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The super large, steel-metal round ring holders can be used as key holders to hold multiple keys or key chains.
Be the life of the party - give us two minutes and we'll serve up the best reads for an erudite lifestyle. Get in line, Lord of the Rings fans, HarperCollins is producing a new LOTR coloring book full of illustrations by Nicolette Caven, the artist behind the lovely map designs of Joe Abercrombie’s Shattered Sea series, and our little hearts are all a flutter! In the wake of the ongoing adult coloring book craze, it’s nice that fantasy nerds will get their own chance to let loose their creative juices.

The coloring book is set to be released in June 2016, so until then, I’m content to keep my life-sized Aragorn cutout company while saving up for a trip to Hobbiton in New Zeeland. Our articles pair books with dynamic content, such as current events, in exciting ways that go beyond traditional book reviews. The art, which is said to be inspired by “the breathtaking vistas” from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy, will allow fans to return to some of their favorite parts of the books and movies, like Gandalf’s dramatic battle with the Balrog of The Mines of Moria, or the ghostly Battle of Pelennor Fields.
When she's not researching Game of Thrones fan theories, she's either reading or at home making pasta.

In a time when literary coverage has all but disappeared, BookTrib is filling that void by championing books and their authors in a brand new way. If you have a large quantity of loose-leaf book pages, instructions or user guides then these super large-sized, spring-gated binder rings will come in handy!

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