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Millions of people all over the world have found a way to not have to visit a gum regularly and pay monthly or annual subscription fees in order to stay fit: they have created small gyms right in their homes! You can even work out while watching your favorite TV show, or even while talking on the phone. The best thing about working out at home, is that you basically get to work out in a gym that has been specifically designed with your personal needs and skills in mind.
In other words, you can get everything you’ll need in order to get a good workout at home, without breaking the bank or putting a second mortgage on your house! Rowing machines can provide you with all the benefits of a stationary bike, as well as a more complete and more effective workout. It goes without saying that running is the best warm up and an amazing workout in and of itself. Elliptical machines are essentially high tech treadmills that completely the shocks, vibrations and impacts caused when running on a treadmill. They can also be pretty expensive and they take up A LOT of space, which means that they haven’t been designed with the average Joe in mind… If you intend to get a lot of machines though, it might be cheaper to invest on a good or an average home gym machine. As you can tell, finding the best home fitness equipment, means finding the machines and equipment better suited to your needs.
The experts are wrong: cardio is not the best method for fast weight loss.Read to find out why!
But what do you really know about aerobic exercise and how can it better improve your workout routine?What is Aerobic Exercise?Aerobic exercise, or cardio, is any physical activity of low to high intensity that can sustain for more than just a few minutes while your heart, lungs, and muscles work overtime.That’s a pretty simple way of putting it. Home fitness equipment is now more affordable and more effective than ever which means that you can all the exercise you’ll need every day or week, without having to leave the comfort of your home. If you are more serious about fitness, you can even build your own personal gym in a spare room, or even in your garage.

Another good thing, is that you can tailor your home gym to fit your budget and preferences. They might seem simple and unsophisticated, especially compared to the more high tech exercise machines out there, and they cost next to nothing, but if used properly and with the right fitness program, they can do wonders! The reason for that, is the fact that they can provide you with a great warm up before a more serious workout and they can also help you burn a lot of calories. A treadmill essentially allows you to run or jog, without leaving the comfort of your living room.
The downside however, is that they don’t offer an equally effective workout and they are not as versatile or fun to use as treadmills. Once you decide on what you want to buy, like a rowing machine for example, the best way to find out which model you should get, is by reading home fitness equipment reviews. Now that we know what aerobic exercise is, it is important to know how it can benefit you.How Can Aerobics Benefit You?Aerobic exercise can benefit your health in a number of ways, but perhaps one of the best ways it can help is with your heart.
What makes them ideal for people who want to exercise at home however, is the fact that they don’t take up a lot of space and that they can be used even while watching TV or talking on the phone. Furthermore, treadmills will also strengthen your bones and help prevent the onset of osteoporosis and other similar health problems. Just spend some time on your research and you’ll definitely find the best equipment for you and your home. Their downside, is the fact that running on them produces impacts and vibrations that can be pretty painful for older people or people with back or joint pains and problems.
In short, they combine most of the machines you will find in a good gym and they are the perfect choice for serious home fitness enthusiasts and even professional bodybuilders. Studies show that elite athletes can have stroke volumes more than twice as high as the average individual.

This is good because it means that more blood fills the chambers of the heart before it pumps so that more blood gets pumped with each beat.Having greater stroke volume means that the heart does not have to pump as fast to meet the high demands of exercise. It has been proved that fewer beats and greater stroke volume will lead to higher efficiency.
This pump works better and lasts longer if it can pump larger volumes of water with each cycle rather than if it has to pump faster and strain itself to get rid of the water.High stroke volume is the reasons why athletes’ hearts don’t pump as fast during exercise and why they have such a low resting heart rate.
Sometimes their rate can be as low as 40 beats per minute, whereas the average rate is roughly is 60-80 beats per minutes.It has been proven that your muscles get more efficient at consuming oxygen when you do regular aerobic exercise.
This is due to an increase in the activity and number of enzymes that transport oxygen out of the bloodstream and into the muscle.If 100 oxygen molecules circulate past a muscle, you’re twice as fit if the muscle can consume all 100 molecules than if it can only consume 50. In this situation, you will have more endurance because your muscles won’t run out of oxygen as quickly.Mitochondria inside the muscle increases in number and activity and mitochondria are the driving force of your cells. The good news is that they increase in number and activity, by as much as 50%, in just a matter of days to weeks in response to regular aerobic exercise in adults of all ages.Understanding what aerobic exercise is and how it can benefit your health is incredibly important.
However, your aerobic exercise program should have four main goals that define your routine:It is aerobic.
Energy Health Clubs has the answer.Contact us today at (707) 795-0400 or send us a message here.

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