill that is absolutely essential for any team-oriented offense.
A major part of teamwork is getting your teammates open to receive passes, to drive to the hoop, to take the shot.
A good screen requires good teamwork - both the player setting the screen (the screener) and the player being screened for (the cutter) must work together. The cutter needs to wait for the screener to set his screen - if the cutter moves too early, he risks running the defender into the screener while the screener is moving - a foul for the screener.
But the cutter can't wait too long, because when the screen is set, it will only take a moment for the defender to realize it and start to prepare to get around it. The cutter needs to see the screen coming, wait until the screener is just set up, and then cut hard past the screen, as close to his teammate as he can - rubbing shoulders if possible. Plenty of times a screen doesn't work because the screener is too far from the defender or the screener rolls away before the defender runs into him. The screener needs to set the screen against the defender's shoulder, so that the defender has no choice but to run into the screener when the cutter begins to move.
There will be contact (if the pick is done properly) and you don't want the screener to be tossed to the floor - you want the screener to stop the defender in his tracks.
Not on the chest, but out so that the elbows make about a ninety degree angle with the forearms parallel to the screener's chest.
It is important that the screener doesn't push into the defender with his arms (that's a foul), but that his back is straight and he lets the defender run into him. If the screener is too far away, or the cutter cuts too wide, the defender can slip in between the two offensive players.
If the screener is too far up on the side of the defender, the defender can roll around the screener and catch the cutter. The screen must be set at about a 45 degree angle, on the defender's shoulder, and the cutter must drive the defender into the screen.
The better versed your players are in basic basketball fundamentals, the easier it will be for them to get free, get the ball, and get to the hoop. We are proud to be officially affiliated with USA FOOTBALL the official Youth Development Partner to the NFL.
Most post drills that aim to improve scoring in the paint should be simple, because offense in the key is rarely complex.

More than any other aspect in the offensive end, scoring from inside the paint needs to be quick and decisive. Run the drill for 30 - 60 seconds, making sure to mix up the calls so that players get practice with both jump shots and drives. Alan played four years of high school soccer on Guam at the position of goalie before leaving to attend college at the University of Texas at Arlington. At Weston Collegiate, he guided his team to an unlikely upset of the then #1 team in the Country - Runnymede Collegiate. It’s his first year coaching with Northern Kings, but he has coached Boys Basketball for the past seven years. Jelani played at the prestigious Jean Vanier Secondary winning an AAA OFSSA gold and became a TDCAA 1st Team All-Star.
After completing his post-secondary studies and earning his degree in education, he played professional basketball in Europe.
Other experiences include years working at The Hoop Factory basketball camp as well as the Philadelphia 76ers basketball camps and The Atlantic Cape Camps. With this in mind, at the tender ages of 15, various members of his AAU squad have already garnered interest from many top-notch NCAA and CIS schools. He is always focused on achieving the established goals for the season, with an eye on long term player development and the integration of young talent. Other basketball fundamentals are team-focused, skills that players use not on their own, but with his teammates. After all, basketball is a team sport - the goals of any team cannot be accomplished if the team can't work together.
To accomplish this, good basketball players understand an essential basketball fundamental skill: how to set good, solid screens that help their teammates shake their defensive men. The closer the cutter passes next to his screener, the less likely it will be that the defender will be able to squeeze through.
Once the contact is made and the defender is stopped (but not before the contact is made), the screener pivots, opening his body to the ball, raising the arm closest to the hoop while keeping the other forearm against the defender, so that the screener remains in between the basket and the defender. Being able to execute one of the fundamental skills listed above is good; knowing how to do both is essential to getting free and getting the ball consistently. In such close quarters, it takes no time at all for defensive players to close up on the man they are marking. Alan has been coaching for four years in the PSA soccer leagues at the recreational and academy levels consistently progressing the team to the next competitive level. Growing up in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, he played for Horton High School and continued onto CIS Basketball at Mount Allison University. Upon graduating from Eastern Commerce, Kiroh moved on to Miami Dade Junior College and then at Division II Tusculum College. Kiroh currently works in film and entertainment as well as providing personal training services for basketball players at all levels. He also played basketball for Centennial College from 2003-2005 and they placed 5th in the CCAA National Championships. The objective is to duplicate this result every year and build on every accomplishment, seizing every opportunity and providing a safe, caring and competitive atmosphere for his players to grow from young boys into men.

Prior to Advantage, Bryan was the assistant coach for the Toronto Triple Threat Division 1 Midget and Juvenile girls’ team which made it to the OBA provincial semi-finals each year he coached and finished runner up for the provincial championship during his final year of the program. He enjoys working in a real team orientated organization that encourages player development.
There are plenty of examples from the NBA of teams with superstar players but no trophies, because those superstar players may know how to shoot or dribble or dunk, but do not know how to play as a team. And more often than not, when an offensive player tries to be fancy in the key, they screw up. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Computer Engineering, Reid played professionally in Iceland. He went on to become the CIS Rookie of the Year, a Student National Team member and has won a CIS National Championship with the Brandon Bobcats. He then went on to further his education at Sheridan College, playing varsity basketball in 2007-2009 & 2010-2011.
His career started to blossom while attending Acadia University, where he was voted three times to the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) All-Conference team as a linebacker and defensive end. Coach Bryan is a strong leader with a motivational management style and reputation for building defensively motivated teams.
For this reason Bryan is excited to join the Northern Kings coaching staff, and is looking forward to a successful OBA and AAU season. Our members have daily access to high performance coaching, elite program delivery, development pathways and a structured  basketball curriculum. They lose control of the ball, or they miss what should have been an easy layup, or they allow the defense to close in on them.
Wayne is currently an Investment Representative with Mackenzie Financial and is entering his fourth year of coaching with the Kings. During his 3-year playing stint as a member of the Sheridan Bruins, Jelani managed to win 1 Ontario Gold, 1 Ontario Silver, and a 4th place at the CCAA National Championships, to go along with 1 OCAA first team All-Star and 1 OCAA second team All-Star. Grant currently coaches at the high school level for both basketball and football, and has dedicated his spring and summers to coaching at the AAU level as Coach with the Northern Kings 17U team. He is a dedicated professional who models integrity, strong work ethic and personal character into his player development program.
In the open court, when you have plenty of parquet between you and the defense, It's possible to be flashy. As a basketball coach, Karim has been able to secure one championship in the Ontario Basketball Association, and has rarely if ever, failed to medal at a provincial tournament. Karim has spent the last two years coaching at the AAU level as well as the high school domain and has had the privilege of working with some of the brightest young stars in Canadian basketball while travelling throughout the United States.

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