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The massive (748 pages) new breakthrough book 1000 by Ramaji features an original new Map of Awakening with the Levels of Consciousness (LOC) and stages of enlightenment clearly articulated. Below are the Table of Contents of 1000 and the Introduction by Koort, a former student of Ramaji. 1000 is the ultimate level of consciousness, or LOC, the numerical assessment of a person’s state of awareness, on the way to Self-Realization or Freedom in this lifetime.
Even though 1000 is the only thing that is real, it is realized by taking the imaginary journey through the lower levels of consciousness.
Although everyone’s experience and time spent at each LOC will be unique, Ramaji shows you how to recognize each level, alerts you to the pitfalls as you move through them, and encourages you to complete the journey. It was my great pleasure to have Ramaji’s extraordinary tutelage for over a year on my personal journey to LOC 1000. Ramaji explains that most likely anyone reading this book has already progressed through these lower LOCs. I had lots of fantasies about enlightenment, such as an enlightened person will be saintly, be able to perform miracles, have lots of money and be very charitable.
Yet for whatever amount of love that I felt, I had an equal amount of fear in the form of shame, guilt, anger, rage, loneliness, or some type of demon or shadow that I avoided.
Eventually my mental anxieties, depression, suffering, and suicidal thoughts overwhelmed me, but I gave up trying to fix myself. As difficult as life was for me in the LOC 500s, I realize now that if I had not let go of resisting my fears and pain, I would have continued suffering the extreme emotional highs and lows that I had become accustomed to and risked remaining a seeker in the LOC 500s for the rest of my life. Ramaji explained that I risked crystallizing myself in the LOC 600s for the rest of my life if I continued to hold up my new found awareness as something special. Although the LOC 600s are considered enlightened, they have more subconscious fears to face. During this stage Ramaji let me know that the world and knowledge of myself as cosmic consciousness was just another concept or state, and that it had absolutely no value. The LOC 700s still identify with the familiar concepts of the world and cosmic consciousness, but the LOC 800s have thrown these concepts out. Although this was a short-lived level for me, I enjoyed a personal, mystical relationship with Kali, Ramana, and Jesus. He explained that I was holding onto the belief that I was because of them, but actually the opposite was true. I lived happily and mostly secluded within the four walls of my home leaving only to workout at the gym, grocery shop, and take a weekly nature walk with Ramaji. To avoid getting stuck in the LOC 900s, Ramaji encouraged me to throw all caution to the winds along with my need to control anything, including my own peace.
While the LOC 900s are very close, they still have a subtle need to control, whereas the LOC 1000s exist in complete “controlessness.” They have gone full circle and are fully engaged in the world. By assessing the LOCs of the gurus, teachers, and authors whose guidance we seek, words we listen to and books we buy, Ramaji may create controversy and juicy gossip within the world-wide non-duality community.

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The new Map of Awakening comes in two versions that are free for you to download and share. It summarizes the advanced seeker stages and the spiritual stages of enlightened persons as they progress towards realization of the Absolute or Supreme Self. In 1000 Ramaji quantifies, qualifies, and maps out this journey just as it is, level by level, step by step. He lists the LOCs of numerous contemporary spiritual teachers, gurus, authors and historical figures. They progress and move through life operating from base, animalistic impulses, great passions and emotions, and the power of intelligence.
They expect a reward for their good service to God and mankind either in this life, the next life, or in the hereafter.
At other times, I imagined they would be very poor and serve humanity, never eat red meat, not wear glasses, never have health problems, and never get cancer. For close to forty years I read many different books, tried all forms of spirituality such as abstinence, affirmation, mantra, meditation, yantra, yoga, new age, old school, you name it.

I faced the fact that all the spirituality, psychology, sex, drugs, or whatever I tried offered no permanent solution to my suffering.
He told me that there would be more darkness to face, but the good news was that it would be much easier for me to transcend, and that I would move ahead more quickly. In contrast, the LOC 700s confronted the reemergence of their fears after the bliss and excitement of their rebirth wore off. If I did not toss it out and continue the journey, I would remain in the LOC 700s as the King of Crap for the rest of my life. As poetic and beautiful as my life was Ramaji let me know that the pure “I AM,” God, or Light was just another concept and a seductive form of separation.
I chose to have minimal interaction with family, friends and other people who could possibly disturb my peace. He told me that there would always be disturbances and differences, and that my need to control was a form of separation. One afternoon after a RASA the idea of a “me” that was trying to control or to become LOC 1000 dropped away. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. However, this attracts not only the attention from the media but also creatures from the underworld.
I immediately began meeting with him for up to six hours a week to confront my questions, eliminate my doubts, and receive RASA.
Early in my teens I turned to a higher power hoping to earn a problem-free life, loving relationships, and recognition from my peers.
I had several mini-awakenings and peak experiences via Kundalini, psychedelic drugs, and dreams. The concepts of no-self and non-doership dropped away, and I started living in the second stage of non-duality called cosmic consciousness.
When that happened, I would go with them into That in which all states exist, but is touched by no state. I was now living in the fourth stage of non-duality, the true “I.” During this time I kept to myself a lot, not because I was stuck in my pain and fears, unable to face the world, but because I had a preference for living peacefully as possible. Ramaji explained that it is likely that they crystallized at the LOC they started teaching at. Ramaji shows you how to recognize each LOC, alerts you to the pitfalls along the way, and encourages you to realize the ultimate reality, LOC 1000. However, Ramaji told me that even though this was enlightenment, it was far from Self-Realization.

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