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There are dozens of ways to make money online, from selling unwanted items to promoting products on Instagram or Facebook.
7.1 million Americans took for-credit classes online in 2013, with a large portion of these students completing their entire degree online.
With the increased acceptance and range of high quality programs available fully online, we’ve decided to revamp our best online college rankings for 2015. Data from the Distance Education Council, Peterson’s, and the National Center for Education Statistics was used in compiling this list. Colorado Technical University currently offers 13 bachelor’s degree level programs fully online, and a total of 99 programs at every instruction level.
University of Maryland at University College offers 31 bachelor’s degree level programs fully online, for more than 95 online programs of any level. Waldorf College offers 22 bachelor’s degree level programs fully online in a wide range of disciplines. Old Dominion University offers 27 bachelor’s degree level online programs, and a total of 70+ when all levels of instruction are counted. University of Phoenix is a national university that currently offers 20 bachelor’s degree level programs fully online. Columbia College of Missouri currently offers 24 bachelor’s degree level programs fully online.
Liberty University bills itself out as the largest Christian University in the world, and currently offer 26 fully-online bachelor’s degree programs, and over 200 programs of every level. Bellevue University currently offers 46 bachelor’s level degrees fully online, the 4th largest number compared to surveyed programs.
Southern New Hampshire University offers 40 bachelor’s degree level online majors, and a whopping 200+ online degrees at every level of instruction. Wilmington University is a national university offering 21 fully online bachelor’s level degrees, and over 90 total online programs, concentrations, and certificates. Grand Canyon University has the largest range of bachelor’s degree level offerings of the schools we surveyed, with a total of 52 programs available entirely online. Pennsylvania State University allows you to take classes from a world class research university from the comfort of your home. Fort Hays State University Online offers a full 24 bachelor’s level programs, including a number of business education courses, education specializations, management concentrations, and social sciences and humanities majors.
The American Public University System has long been a leader in continuing education for service men and women, as well as continuing education for corporate America. OPEN SUNY is a collaboration between 19 State University of New York system institutions to provide high quality online degree-granting programs in a variety of disciplines. The University of Central Florida is a national research university that offers 20 bachelor’s level programs fully online. Granite State College offers 29 fully online bachelor’s level degrees that may be completed at full-time, part-time, or accelerated rates. Northern Arizona University offers a full 45 bachelora€™s level degreesthat can be completed entirely online.
Students at these 10 public high schools excel in science, technology, engineering and math. Just because amphetamines like Adderall are prescribed by a doctor doesn't necessarily make them safe to use, one expert says. The intensity of AP Biology can make it hard to keep students motivated, one high school teacher says.
School trips to the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary give students a close-up look at how the president is elected.
The anonymous messaging platforms that many teens use may not be anonymous, one expert says.
This lively, 100-page guidebook provides everything you need to know to help your child get inspired, succeed in school and map a forward path in the STEM fields. Whether it's through part-time jobs or freelance work, adding more dollars to your cash flow every month is always nice.
Sell Your Knowledge on a WebsiteDo you have in-depth expertise about a specific hobby or any other subject?
Brandman University is a recognized leader in online course development and e-training and is regularly consulted by major corporations to craft quality educational opportunities online. Online programs at Ottawa boast a 4:1 student-faculty ratio, and an active personal academic advisor program.
Online courses are offered in five- or eight-week accelerated terms and run alongside their classroom counterparts. A number of online-specific support services are provided with the program including 24-hour technical support, online writing feedback, an online library, academic and career advising, and job search assistance.
Unique programs include bachelor’s degrees in health care management, homeland security, occupational safety, organizational leadership, and fire science. Offerings are comprehensive, and include programs in business administration (with many specializations), computer information systems, management information systems, criminal justice administration, human services, general studies, American studies, history, political science, public administration, English, nursing, psychology, and sociology. Unique program offerings include degrees in aeronautics, biblical educational studies, Christian ministries, and evangelism.
Unique delivery methods include an accelerated cohort method, in which you’re placed with a community of peers who share similar educational and professional goals, and pushed through classes at an accelerated pace.
The online program was established to offer a degree identical to an on-campus University of Arizona student from anywhere. Departments offering online bachelor’s degrees include business, liberal arts, education, culinary arts, design, and hospitality, and a number of programs can even be completed in 3 years. Through portfolios, examinations, or transfer credits the credit for prior learning program allows students to accelerate their program. Programs at Grand Canyon are built for busy or working adults, and students take one accelerated class at a time, so that their attention isn’t spread thin through multiple courses. The 2+2 program, in which established learning paths from other institutions are transferable to Fort Hays (where a student may finish their degree) are available from universities in many states. A full 50 bachelor’s level degrees may be completed entirely online, the second most of programs surveyed. Online program offerings are comprehensive at the University of Central Florida, with a greater availability of humanities and social science majors than many other online colleges.
Program offerings are comprehensive, ranging from digital and social media, to nursing, to education. Degree offerings are comprehensive, ranging from art, business, communications, culture, education, engineering, health, language, to STEM.

