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The Christian bible is divided into two major divisions and the second of them is the New Testament. All kinds of facts on diverse topics are condensed into interesting top 10 lists by our curious, intelligent and well informed authors.
For the first week of our Conscious Parent book study group, we are working on getting to know our children in a whole new way. I would like to think that this sort of reaction is not what I have with my daughter, but there are days when I do experience this, like any parent of teens. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. New Testament has 72 books and is the basic foundation of the Christian beliefs and thoughts. The Hindu religion is very widely followed all over the world and was basically originated in India. In Hindu religion, this book is the most sacred and holy out of all the literatures available in this religion.
From movies to music, from food to clothes, from gadgets to natural beauty, you will find a huge variety of heterogeneous information in the form of captivating lists here. The quiz was originally posted to do with your spouse or significant other, but it can be adapted and taken with anyone, really.
My hope through diving deeply into this book is that I will find ways to practice being a better parent than I was yesterday. Be sure and check back on GoodReads frequently during the month as the updates may or may not go to you on your email, depending on your settings on the group. Our GoodReads discussion has given me an epiphany that I feel is truly life altering in its magnitude. The book is a collected version of selective writings of the people of Hebrew and Jewish community.

The chapters written in the book are known as Mahayana Sutras and also sutta pitaka, Adhidharma and Vinaya. I love feeling like I have a chance to enhance my relationship with my 10-year old before he hits the teenage years. The Upanishads describe the relationship of your souls with the God; or in the language of the book, it describes the union of Brahman (pure soul) with the atman (your soul). There are four types of Vedas in Hinduism and are divided as per the historical occurrences of the books. The book explains and describes about the relation between the internal soul and the external soul. One thing I learned from The Conscious Parent is that I need to be giving a lot less advice and listening a lot more.
There are many religions being followed by many people on this earth such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, etc.
The muslims follow everything mentioned in the book and read it completely, or parts of it, on a daily basis. The major parts of the book are written in Hebrew language but some of them are also written in Aramaic, which is a language used by the Jews. It became famous in East Asia first and then traveled around the world after being translated in many languages. The book is most widely read in China and among Chinese, it is the most famous form of holy text and religious literature. It states that one can meet God or one can be united with God after it does excellent in Karma(deeds), Bhakti(devotion) and Gyan(Knowledge). All these religion teaches different types of prayers and different forms of worshipping Gods and different stories about the brave Gods. This book is believed to be written during Muhammad’s period but the book was not published or produced before 650 A.D.

The book contains stories of the historical wars and famous heroes as well as mighty kings. The first part is known as Mishnah whereas the second part is known as Gemara or sometimes just Talmud. It was written on paper in the 19th century and is formed after collecting from various sources. People who are interested in Buddhism and want to learn about the Buddhism cultures and beliefs read Tripitakas. It has lessons about the way a person must lead his life, do good deeds such as helping others, thank God for everything, and learn from everything you do. It was originally written in Arabic language and it is known to be the best work of literature in that language till date.
The book is a must read if people want to learn about the history and principles of Christians and Jews.
Initially, it was interpreted by Taoist concepts and words but as it started spreading across the globe, its interpretation changed.
The majority of the population of the world’s most populated country reads these books named as Five Classics.
But many people have starting reading this holy book because it provides an insight in the practices and culture during the ancient times.

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