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When Tom Brokaw decided to fill the final two minutes of his NBC Nightly News broadcast one evening in 1988 with a story about three whales trapped beneath the ice around the Arctic Circle in Alaska, he began a phenomenon. John Krasinski is an Anchorage, Alaska field reporter who after a week of soft news in one of the state’s most northern towns, Barrow, is ready to come home. A romantic comedy with some serious implications is what the Big Miracle is all about and who doesn’t want to see the planet’s species all survive? Filmed over a ten week period in Anchorage, Alaska the story is based on a book by Tom Rose titled Freeing the Whales: How the Media Created the World’s Greatest Non-Event. Stars Drew Barrymore (Boys on the Side, The Wedding Singer) as Rachel Kramer and John Krasinski (It’s Complicated, Leatherheads) is Adam Carlson are the determined pair who try to save the whales. After sitting at home, wiping the tears off of my cheeks as a boy goes over and beyond to liberate a killer whale from its tank, and then sitting in a movie theater crying my eyes out over the giant rescue mission to save three whales from suffocating in the ice, I had to wonder why humans care so much about their seafaring brothers-in-mammaldom. In 1993, Free Willy made a splash with its heartwarming, family-oriented storyline and the special relationship it portrayed between a young boy and his new, 12,000-pound friend. Big Miracle is based on a book by journalist Tom Rose about a big problem for three whales that escalates into an even bigger story—one in which everyone involved shares a little bit of the spotlight, the fame and the joy over a remarkable outcome. Whales Fred, Wilma and Bam-bam, (known in reality as Crossbeak, Bonnet and Bone) eventually broke through the ice that had them trapped at sea. Troubled orphan Jesse (Jason James Richter) gets caught vandalizing the marina in the local adventure park.
Marine trainer Rae Lindley (Lori Petty) explains to Jesse that Willy is dangerous and suffers from a mood disorder, but that does not keep Jesse from hanging around Willy’s tank.
You get a feeling of faith in mankind after seeing Big Miracle because, even though some characters have better reasons than others for saving the whales, they’re able to put aside differences and achieve something together.
Free Willy, on the other hand, paints a very dismal picture of society and how destructive man can be to animals. This entry was posted in Adventure, Drama, Family, Romance and tagged Alaska, animal in title, Arctic Circle, based on true story, Big Miracle, Drew Barrymore, Free Willy, Greenpeace, ice floes, John Krasinsky, orca, whale, whales.
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The movie, based on a true story, follows the harrowing attempted rescue of several gray whales who wander into the Arctic Circle in Alaska, and become trapped underneath the ice.
Whales have been getting poor treatment for centuries now and with many species down to but a few, they may soon be gone for good.
Others in this entertaining and fun film include Ted Danson, Stephen Root, Kathy Baker, and Kristen Bell. Why was it so believable that these characters would go to such great lengths to protect some whales? Now it’s up against Big Miracle, based on a true story about how it took a nation to save three whales. Reporter Adam Carlson (John Krasinski) just happens to be at the right place at the right time when he records three gray whales trapped near Point Barrow, Alaska, while the water quickly turns into ice around them. When this real-life drama occurred in 1988, they also broke an invisible barrier between the United States and the Russians that existed as a result of the Cold War. To keep him out of juvie and more trouble, Jesse’s parole officer Dwight Mercer (Mykelti Williamson) orders him to clean up his mess at the marina, where Jesse meets Willy, a killer whale separated from its family.
The boy and whale bond instantly, and Willy begins to move around his tank with more spirit than Rea has ever seen.

I’d say the performances in both are a hair above mediocre, but the actors get the job done.  After the film starts, you don’t even care whether the leads are Drew Barrymore, who’s made more movies than I can count, or Jason James Richter, who started his movie career with Free Willy and hasn’t done much since. The heroes and villains are obvious (the cute little boy is the good guy, and the businessman with the mean face is evil). The personal relationships tend to feel forced in this film, so it’s the overall goal of helping the whales that has to drive the story and deliver its impact. At a certain point, the oil businessman and the animal rights activist shake hands, proving that a job description doesn’t define a person. When we first meet Jesse, he’s asking strangers for money because he’s starving and hasn’t eaten. How often are we reminded that people can do good things regardless of what they get out of it? Se agregaran centros comerciales, restaurantes y viveros durante la segunda fase de desarrollo, que dara inicio a mediados de 2013. Entre junio y septiembre, las temperaturas alcanzan en promedio los 40 grados centigrados, lo que no es exactamente propicio para observar flores.
On April 28, she released digital single "Miracle", returning to her fans' side after 3 years of hiatus. Her new song "Miracle" is composed and written by Lee Ji Young herself, raising expectations of fans.
Those three are a mom, dad and baby whale who are clinging to life five miles from the ocean where they need to be migrating south.
If you spot your favorite 'Big Miracle' quote on this list, vote it up -- and if you don't see your fave listed, definitely add it!The 'Big Miracle' true story really is amazing: In 1988, three California gray whales became trapped under miles of solid ice off the Alaskan coast near the remote town of Barrow. Enter the government worker and a non profit aid worker that are determined to help however they can. Which film has what it takes to be rescued by this Smackdown, and which will be deep-sixed?
