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I think that still-life would be of little interest as an art-form if it were a pure reflection of inanimate objects. This still-life drawing is nice, but it lacks something that we can see in the imaginary drawings.
Are there other fundamental differences between real and imaginary drawings that I have missed?
When you draw from your imagination, you really draw with your feelings, you are much more sensitive to what is right in your mind. I think they are all exceptional, but the third one has more of a graphic feel than the other two. Naszym zadaniem jest przekonanie niecwiczacych do tego, by zaczeli cwiczyc oraz utrzymanie motywacji u tych, ktorzy robia to regularnie. Przeszukalismy najglebsze otchlanie Internetu i zdobylismy 10 naszym zdaniem nalepszych tapet motywacyjnych na pulpit, tudziez zdjecie w tle.

Fortunately she had her sketch book with her and she made these two drawings from her imagination. When she was able to return to her studio the next day, she attempted to construct a real still-life that combined aspects of the two drawings.
The real still-life, like most of Hanneke’s still-life pictures, is a centered composition. Zdajemy sobie sprawe z tego, ze nie kazdemu chce sie przeczytac tekst, zawierajacy wiecej niz 1000 znakow. The artist has the time to study fine details, or subtleties of composition in a still-life that are more challenging when painting a portrait from life, or a cityscape on a crowded street. To achieve this constraint in the real still-life, the fruit on the table top is also seen from the side. Stad pomysl na post graficzny (nie bojcie sie, szafiarkami nie zostaniemy) – swoja droga nie pierwszy.

The imaginary still-life drawings are both unbalanced, with the main weight of the objects skewed somewhat to the right side. But in the imaginary still-life, the table top and fruit are seen from a different perspective, from above. That’s why I think you should set up a still-life and then look at it for some time and then go away and sit (maybe in a smoky cafe) and draw it from your mind. This merging of different perspective points lends an interesting quality to the imaginary drawings.

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