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There are certain professional and personal qualifications needed to become a successful life coach. Be ready to open up to other people, share their personal ideas with their respective clients. For one to be a good life coach, they must enjoy what they are doing and do it with passion and professionalism. One should interact with experienced life coaches to get their views about some of the life coaching issues and different ways to help tackle them.
One should also group his intended client base; this will help schedule different time allocations for tackling different issues.
A successful coach needs to be objective and to view the client through a non-subjective lens.
Being observant goes along with being a good listener – part of listening is to observe body language, notice a change in tone, and take in everything that is happening with the client.
This may sound trivial to some, but there are far too many coaches out there who neglect this part of their business.

It involves talking to people, analyzing their issues and at last helping them solve their issues. Therefore, before one becomes a life coach, they should make a sincere decision within themselves. If one has an inborn life coaching spirit within them, they should also consider the certification because majority of people will go for a professional life coach to help them solve their issues. As times evolve, people encounter different life issues that may require current tactics to be solved. This gives comfort and hope to the client that regardless of how tough the situation might be; eventually there will be a way out. Coaching is not for everyone, but for those of us who feel called to it, it’s been life changing. Coaches merely act as guides; they help clients create a road map to their objectives or locate a pathway to their goals.
Most coaches are more successful when they’ve had coach-specific training, but be sure to compare schools before you jump in. Advice is sometimes given, but as long as it is not in the form of a command or an instruction.

Clients are opening their hearts and souls to you, and you must reciprocate this vulnerability with good listening habits.
People with the “gift” care less about their own success than they do about the success of their clients. A good listener is not someone who is waiting to respond; a good listener takes in everything the client says before formulating a response. Clients, potential clients, and peers will often base their opinion of your coaching services on how promptly and professionally you reply to their messages or inquiries.
The other six traits can be taught, but this trait may actually be one you need to be possess.

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