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Vergangenen November begeisterte er zusammen mit seinen Bandkollegen von Blue October das Munchner Publikum im Backstage Werk (wir berichteten).
Im Munchner Hard Rock Cafe wird Furstenfeld seine komplexen Liedthematiken auf den Kern reduziert vorfuhren – mal unter Zuhilfenahme einer akustischen Gitarre, mal untermalt durch Pianoklange. In seiner Freizeit engagiert sich Furstenfeld ubrigens als prominenter Pate fur den Verein Freunde furs Leben e.
Und fur alle, die fur diese Veranstaltung extra nach Munchen kommen, haben unsere Partner StayMunich und Stay2Munich wie immer gunstige Ubernachtungsmoglichkeiten!
Below are all our covers that have Blue October Into The Ocean 2006 tags linked to them by our users. Not only were they getting Rooney 10 shirts but Rooney tattoos as well, according to the Sunday Sport.
The fact he only got it done to rub our noses in it tells you all you need to know, I hope the tattoist was a UTD fan imagine how could he would feel now. Hate to say it, but this has been proven as a fake, the media in this country really has no shame. The only tattoo the massives are worried about today is the tattoo of a footprint Arsenal left on their blue moons yesterday.

You are spot on it was a delight to see there young rising star dismissed after a mere 5 minutes.
And that Mancini mad man, glad he has lost the fucking gay scarf( ohhh no Am not) says we were the better side. Would you not like Gareth Barry at united, he looks tottaly the part.To fucking wash down the toilets.
I've just heard a rumour that we're after Sneijder, so I'm going to get a tattoo of his name done on my left arse cheek!
And why the fuck should Hernandez or Berbatov have to lose their places to accomodate that champagne drinking granny shagging pikey in Dubai with one goal in seven months and no first touch? Not all the morons are at Citeh -- some of them wear a number 10 shirt with Rooney on the back.
I thought man city fans are idiots, but this one is beyond anyone's imagination, ?500 for that?
Personliche Geschichten bilden den Rahmen dieser speziellen Darbietungen, mit der er an den beiden Vortagen auch in Hamburg und Berlin zu Gast ist.
The fact that his primary motivation was to rub our noses in it rather than actually celebrate the player just shows you they are so consumed with hatred its laughable.

The Stoke fans that were taking the piss out of Wayne are probably hanging out at blue oyster most of the time.
That tattoo parlour is somewhere in Florida and the same picture is on google if you look hard enough, just not with the Manc lad outside. The image appears too flat, don't seem to run according to the contours of the idiot's back. Wahrend regulare Karten fur diese beiden Konzerte im Vorverkauf zum Preis von 20 Euro erhaltlich sind (sowie fur 40 Euro spezielle Gold-Tickets, die ein Meet & Greet mit dem Kunstler ermoglichen), ist das Konzert in Munchen kostenlos. Als Solist gewahrt er deutschen und britischen Fans im Februar einen noch intimeren Einblick in sein Seelenleben als gewohnlich: Authentisch, pur und semi-akustisch.

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