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There are also popular books that are personal narratives by people who have actually experienced a NDE.
Whether you’re interested in evidence of life after death, which mainly comes from case studies on NDEs or personal stories of life after death, the following books are some of the most popular.
Even though there have been records of people having glimpses of an afterlife for many centuries, Moody was the first to coin the term near death experience and examine their common underlying patterns.
His pioneering research has lead the way for other doctors and researchers to continue the examination of NDEs.
Although each NDE is different in its own way, they all share several similar characteristics.
Moody also addresses alternative explanations for near death experiences such as supernatural, scientific, and psychological explanations. He goes on to say his research does not positively conclude that there is life after death. Rather, he states that his case studies and research should open the way for further research and enlightenment about the possibility of an afterlife.
One of his main goals was to collect research from the general pubic about near death experiences, so he could separate and study the common elements of NDEs. On his Web site,, people who have had near death experiences answer questions through an online questionnaire.

From his data on his Web site, other case studies, and research, Long compiles nine compelling and similar elements of NDEs to prove the existence of an afterlife: Lucid Death Out of Body Blind Sight Impossibly Conscious Perfect Playback Family Reunion From the Mouth of Babes Worldwide Consistency Changed Lives One of the most convincing arguments for life after death comes from the chapter Blind Sight. In this chapter Long states that blind people who have had near death experiences are able to see clearly during their NDEs. These are people who have been blind for all or most of their life, and there is no medical explanation for their ability to see so clearly during a NDE.
It begins with the story of Katie, a young, shy patient who hovered close to death in a coma for three days after drowning in a swimming pool. Then on the third day after her accident, she simply awoke from her coma and within 24 hours was up and moving about showing no signs of brain damage.
In his book, Morse describes the experiences of several children who have had near death experiences. Two of the main conclusions Morse draws from his research are people need to be near death to have a NDE, and he and his research team have isolated the area of the brain where NDEs occur. Morse also goes into detail about deathbed visions and how the medical community tends to shun these occurrences even though they can help the dying deal with their impending deaths.
Morse also states that people who have not had NDEs can also gain access to the Light, though usually not to the extent of NDEers. Anyone who has felt the loss of a child, sibling, family member or friend will likely feel comforted from Morse’s book.

He has done extensive research about children who experienced NDEs, and he shares many of their compelling stories.
Eadie’s story begins at 31 years old when she starts to die in a hospital room after hemorrhaging from a hysterectomy. Her near death experience not only helps people understand life after death, it also helps people realize that they have a purpose or a mission in life. Eadie went on to write additional books such as The Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey to Love and The Ripple Effect.
You can find more information about Eadie from her official Web site Embraced by the Light.
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