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And the Sacramento Kings, who have been on this ride so often during what has been a disastrous decade, wona€™t be getting off anytime soon.According to a person with knowledge of the Kingsa€™ situation, they have already spoken to at least four candidates about their head coaching vacancy and still hope to connect with several more candidates before theya€™re done. To this point, all indications are that the Golden State Warriors assistant coach has no interest in the position. Divac has made it clear that he would like to speak with Walton, but Walton - who owns a property in Manhattan Beach, Calif.
The Lakers and Houston Rockets have both received permission to speak with Walton, though he is only willing to take part in interviews between rounds of the playoffs.

The Warriors closed out their first-round series against the Rockets on Wednesday, meaning that time could be now.a€?A Is Messina interested? Clarity is tough to come by, but ita€™s safe to say the Lakersa€™ position is a much more intriguing opportunity.
Considering McHale was fired with nearly two full seasons left on his three-year, $12 million deal from the Rockets, hea€™s not exactly hurting for cash these days.
Point being, he could take time off (and continue with his television commentary work) while being paid handsomely, or he could join this organization that has now been through eight coaches since parting ways with Rick Adelman back in 2006.

Not to mention, of course, the challenge that comes with coaching the wildly-talented-but-exhausting DeMarcus Cousins. Unless something changes, McMillan doesna€™t want to take part in any interviews until the postseason is over.

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