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The official website for The Book of Life showcases some wonderful concept art and illustrations art directed by Paul Sullivan. To see more concept art be sure to get your copy of the art book, The Art of the Book of Life. Our legion of super contributors includes Noelene Clark, Tracy Brown, Patrick Kevin Day, Blake Hennon,, Todd Martens and Jevon Phillips. My Scary Blog is dreadful space where Scary Jerry, Editor-in-Mischief of My Scary Halloween shares his views, reviews, and news about scary movies, frightful books, dreadful stuff, spooky TV, and weird news – plus all the Halloween shenanigans you can handle. Connect with us on Facebook for scary news, movie trailers, and more – all year long!

This easy reader reviews the life cycle of a butterfly with one sentence on each page (6 pages including title page). With warm, spring weather here I decided to do an outdoor craft with G to help decorate our tree and give our birds a special treat. The website is narrated by Director Jorge Gutierrez, who explains some of the story and lore behind the film. It stars the voices of Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Ron Perlman, Ice Cube and Christina Applegate. Images used on this blog are for promotional or editorial use and the copyright belongs to the respective owners.

My snap judgement is that the movie seems to be veering more toward Hotel Translyvania than ParaNorman in tone, but it looks great nonetheless.

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