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Finally…A “Real Deal” Fitness Program That Transforms People’s Bodies In Record Time, Regardless of Age, Experience, or Gender! But, seriously, if you said yes to even one of those questions, well, maybe it’s time you take the plunge into the fastest growing strength and conditioning training known as CrossFit. Okay, on to just a few of the most common physical benefits of training at CrossFit Turbocharged…. And, we accomplish this for all levels, from brand spanking new beginner to the advanced machines.
The environment at CrossFit Turbocharged is happy, friendly, inspiring, non-judgmental and energized (or as we like to say…Turbocharged!).
Most of the above benefits are reached through your increased discipline, confidence and energy levels.
And, it’s important for you to understand that CrossFit is a Complete health and fitness program, not just a “gym” for fitness. We actually refer to cardio as “metabolic conditioning” because there are many different types of “cardio”.
When we do our Olympic Lifts, we are doing things you may or may not have heard of like the “Clean and Jerk” or the “Snatch”, but rest assured, it works absolutely EVERYTHING in your body and will make you as strong as an ox with out looking like one if you don’t want to. If you WANT to look like an ox, we also include Power Lifting for those looking to put on substantial muscle mass. Our CrossFit Supercharged and Turbocharged members are some of the best people you could ever meet!

We provide guidance and even have a service deliver healthy meals for our members that get stored in our commercial refrigerators until you are ready for them!
If you didn’t already put your name and e-mail in the opt-in box above or give us a call already to set up your free private introductory lesson at CrossFit Turbocharged, why the heck not?!!! Seriously though, we have a limit to the amount of members we can have in our CrossFit classes in Cherry Hill to maintain our high standards of instruction and to give each member as much attention as possible. Daddis Athletics is our umbrella company and boasts some of the best CrossFit and Martial Arts gyms in the Philadelphia region. Since opening our first CrossFit gym, CrossFit Supercharged in Philadelphia PA, team members (yes, we are a team and a family) have shed pounds blazingly fast. As you’ll soon read, we give you the opportunity to experience what this training is truly like first hand at no cost to you. You’ll do more in 20 minutes than most people would do at a typical gym or health center in 2 hours.
The above benefits are proven and come from true stories via many members of our CrossFit gyms and from members of the entire CrossFit Community. Movements like squats, presses, safe dead lifts, high pulls, and on and on at the loads the coaches prescribe for you make this happen.
We are talking about movements like the infamous “Muscles Up”, Kipping pull ups (yes, even if you’ve never done a single pull up, we will gradually work through various progressions at your own pace and trust us, you WILL be able to do a pull up and then some sooner than you think!), Ring Dips, and on and on. Heck, your lucky to get any guidance at all at a regular gym (Are you starting to see just how much better CrossFit is than a regular “globo gym” by now?

Daddis Athletics has been creating machines since 2000, when it opened it’s first MMA gym called “Philly MMA” (Now Daddis MMA). And, you’ll still end up saving time if you currently go to a standard gym due to the efficient work outs (classes are an hour or less).
It’s not), body weight exercises and “cardio” (Cardio is a loose term, but commonly used so I figured it would get your attention. We were conditioned to think a certain way regarding nutrition, but science has provided us with a nutrition template to not only melt away fat, but to have you perform at optimal levels in anything you do, whether it be sports, working as a first responder or playing with your kids. But, somehow you made it to our website because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
CrossFit Supercharged has churned out toned, firm and functional businessmen and women as well as stunning, elite professional athletes in the “Sport of Fitness”. In fact, it is also perfect for you if you live in Vorhees, Haddonfield, Collingswood, Mount Laurel, Maple Shade or in any of the surrounding towns for that matter.
Go ahead and put your name and e-mail in the box and we’ll get back to you almost immediately!

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