Ranging from hotel & restaurant management, to liberal arts, to computer information technology, mostdegrees offered are skill-centered and geared towards your future career.
But unfortunately, not everyone has the time to pick up another job or do additional work on the side. You could create a website that offers your expertise to others for a price, like offering a music lesson over Skype for a fee or charging for video lessons on gardening. There are more online colleges than ever, increasing competition, offerings, and overall value for students. This year, we surveyed over 400 institutions providing at least one bachelor’s degree fully online. Colorado Technical University courses are presented with intellipath technology, that focuses on what you don’t know through a series of questions and adaptive technology, tailoring course materials accordingly. The current estimated per-semester tuition rate is $7,500, making the program the 28th most affordable surveyed. Unique offerings include degrees in addiction counseling, and actuarial science and social enterprise management concentrations. Regis is a member of the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities, which allows Regis students to take online courses at other schools if they aren’t offered at Regis. The current estimated per-semester tuition rate for Waldorf College online is $4,150, making the program the 9th most affordable of those surveyed. Experiential learning and real world experience is pushed through practicums and internships for a number of programs. In a career-centered move, University of Phoenix is working with STEM industry organizations to develop a portfolio of degree and certificate programs that meet employer STEM talent needs. Current estimated per semester tuition at Columbia College is $3,900, making the program the 5th most affordable of those surveyed. The current estimated per semester tuition rate for Liberty University is $5,625, making the program the 15th most affordable of those surveyed.
On the other end of the spectrum, flex-paced learning is available for busy learners who have already completed 60 or more credit hours. Currently the estimated per semester tuition is $7,672, making the program the 30th most affordable of programs surveyed. The current estimated per semester tuition for Southern New Hampshire University is $4,800, making the program the 11th most affordable surveyed. Co-op opportunities help students through experiential and real world experience by pairing them up with paid employment opportunities related to their field of study. While most online colleges use the same professors they use on campus to teach online classes, Grand Canyon University also has a team of full-time online-only professors and instructors.
The average per-semester cost is more expensive for the programs that we surveyed, coming in at $6,758, but much cheaper than attending Penn State on-campus. The estimated per-semester tuition is $3,247, making the program the third most affordable of those surveyed. Though Oregon State is a nationally ranked research university, their average cost per semester is low for online courses, clocking in at $4,065, or the 8th most affordable of programs surveyed.
OPEN SUNY also excels through the number of support services offered with programs, including day and night tutoring hours, experiential learning opportunities, and prior learning assessments that can accelerate your learning.
Per-semester tuition is affordable as well, coming in at $3,270, the fourth ranked rate of programs surveyed. Granite State College is a liberal arts school that is part of the University of New Hampshire system, and offers the 10th most affordable per-semester tuition rate of programs surveyed ($4,575). 6 start dates are available per year, allowing students to start on their degree when it works best for them.
Northern Arizona University is also one of the most affordable schools of those surveyed, with highly competitive costs for online degrees and NAUa€™s competency-based programs that are available for an estimated cost of only $2500 per semester. Some companies will pay people to take surveys so that they can gather valuable consumer and user data.
You can make extra income or become wildly successful with this method of making money online.15. Skill-based learning is particularly on the rise online, and most employers now report that they don’t see any difference between degrees obtained fully online and those obtained through more traditional methods. Because institutions only providing a limited range of online degrees aren’t what most students want when it comes to attending an online college, we then narrowed the field by looking at the 80+ institutions that provide ten or more degrees fully online. The current estimated per-semester tuition is $4,875, making the program the 12th most affordable of all surveyed. The estimated per-semester tuition is currently $7,200, making the program the 25th most affordable of those surveyed. Currently, the estimated per-semester tuition for Regis University online is $6,900, making the program the 22nd most affordable of surveyed programs. The estimated per-semester tuition for online programs is $5,737, making the program the 11th most affordable surveyed. Currently the estimated per-semester tuition for the program is $8,527, making the program the 35th most affordable of programs surveyed.
The current estimated per-semester tuition for University of Phoenix online is $6,000, making the program the 18th most affordable of those surveyed.
Catherine University, you can also accelerate your learning through blended program delivery (some on campus, some online courses).
The flex-paced program is unique in that you progress according to mastery, passing through topics you already know quickly, while taking your time on subjects you need more help with. Currently the estimated per semester tuition is $5,070, making the program the 13th most affordable of those surveyed. Currently tuition per semester is $6,975, making the program the 23rd most affordable of those surveyed. Tuition is low at an estimated $4,000 per semester, ranking the school as the seventh most affordable of all surveyed.
The University Exploratory Studies Program is a unique offering that enables students to explore several majors while working on core requirements, just in case you aren’t sure exactly what you want to study yet.
Per-semester estimated tuition is currently $8,000, the 33rd most affordable of programs surveyed. Arizona State University is a national research university that offers affordable tuition online, with an estimated per-semester tuition cost of $7672.
The competency-based is a flat rate subscription, allowing students to take an unlimited number of courses online for a six month period.
