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The world of internet has by far, beaten all other media sources when it comes to providing resourceful information. First step always starts with analyzing yourself and your writing capabilities, and the level you would like to take it to through rigorous practice and guidance. Essay writing workshops enable you to study about nature, history, and structure of essays. Cleaning your copy will include everything from recognizing grammatical mistakes to correcting punctuation etc… There is anything and everything available online from mere basics to advanced level writing courses.
Universities and colleges around the globe are providing these courses along with other independent websites owned by well-accomplished creative writers and teachers.
Of course, lighting and camera equipment play a huge role in creating successful photographers.
This is a list of free online graphic design courses offered by the best colleges and universities of the world.
The design courses in this list are categorized into three sections, one for students and beginners, one for intermediate level users and beginning professionals and the last one is, of course, for the seasoned pros.
Each course in this list is a MOOC (massive open online course) by a highly respected university.
By the way, if you are looking for a bachelors or masters degree program, you should check out my guide for an online graphic design degree.
However, the course content, forum, lectures and all the learning material is provided free. So, keeping that in mind, I’m starting with the art related courses that lay the foundation, and then we move towards the scientific parts of designing.
This course will provide you with the knowledge needed to start recognizing the role of design in today’s world, and to start making better design decisions in your own life. This course is offered by Canva, a free service for designing social media banners and similar graphics.
This course will teach foundational graphic design principles (fonts, colors, images, backgrounds, and layouts) and how to apply them.
It’s easy enough to pick up Photoshop and mess around with it for a bit, but if you want to really get things done, you need a few essential tips.

This course is optimized for high school students but, anyone who is beginning to take interest in arts and design, can take this course.
Art Fundamentals will address basic art and design skills in drawing and composition, principles of two-dimensional and human figure drawing. We concluded the previous segment with art based course, we begin this segment with an art based course. The course content is fairly easy to understand but it does require you to be already familiar with common design concepts, and this is the reason it is being added in this category otherwise I would have placed in the beginner section. Even though we have covered a couple design thinking courses above, this is a little different. In this course, students will master the tools necessary to generate new ideas and quickly transform those concepts into viable new products and services. Excellent user experience design should consider factors such as human’s demand, ability and cultural background thoroughly. An overview of the many forms of digital arts, this course encourages students in a collaborative fashion to identify and address problems in the cultural and urban environment.
We all have become part of a huge global village where access to this information is just clicks away. You can expect studying different genres (poetry, fiction, essays, and autobiographies) along with learning about voice, style, and point of view. When it comes to fiction writing, plots will be discussed, story-writing techniques will be analyzed, characters will be examined, and their placement and dialogue will be discussed. These workshops target your ability to put your thoughts to words, and works to enhance it to a greater level. Most universities and colleges have websites, where you can find or request all relevant information i.e. Before your search begins for the best creative writing course that suits your needs, the motivation and interest needs to come from within. Understand theoretical foundations and practical techniques, whether your are a manager, entrepreneur, designer or student. In addition to learning basic design concepts such as affordances and signifiers, you will also gain practice in observing and applying design principles.

Naturally they plug-in some of their own promotions in the course but over all, the course is an ideal resource for anyone who does not have a design background and wants to take on graphic designing. This is a nice little course if you are new to Photoshop but you’ll have to register. The course marries theory and practice, as both are valuable in improving design performance. Those were designed for absolute beginners but this one is designed for a little advanced users. User-centered design is not only a requirement for designers, but also a professional quality of product managers and developers.
This courses focuses on criticism, intellectual debates on what design is, how we are creating it and how should it rather be created. I will try to keep this list up-to-date and keep adding the new courses and removing the outdated courses. Therefore, how to find the best online creative writing course should not be a tremendous task if you follow a few simple steps. Expect rigorous writing routines, demanding, and compelling writing exercises of which all will target to sharpen your writing skills.
Introduction to poetry will improve your understanding of rhyme and rhythm, voice inflection, line lengths and endings. Taking a course will just act as a catalyst towards improving your creative writing skills.
This free online course will help you get under the skin of such brands, and ask how and why they become so powerful. Use the Search Box, the Main Topics drop-down box, or the Tag Cloud below, or just browse the ones described on this page to find courses that interest you.

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