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Starting on the fringe of the Great Plains and climbing through the incomparable mountain scenery of Banff and Jasper National Parks, this magnificent drive—one of the crown jewels of western Canada—combines exhilarating vistas of forest, crag, and glacier.Overview The route begins near Calgary, heads west 84 miles (135 kilometers) to the border of Banff, then goes 36 miles (58 kilometers) to the northwest through the heart of Banff to Lake Louise.
Both a practical guide and an inspiring travel gift book, Drives of a Lifetime highlights 500 of the world's best car trips.
Also accepting books of any kind to donate to BOASA, an association of black-owned bookshops operating across the country, who are keen to start trading in second-hand books.
Books can be dropped off at 02 Anikehof, 105 Martha Road North, Fontainebleau, Randburg or posted to PO Box 2756, Pinegowrie, 2123. For 144 miles (232 kilometers), the route follows the Icefields Parkway, one of the world's most stunning roadways, farther north to Jasper.
They’ll be asked to keep the prices low; the intention being to circulate more and more books into communities which have had limited access before. Little of the cowboy era remains at Cochrane Ranche Historic Site (Junction of Highways 22 and 1A; tel. Since roads trips are a beloved cultural touchstone for Americans of every generation, Drives of a Lifetime will capture a huge and diverse audience.
Other ranches thrived, of course, and an interpretive mural and bronze statue on-site celebrate both failures and triumphs.Enter Banff National Park To the west, Highway 1A weaves through prairie foothills and climbs along the Bow River to Trans-Canada 1 and on into the forest and grand interior mountain valleys of Canada's first national park, Banff National Park (tel. Stretching roughly 300 miles (480 kilometers) along the jagged crest of the Canadian Rockies, Banff and the adjoining Jasper National Park take in a vast tangle of great strapping peaks, mauled by glaciers and capped by the largest ice fields south of Alaska.
Meltwaters thunder from the heights, pool in gemlike alpine lakes, and rush down the forested walls of broad U-shaped valleys into powerful rivers.
It's a staggering, heart-swelling landscape, rich in wildlife, laced with hiking trails, and traversed by the most spectacular system of roads in the Rockies.Bow River An 1880s railroad town and tourist destination from the start, Banff (tel. Although this is a very pretty book, perfect for someone's coffee table, the substance was very disappointing. Nearby, western Canada's oldest natural history museum, the rustic 1903 Banff Park Museum (91 Banff Ave; tel.

Next, follow Cave Avenue west through the forest to the birthplace of Canada's national park system, Cave and Basin National Historic Site (tel. Pick up a map in the lobby and wander through this colossal stone palace—rustic, elegant, and a bit medieval. Admire the immensely powerful falls, amid the blast and spray and percussive, gut-thumping crash of exploding white water.Lake Louise To reach Lake Louise, follow Highway 1A past the Lake Louise townsite, cross the river, and climb through steep subalpine forests to the jammed parking areas below the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel (tel.
The lake itself stretches off between high, knobby peaks to the abrupt wall of glacier-clad Mount Victoria, which soars 11,365 feet (3,464 meters). Follow the cutoff to Moraine Lake, a luminescent turquoise gem nestled beneath a long row of crumbling summits that form the Valley of the Ten Peaks.Lake Louise Visitor Centre Back in town, stop by the Lake Louise Visitor Centre (tel.
Out back, you'll find the start of the Bow River Loop, a 4.3-mile (7-kilometer) interpretive trail. For a grandstand vista of the glacier-capped peaks, glide up the flanks of Mount Whitehorn on the Lake Louise Sightseeing Lift & Gondola (tel.
Named for the Columbia Icefield and the squadron of glaciers visible along the route, the parkway bowls along for 143 miles (227 kilometers), passing through long, forested river valleys cradled by walls of dazzling peaks. Drivers frequently spot elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, black and grizzly bears, wolf, or caribou. After about 21 miles (34 kilometers) of forest and crag, pull over beside Bow Lake for a good look at Crowfoot Glacier clinging to the scabrous cliffs of Crowfoot Mountain. From the lake's north end, you can make out Bow Glacier Falls, a ferocious cascade plummeting nearly 400 feet (120 meters). Continue past Waterfowl Lakes, and walk down to Mistaya Canyon, a sinuous fissure so narrow and deep you may have trouble seeing the water that crashes through it.Saskatchewan River Crossing At Saskatchewan River Crossing, pick up the gravelly bed of the North Saskatchewan River and begin a climb toward the treeless alpine zone.
Not far beyond the Weeping Wall (the damp brow of curving limestone to your right), the road makes a sharp curve and begins a steep ascent. As you round its northern flank, consider hiking to the crest of Parker Ridge, a fairly strenuous climb to a panoramic vista of the Saskatchewan Glacier, curving down from the edge of the vast Columbia Icefield.Enter Jasper National Park Soon you cross Sunwapta Pass into Jasper National Park (tel.

Hike to the edge of the glacier, but don't venture onto the ice without a qualified guide—the crevasses are deep, and people have died in them.Columbia Icefield Centre Across the highway, learn about glacial mechanics at the Columbia Icefield Centre (tel.
Other displays examine wildlife of the alpine zone and explain how glaciers form, grow, and retreat.Sunwapta River Follow the Sunwapta River northwest as it rushes down into the forest and gathers strength from countless creeks and waterfalls spilling from the Winston Churchill Range to the west.
Peer over the cliffs at Sunwapta Falls, a great ripping blast of foam, then coast along the Athabasca River to Mounts Fryatt, Brussels, and Christie viewpoints. With a natural mineral lick on both sides of the road, the nearby Goats and Glaciers viewpoint is one of the park's most dependable sites for spotting mountain goats. Next, turn onto Highway 93A and take in Athabasca Falls, usually crowded, and for good reason. Here, the river's milky blue waters funnel into a chasm and break into a creamy plume of white water with Mount Kerkeslin as a backdrop.
Several miles farther north, take the slow, 9-mile (14-kilometer) side trip to the base of Mount Edith Cavell, a vast wall of dark gray rock and snow that sweeps upward nearly a vertical mile from the parking area. Angel Glacier spills from the cliffs like an immense petrified waterfall, and two loop trails beckon.Jasper Then it's on to Banff's northern counterpart, Jasper (tel.
Jasper lies about 4,300 feet (1,311 meters) below, the Columbia Icefield shines to the south, and you might catch a glimpse of Mount Robson to the west. The view can leave you speechless.Maligne Canyon Southeast of town, Maligne Canyon (follow signs off Trans-Canada 16) cuts across the forest floor as a deep, serpentine crack where the Maligne (muh-LEEN) River slips, pools, swerves, and drops among potholes, hollows, and smooth overhanging walls of limestone.

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