Instead, turn to the one thing you probably spend a majority of your time on: the internet.

Become an Amazon AssociateThis program allows you to earn money by including affiliate links to different products offered by Amazon. Currently the estimated per semester tuition is $5,925, making the program the 17th most affordable of programs surveyed.
There are no lab or course fees, and all materials required by the courses are available online. Create a Winning BlogWriting entertaining, interesting blog posts can generate cash for you through ads, affiliate links and other revenue options. When a visitor views your blogs or social media pages and clicks through the Amazon links on your site, you will earn commissions from Amazon on qualifying products bought during that session.16. Your blogging success will depend on your writing talent, whether your blog covers a popular subject and the popularity of the links you include (whether backlinks or pay-per-click links, like Google AdWords).3. Become an Internet Life CoachBecause of the strong interest in quality of life and work-life balance issues, life coaches have become popular in recent years.
The estimated per semester tuition is $3,990, making the program the 6th most affordable of those surveyed. Unlike the intellectual demands of becoming a technical or executive coach, life coaching can be successful if you possess common sense, a respect for family and a commitment to enjoy life to the max every day and helping others do the same.17. Promote Commercial Organizations on Social Media PagesMany major retailers will pay you for promoting their businesses on your websites and social media pages. Sign Up for Amazon Mechanical TurkYou probably won't get rich completing typical tasks for the "Turk," but you can make extra income if you are willing to perform simple tasks for clients.5.
For example, some restaurants might give you a gift card if you check in on Facebook or Yelp.18.
These and other tech items, although built with former generation features, often have value to others.6.
Promote Businesses, Products and Services Via Affiliate ProgramsIf you have a website or blog, you can make money through affiliations with other businesses and sites, which will pay a percentage of sales you generate for the affiliate company.19.
List Household Items on CraigslistFree to join and devoid of listing or selling fees, Craigslist sales can be local or national. Sell Handmade Items and Crafts OnlineFor those who like to make handcrafted items, websites such as Etsy are ideal to make some money off of such hobbies. From kitchenware to baby furniture to jobs, you can list almost anything for sale on this site.7. Dedicated handcrafters should check Etsy and similar sites to find the best fit for their products.20. Become a Virtual AssistantThere are freelance sites, such as the popular oDesk, that often have jobs for virtual assistants. Just as with physical assistant positions, you will get paid for helping executives with a wide variety of tasks.21.
Upload YouTube Videos and Get Paid for Ad ViewsYou don't need to invest in expensive video equipment.
Just learn how to use your smartphone’s video capability to upload entertaining or informative videos, and opt to have ads play before your videos to get a bit of cash for each video view. If earning money by writing gets your blood moving, there are numerous websites offering assignments for aspiring and experienced writers alike.22. Design Useful Apps for Mobile DevicesIf you design a wildly popular app (which is harder than it sounds), you might be pleasantly surprised with the income they generate. Offering one or more apps at the iTunes or Android app store gives your creations wide exposure to prospects. And income can be generated by charging for the app, displaying in-app ads, or charging for in-app features and upgrades.11. Teespring's unique model allows you to design the shirt and get buyers lined up to purchase it.
Sell Your Time and TalentsThe website Fiverr promotes members’ talents in multiple disciplines and connects them to people looking to pay for those skills.
This saves you from the initial investment in stock and the time on processing and shipping orders, though you'll likely make a smaller profit on each shirt sold.23.
For example, if you're a digital photo editing guru, you might find freelance projects you can complete for compensation.12. Sell the Use of Your Photos, Videos and Other MediaSome sites allow you to sell your prized photos, video b-roll, original music or illustrations while giving you the option of licensing resale rights for free. Buy Local and Resell OnlineAnother great way to make money is to find things in your area that are free or cheap, and then sell them online.
This will give you royalties for each use of your photos, videos or music, resulting in longer-term residual income.13. Many people hunt through local thrift stores for rare collectibles, vintage styles or cheap-as-dirt books or media to mark up and resell online.25. Design Websites for a FeeIf you have an interest or skill in web development, there is a big demand for designers to build winning sites for businesses or organizations. Promote Products on Your WebsiteSites like SocialSpark offer bloggers cash for authoring and posting original copy about products or services to their sites. Just make sure to pay attention to FCC disclosure requirements when you're getting paid to promote.27.
Buy Domain Names for ResaleSome people have made big dollars by owning desired domains and selling them to hungry buyers.
For a minimum investment of buying domain names you feel will be popular (typically $10 to $20), you might make a big profit selling it down the line.28. Rent Available Space in Your Driveway or Reserved Parking SpotParking is at a premium in most thriving cities. Renting an unused space in your driveway or vacant deeded parking space can generate additional income.
Advertising availability on Craigslist exposes this opportunity to local people, and up-and-coming apps like JustPark also allow you to easily rent out your parking space when it's not in use.29. You have to go through an application process, and once you're approved you can start getting paid.30. Teach an Online CourseSites like Udemy connect experts with people willing to pay to learn from them. According to its website, about 10 million students use this service, and the average instructor earns $8,000.

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