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We suggest you take a look at the documentation, it's located in the "Documentation" folder that came with your download from Themeforest. We create iconic designs that turn heads and a full service, managing every aspect of your project with our turnkey solutions, simplifying the entire process. Generally speaking the construction of such a large number of structures in such a short time reflected the amount of thought that had gone into the design and proceeded relatively straightforwardly. The use of standard drawings from which the number and length of the bars could be deduced to suit the individual bridge proved somewhat optimistic and the contractor reluctantly had to produce a large number of site specific drawings to enable the cutting and fixing of the steel to be adequately carried out and checked. The concrete mix used in the decks was generally a very rich mix, ensuring good strength but requiring careful handling.
All structures where the carriageway was laid directly on the deck and specially designed reinforced concrete parapets whose height could be determined according to the use of the bridge, i.e. It is often said that Engineers are more concerned with the details of the design of their works than in the cost.
In view of the standardisation of the designs used for the M1 structures the firm was able to assist Hertfordshire County Council by designing several of the bridges on the St. Discover the answer at The Education Show, with the help of experts, solution providers and each other.
Your platform for growth and success attracting the entire education landscape to the show. All media on this website is © Pathetic Motorways, except where noted that they are copyright of a contributor.
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We build, install and maintain roadside digital advertising billboards for media and advertising agencies. The thickness of the deck and the number of reinforcing bars varied according to the span and the skew of the bridge, and was set out in a series of standard drawings for each type of bridge. The large amount of steel in the larger span bridges, however, gave some problems in ensuring that the concrete was without voids and was thoroughly compacted. This is a criticism which certainly cannot be levelled at Sir Owen, who was always conscious of the cost of a design, in fact was often thought to design in Pounds Sterling per square foot, rather than Pounds Force per square inch! In most cases we need WordPress admin login credentials and FTP login credentials to help you fix the problem you have, so to get your problem solved faster please include that info when you contact us. Whereas the underbridges were generally single span, the overbridges were supported at midspan by substantial circular columns.
At that time all concrete was placed by crane handled skips, not the modern concrete pumps. These parapets were designed to be vehicle retaining, long before the now familiar standard steel parapets, and proved their worth when, before opening day, a loaded gravel lorry took the roundabout at a junction too fast and ended up leaning against the parapet, safely retained. A theory regarding reinforced concrete bridges which he propounded with gusto to all staff was that, when the cost of the concrete, reinforcement and shuttering are equal, then it is an economic design. The only significant precast members were used in the few bridges constructed over railways.
Due to the density of steel it was frequently necessary to provide doors in the shutter and have an operative working a vibrator inside the steel until the concrete level rose too far to let him remain inside.
Sir Owen was very pleased when shown the photos of this as it vindicated his decision to use concrete in this way.

He always favoured a simple, easy to build design over more complex technically refined schemes, and, in spite of his desire for economy, his structures usually proved to have considerable reserves of strength, whatever later theoretical analyses seemed to show!
The only bridges using structural steel were the three bridges designed by British Rail and carrying rail tracks over the motorway. This practice gave rise to several rumours that personnel had been concreted in to the structures - false rumours I am sure! Abutments were set back from the rails and a line of columns constructed closer to the rails, supported inclined precast sloping members. The final gap between these over the rails was filled during a short possession with precast deck beams on which an in-situ slab could be cast without further disruption of rail traffic. Due to considerable flooding during the construction period these structures suffered considerable delays during construction. Considerable lengths of retaining wall were needed, particularly where the route threaded its way through Luton between a recently built housing estate (which probably should never have been given planning permission) and a long established light metalwork factory. These blocks were cast in fours and broken, rather like a bar of chocolate, to give rough faces and contained granite aggregate to give an attractive finish. The walls retaining cuttings were designed to lean against the earth face and thus took up less space than the traditional shape which was used for retaining embankments.
The block facings were built up ahead of the mass concrete filling so that they could act as formwork and were keyed into the concrete at aft intervals.

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