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Cardiff resident Greg Lefevre was one of the reporters who covered the story that garnered global attention.
In this Your Stories report, News 8 photojournalist Bruce Patch spoke to the former CNN newsman about his experience in Alaska.
If you haven’t seen it, get your hands on it, it’s the story of three grey whales, a mother, father and baby, stuck under the ice away from the open seas.
If you’re feeling this way, you can bet that 99.9% of the population is also feeling that way.
There are the activists, those fabulous people who are fighting the good fight at the front lines, but they probably account for .01% of the population. This process teaches my children (and reminds the adults at the table) respect for resources, it teaches them how to feel and express gratitude and it sends a wave of love light out into the world. Here is a really simple little process you can use every day before a meal to start bringing more conscious awareness of Mother Earth into your lives and to send loving, healing energy into the world. The more you think about where your meat comes from the more inclined you might be to spend the extra money to buy free-range, cruelty free products. Enjoy the meditation and the feeling you get when you add more love and gratitude to the world. We come into contact with millions of them on a daily basis, but what kind of items around the home might secretly be the worst when it comes to cleanliness?

See Julia Stiles, Harvey Weinstein, Kerry Washington and other behind-the-scenes talent Awards Season Fashion: 2013 SAG Awards (2:29)Find out what the stars wore at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards - hit or miss? It’s the tale of a community of normal people (many) and an activist (one) who came together to try and dig the whales a path to the open sea. What stops us pulling together to take the extraordinary steps to save the Earth Mother that we took to save that family of just 3 whales? Let’s say you hear on the news that the global climate is warming and that it’s all going to be over soon if we don’t make drastic changes. And yet if there was a whale in distress at the bottom of your garden, I bet a million bucks you’d be there with a shovel. This step you only need to take until you know exactly where you’re trying to build the light, once you’ve got that you just direct your attention to that area. It is so EASY, so beautiful, it teaches my children respect for Mother Nature and other people and sends a powerful wave of love out into the world.
We usually start off by thanking Mother Nature who helped grow or raise everything on the plate, but then we roll that out wider. I was always clear that I wanted my children to understand where the meat came from if they were going to eat it.
If an animal is going to give its life for us to eat it, I feel very strongly that sacrifice should be acknowledged, blessed and sincere gratitude given.

It feels so far beyond our individual capacity to make that drastic change that we push it to one side inside our minds and we get on with our daily life. We give thanks to the gardeners or the farmers, to the people who stacked the shelves in the grocery store, to the cow who made the milk, to the person who laid the dinner table, to the person who cooked the meal. My girls have had the luxury of growing up having free-range chickens (for eggs) in the garden, and watching lions kill prey so they understand that this is part of the cycle of life, they have always been exposed to it. We make it kind of a game to think of all the people or beings who might have been involved in bringing that meal into being and we send them thanks and love.
If your child has only ever seen meat in a wrapped plastic packet, you may want to approach this very slowly and lovingly so as not to cause them distress. You might want to keep that part of the conversation away from the family table until they are understanding and comfortable. Fleet Science Center will have you scratching your head, asking, did I really just see that?

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