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If only I had a dollar for every time I received a phone call or email asking me ‘How do I become a Life Coach’! In the past, I would try to respond to each one individually, but as the numbers increased, I unfortunately did not have the time to respond personally. Whether you are interested in training to be a Life or Confidence coach, the first step is to do your research.  There are literally hundreds of Coach Training organisations, many offering face to face, online or even phone training for new coaches! In my experience ‘one size’ does not fit all so make sure you choose an organisation with a methodology that feels good to you.   Coach training content varies considerably so make sure you choose an organisation that offers different streams of coaching such as wellness, career, goal or business coaching.
In my opinion, a face to face training course is the best.   Although online is popular, I can’t see how it would ever be as effective as a class room environment where you get to coach your peers and practice your techniques while facing your client. Unfortunately, due to the Industry not being regulated, there are many companies which offer courses such as ‘Become a Coach in 1 week’ or ‘Earn $200k a year by training to be a coach’.   Although I haven’t personally attended any of these courses, I would be extremely careful about their claims so make sure you carry out adequate due diligence! 1)    Check the course is accredited with the Government or accredited coaching body ( i.e. 3)    Be careful with any course that promises you a ‘guaranteed income’.  In my experience, many coaches have been drawn into this attractive claim, only to end up disappointed. In conclusion, working as a Life or Business Coach is a wonderful and exciting career, but make sure you set yourself up with good training and experience to begin with. Melissa Scott is Australia's Leading Break thru Life Coach, Author and Empowering Trainer of NLP Life Coaches. Melissa has assisted thousands of people world wide to activate the power of their unconscious mind and END SABOTAGE and start living their dream life via her corporate and personal coaching,speaking, CDs, teleconferences and Books. Melissa is the author of the transformational and enlightening book Billionaire Buddha- Money and Mystical Secrets That work! This inspirational collection will wow you back to a place of power and self love as you continue on your journey of self discovery and transformation.
Corporate Fitness Programs Add Value, Even if Difficult to TrackBell Atlantic Mobile became Verizon Wireless, and that first 500-square-foot room housing one . The Coaching Institute is Australia's #1 life coaching school, having trained some of the most successful coaches in Australia and Asia in the last 11 years . Choosing to become a life, leadership or business coach gives you the opportunity to create a career where you can really make a difference – and do it on your own terms.
The Coaching Institute is at the forefront of change technologies that encompass much more than just coaching. As a member provider through the ICG, TCI is the only school which meets the standards required for being a recognised Business Mentorship Provider.
The Coaching Institute attracts enthusiastic people from many backgrounds who want to learn how to make a difference and who are committed to discovering how to be their own personal best. From the very first moment that you make contact with The Coaching Institute you have full access to our amazing WOW team who are your personal support team throughout your entire journey of becoming a life coach.
One of the most common things that we hear back from our students is about the overwhelming sense that they feel of belonging to a friendly and supportive community of like-minded people who love helping each other to succeed.
Our brand-new, state-of-the-art training facilities are in a class of their own and have been purpose-built with two things in mind - to create the perfect learning environment for our ever-growing number of students and training events, and to Deliver A WOW Experience to everyone who enters our doors.
Our award-winning and internationally recognised coaches are phenomenally successful at what they do AND they are also the biggest names and key influencers in the coaching industry.
The Coaching Institute students benefit from the most unique and effective coaching practice blueprint available - it is so successful that our Coaches who have no experience in attracting clients find themselves working with clients within 90 days of enrolling.

