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Texas hard rock quintet Blue October have a knack for delivering passionately performed modern rock nuggets and lyrics that are so personal, they hurt. Emotive, earnest and real are good descriptors for the new album, and the mix will likely appeal to their core of loyal fans, as well as Blue October newbies.
You dropped your sixth studio album, Any Man in America, last week, and it debuted a soaring No. The fact I could actually have a vessel to get this out when I wasn’t allowed to talk about it in court, and that I got it out in a way people want to listen to it. Blue October are touring Europe in October and November, and you’ve already toured the U.S. As a single dad, and a Blue October fan from back in the day… Justin hit it right on the mark! On the band’s just released album, Any Man in America, frontman Justin Furstenfeld finds himself as vulnerable as ever, opening up to the listener with tales of divorce and a custody battle that overlap a sea of heavy guitars and thick rhythms.

It’s about my God-given right to be a dad, and it may sound like a stretch, because most bands don’t want to talk about something so personal, but I found out most deadbeat dads aren’t deadbeat dads: They’re just bankrupt and can’t afford to pay [child support] anymore. I think it sounds fun and wonderful, but has a story behind it that everybody can relate to. Just enjoyed a small, private acoustic show and the big balls-to-the-wall show on the same day in Dallas last week.
I was frustrated with the legal system, and the more honest I am, it seems the more people want me to shut up.
I’ve never regretted being honest, and I’ve never gotten in trouble for being honest, until now. I’ve heard of thousands of cases of people in same boat as me, and they can’t see their kids because they’ve been accused of something they didn’t do. It’s like, now that my daughter is in the target’s view, you want me to be quiet about that?

I have a very supportive girlfriend who helped me through everything, and I don’t know how she does it. I’d interviewed his brother, Jeremy, a few years back and wrote an article about the band. I brought it to the show last week and they all signed it and made a point to thank me for what I wrote.

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