When ex-girlfriend and Greenpeace volunteer Rachel Kramer (Drew Barrymore) catches wind of this, she makes it her mission to save the whales by involving everyone she possibly can. Jesse learns that if Willy does not start performing for audiences, Dial (Michael Ironside), the owners of the marina, will kill the whale.
It’s the storytellers (Keith Walker for Free Willy, and Jack Arniel and Michael Begler for Big Miracle), upon whose shoulders these films sink or swim. The fact that Rachel is the ex-girlfriend of the reporter who discovers the whales is an acceptable coincidence, but their connection to the whales doesn’t seem to be a very good reason to fall in love with each other.
The villain in this film is Mother Nature, and she shows just how bitterly cold she can be. Currently living in her hometown of Philadelphia, she'll dive into the big California pond in August to pursue a career as a screenwriter. Blocked by huge amounts of ice, they only survive by breathing through a small hole in the ice that is slowly closing as the temperature plummets.
Over several weeks, incredible efforts were made to save the whales, and the effort, dubbed "Operation Breakthrough," was an international one. Drew Barrymore’s character explains it this way in Big Miracle: “Even though they’re big and powerful, they’re so much like us.
Jesse, Rea, and Randolph (August Schellenberg) try everything to prepare Willy for his performance debut, but when Willy catches stage fright, it is up to Jesse, his family and new friends to, well… free Willy. Rachel is obsessed with animal rights and works fiercely to get her way, while Adam is an easygoing news reporter who tries to move up in the ranks, which is difficult because work’s just not that important to him.
In the meantime, she is directing a web series she wrote, “Why Me?” following the unlucky life of Anna Brown, who writes a self-help book to offer advice on how to cope with daily misfortunes. Krasinski’s reporter catches the story by chance, Brokaw does his thing and the world responds.
They find three huge California gray whales that have traveled up to the Arctic Circle and become trapped when ice closed in on them, leaving them in a hole with no escape.
McGraw (Ted Danson), Los Angeles news reporter Jill Jerard (Kristen Bell), a team of local Eskimos, the crew of a Russian ship, and the National Guard led by Colonel Scott Boyer (Dermot Mulroney). Besides the very popular Michael Jackson song that plays while the end credits roll, what made this movie a hit?

When Dial’s lackey discovers Willy’s tank is in trouble after the nasty kids at the marina kept irritating Willy, Wade scoffs and munches his popcorn.
With all of it’s big stars and advanced cinematography, it still doesn’t match against the relationship between an abandoned boy and homesick whale.  You don’t need a big budget to make a good movie as long as the story holds up, and our winner, Free Willy, proves this is possible.
The story becomes an international sensation involving millions across the nation, all the way to the Ronald Reagan White House. There is a hint of potential romance between Adam and Jill, but that doesn’t go anywhere because she cares too much about her job. As directed by Ken Kwapis, Big Miracle is a movie that doesn’t quite know what genre it is, and that is why it works. At the start of the film, Willy gets caught in a net and moans for his family on the other side. Thankfully this drama doesn’t take up too much of the film because, again, it’s the goal that pushes the story forward.
The film is a race-against-time rescue film, sweeping cross-country romance and human interest story that reminds us that when we work together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.
The only connection Willy makes is with a child, Jesse, whose mother abandoned him as well.
The more astonishing feats and ditties that arise out of this film might make you say the film is “too Hollywood.” That’s impossible given the fact that it is documented.
We need help sometimes too."Rachel Kramer is a Greenpeace member who actively works to save the gray whales. Drew Barrymore is an ex-girlfriend of Krasinski and Greenpeace worker who immediately mobilizes to do everything to save the whales.
Her heartfelt pleas help to increase public support for the ongoing efforts to try and free the trio of whales (Fred, Wilma and Bam Bam) from the ice and get them back to safe waters.
Barrymore also never goes over the top in her portrayal of a nature nurturer confronted with her worst nightmare. Ted Danson leads the charge as a (maybe) corrupt oil executive seeking to drill, baby, drill. Military isn't going to allow the Soviet Union to be the heroes in this story - even if it kills the whales.
Dermot Mulroney portrays a National Guard pilot with panache charged with bringing an ice-breaking barge hundreds of miles… towing it by a helicopter. Kristen Bell channels her California girl persona winningly as a Los Angeles beat TV reporter who sees the whales as her ticket to a network gig. And Rob Wiggle is both sensitive and hilarious as one half of a Minnesota duo whose invention may just be the thing that frees the whales.Big Miracle is one of those films that is perfect for the whole family because it covers a serious topic with such levity to which all can relate.
That is slightly a problem in that the film fails to ignite a fire across its scope that does more than tell a story that is profound, globally inspiring and at its core true. Kwapis could have made this film in the same manner, but turned his camera on those who took over the small Alaskan town to cover the story that inspired the world. After the world’s journalists left Barrow, they would land in New York for the Joey Buttafuoco story, Los Angeles for the OJ story and then proliferate to where we are today. It is instead shown from the eyes of wonder of a child, sitting in the dark watching a powerful movie with their parents. Haskell is the type of politician who'll tell anyone what they want to hear - and then turn around and do the opposite. The situation seems nearly hopeless, so Adam doesn't call his ex-girlfriend Rachel in to help. It seems like everyone wants to be famous these days, but believe it or not, some very popular celebrities have decided to step out of the spotlight. You can view trivia about each Elf actor on this list, such as when and where they were born.
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