If you haven’t yet, you can request your ‘Getting Started As a Coach’ Gift Pack, and this will provide you with access to our Coaching Resource Centre, with much more information on coaching and how it works. I’m on a mission to change the lives of young people and to ultimately cause a revolution in our education system.
It was time to stop playing a small game, let go of the safety blanket and step up from Credentialed Practitioner to Professional Master Coach where I would get the answers to the questions I was asking. In the past 3 months I have set my first 1 year plan and created my very first vision board, attended Advanced Skills Training, completed 100 coaching hours as well as my first knowledge paper.
I registered my business and domain name ‘Santoriello Consulting’ and set up my business Facebook page, with webpage currently under construction. Then my dear friend Linda recommended I join her on the journey to becoming a life coach with The Coaching Institute. Without a shadow of doubt my success so far must be attributed to my application of The Coaching Institute’s model of learning – hear and be blown away by the message, hear and learn the message, hear and do it, get a result, teach the message, and watch others get a result!! Life Coaching looked at the greatness and wholeness of people (new concept for me), and believed wholeheartedly that everyone has the innate capacity to be well and happy (another new concept). Three years ago, though, I became obsessed and passionate about human behaviour, and what it takes internally to become a master of life and a master of business. Just this week in a coaching session of my own I was reminded of the choices that are available to me and that I am free to choose from these options at any time.
In those early days I set my definition of success and set about doing everything I could to achieve it. Success, at least the version I had created, sucked, and something had to change, and it did, I changed my version of success.
Rock, Ark., this month A— will total 34, each one staffed by two full- time wellness coaches. There are no limits to where you can take your career, whether you want to work from home or an office, part-time or full-time, face-to-face or over the phone, with individuals or teams or businesses, helping people to change their lives, to improve their relationships, to correct bad habits, to break through their limits and to realise their full potential – Or you can take it in a completely new direction and apply your skills in ways that have never been thought of. Growing demands for our methodologies from overseas has meant that in late 2013 we made our programs available to people from all over the world. This means we ensure there is business, marketing, and branding training delivered throughout the training, regardless of your program choice. Because we are the most popular coach training provider we are able to provide a team of trained coaches who assist you to select your program (it's not for everyone) and will be with you every step of the way on your path to success. From interacting together in training events, to studying together, to the monthly Coaching Connect system and more, our students really feel like they are a part of a connected community where lifelong friendships are formed. Each with tens of thousands of hours of coaching experience, they live and breathe what they teach and are known for going above and beyond for their students to help them build a successful career. Of course, if you would like to slowly transition into coaching, that is understandable, but it's great to know that access to proven client attraction methodologies are available. Our school has been training successful coaches for 10 years now, through our three programs. I believe that a system where we have to drug our young people to fit in, comply and to feel ok about themselves, a system that is churning out people to fit into 9 – 5 jobs and to live lives of quiet desperation, a system that’s selling the lie that happiness is found in what you have rather than who you are is a system that is in desperate need of change. Just yesterday I smiled to myself, after a day of working in a business that I love, doing something that I’m deeply passionate about, something that I know will made a real difference in the lives of many, I was chilling out with my kids.
With the guidance and wisdom of Salome Shillack, Another student at The Coaching Institute, I got a crash course on online and offline marketing and committed to doing two of each every week.

Coupled with the abundance of resources available to me via Moodle, webinars, mentoring calls, and the phenomenal “WOW team” who are always there to help, guide and champion my cause, I have all of the elements to make my journey a roaring success. The Coaches role was to guide people to bring out their own gifts, talents, mental health and that happiness isn't something only for the chosen few. I was fascinated with finding out my patterns, sabotages and self-limiting beliefs that had been holding me back my whole life. I knew that my passion and desire to help others was not just a dream anymore, I could see it was going to be a successful business. I remember at Foundations of Coaching Success Joe Pane shared with us a quote to create action- “Say YES!
Financially providing for my family was something I valued as well as starting my own business and pursuing a dream, but I felt like they were clashing. I was a coach who defined herself as “I help women live their happiest lives yet” It was all about “you” and I hated it, every second. Our students and graduates love their experience and journey with us so much that many encourage friends, family and colleagues to join. With the recognition and high standards of the International Coach Guild, as well as the option to choose from Nationally Recognised Training (10069NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching and 10119NAT Diploma of Life Coaching), you're assured of a phenomenal experience and the opportunity to be aligned with the best coaching training available. They want a solution, and that requires a structural approach that can be effective, regardless of the situation, the challenge or the desired outcome. Whether you're starting out or have skills in human potential, our courses can be tailor-made for you. Back then I was depressed often, a chameleon (always changing to suit other people), and had no idea what gave me purpose, joy and fulfillment. Pain was not merely a “symptom”, it was an interpretation of a story with a huge unconscious bearing. Meta Dynamics, drawing on several modalities, is a complete and dynamic solution that incorporates four dimensions unexplored by coaching.
Since then I have come through hoops and hurdles (and I always look forward to them as hoops & hurdles= growth) to be the person I am today- self-accepting, self-loving, on purpose and completely passionate for what I do. Simply said, the story we tell ourselves about pain determines the physical way we perceive it. Our award-winning and internationally recognised coaches are phenomenally successful at what they do.
We worked out a schedule, price and program that suits us both and doesn’t interrupt my other duties as farmer’s wife, mother and teacher.
I love the process and how you can take people forward to create lasting change that supports their dreams. Deep State Repatterning has been the springboard to unravelling unconscious perceptions regarding pain…and all this without laying a hand on my patient!

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