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Underworld Awakening the fourth movie in the series was kept pretty quiet during the initial development. This is the second trailer as the first was released a few months ago this one has the very welcome added bonus Kate Beckinsale Ass shot at about 1:55 into the trailer. The special effects in the Underworld movies have always been top notch but they have pushed the bar up on this one and I hope it inspires more vampire movies to try something new in the future.

It’s technically not a comic book movie but has all the sexy fantasy, gore-tastic slightly sci-fi stuff we have all grown to love.
For more than 60 years, Vulli has designed and created products adapted to the various stages of a child's development.
Imagine having the author guide you, explaining the reasons for each chapter, how they have expanded since being written, and DOING THE EXERCISES FROM THE BOOK WITH EACH OTHER!!!!!

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