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Awful People - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money It’s like 1990s-vintage Clinton derangement. Piers Morgan: I Would 'Seriously Consider Deporting Myself' Over Gun Control Piers Morgan made yet another call for gun control on Sunday — and threatened to deport himself if America's gun laws do not change. SCOTUS in 2012: It Coulda Been Worse The Court handed progressives a major victory in upholding the Affordable Care Act, but next year there might be a lot less to celebrate. Tom Harkin On Fiscal Cliff Talks: 'This Looks Like A Very Bad Deal' Harkin said the $250,000 level already seems like a compromise.
An Afternoon On The Cliff - Esquire Harkin got up on the Senate floor today and rained on the whole parade. MTA continues to stand clear of the closing doors as security system flounders - NY Daily News Proponent of safety doors claims agency botched the most recent attempt to secure a system that killed nearly 60 people this year - Safety doors on subway platforms are a feature on transit systems all over the world, as in Hong Kong, above. Sperm donor for lesbian couple’s baby ordered by court to pay child support, vows to fight ruling  - NY Daily News A Kansas judge has decided that a contract between William Marotta, Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner is void because the insemination wasn’t performed by a licensed physician. Australia condemns Japan for whale hunt - Asia-Pacific - Al Jazeera English Environment minister threatens Japan with diplomatic action unless it stops 'scientific' whaling programme.
India Gang Rape Case: Attackers To Face Murder Charge The tragedy has forced India to confront the reality that sexually assaulted women are often blamed for the crime, forcing them to keep quiet and discouraging them from reporting it to authorities for fear of exposing their families to ridicule. Political Animal - The No-Government Lobby Need more evidence that today’s conservatives have drifted from a relativistic “let’s rein in government excess” to an absolutist “let’s gut government” posture? Belgium To Prosecute Scientology As Criminal Organization; Church Faces Charges Of Extortion, Fraud The church of Scientology -- which is not recognized as a faith in Belgium -- and several of its top-ranking members face charges including extortion, fraud, illegal practice of medicine and violation of privacy laws, according to Flanders News. Now I Know – Mickey Attempts Suicide Walt and his brother Roy struck riches when their animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, grossed $8 million (well over $100 million in today’s dollars) in its first release.
Bruce Sterling on Why It Stopped Making Sense to Talk About 'The Internet' in 2012 - Alexis C.
Pakistan Seeks Help To Rescue 23 Missing Police Also Friday, missiles fired from unmanned U.S. Mridul Bhattacharyya, Assam Tea Estate Owner, Killed In Fire By Workers In India Hundreds of tea estate workers surrounded the plantation owner's home in India's northeastern state of Assam and set it on fire over a labor dispute, killing him and his wife, police said Thursday. Shorter Dianne Feinstein: Oversight Is Fine, As Long As It’s Toothless - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money With Lieberman about to retire, would that officially make Feinstein the most useless deep-blue-state senator who caucuses with Democrats? Senator calls for oversight of agencies that might be monitoring Americans - The Hill's Floor Action Sen. Markey - Lawyers, Guns & Money - One of Obama’s many weaknesses is his belief that leading elected politicians are the primary proving ground for leading administration jobs. Philadelphia High Schools Are Getting Free Condom Dispensers The condoms will be available to all students unless their parents signed an "opt out" form, although, in a move that will surely piss off your Fox News types, the "opt out" apparently won't be enforced by the school or its nurses. A Plague Upon One House - Esquire Now, after carefully nurturing for 40 years the notion that government is bad, the Republican party has developed within it a legislative core that believes that, if government is bad, then governing is worse, that holds as an article of faith that the only legitimate function of government is to do nothing -- loudly, if possible.
Spanish flu mystery: Why don’t scientists understand the 1918 flu even after digging up its victims? Georgia’s war against the poor: The southern state is emptying its welfare rolls at the same time that poverty is soaring. Newtown Police Officers, Traumatized And Not Working, At Risk Of Losing Pay Some of the police officers who responded to the school shooting in Newtown are so traumatized they haven't been working, but they have to use sick time and could soon be at risk of going without a paycheck, a union official said Wednesday. Ross Douthat Explains It All To You - Esquire Apparently, when I was off dancing at the Fezziwigs' annual Christmas Ball, young Cardinal Douthat unlimbered himself on the topic of guns, and what we do with them.

A Cleared Bill of Health This year saw conservative attacks on reproductive rights, and the Affordable Care Act make it past the final hurdles to full implementation. FreedomWorks tea party group nearly falls apart in fight between old and new guard - The Washington Post (armed insurrection! Dick Armey FreedomWorks - Dick Armey's DC Shakedown - Esquire Dick Armey walks into the Wingnut Welfare equivalent of NORAD, and he brings along an "aide" who's packing, and he walks out with eight million bucks? Bonus Quote of the Day "I couldn't believe the kind of people who had come and taken power.
Brad DeLong : Does Thomas Nagel Reject All of Quantum Mechanics as Well as Evolution and Cognitive Science? Media Tip: How to Eliminate Your "Uhhhs" and "Ummms" Caroline Kennedy said "you know" 168 times during a single 30-minute interview.
Eschaton: But They Will Always Smash It On The Floor Liberals should spend their time in office figuring out how to implement a sticky liberal agenda, one which is hard to dislodge, not figuring out how to create a pot of money for Republicans to steal when it is their turn. Oklahoma Planned Parenthood Deals Can Be Terminated: Judge A federal judge on Monday denied a request by Planned Parenthood to temporarily block Oklahoma from terminating a contract with the agency to provide nutritional services to low-income mothers. UP rape victim raped by cops probing case - The Times of India A gang-rape victim from Uttar Pradesh's Ambedkar Nagar, who was again violated by the investigating officer (IO) probing her case, has now alleged that she was also raped by the inspector in charge of the police station where she had lodged her complaint.
Miscellaneous - Firearms Research - Harvard Injury Control Research Center - Harvard School of Public Health 1. Newtown and the Madness of Guns : The New Yorker Whatever satisfaction gun owners take from their guns—we know for certain that there is no prudential value in them—is more important than children’s lives.
Why America Can't Pass Gun Control - Steven Hill and Robert Richie - The Atlantic Looking ahead to 2014, control of the House once again will come down to the outcome of 35 or so close races. The Horror Continues - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Clearly, the problem is that not every American firefighter is armed, preferably with another armed guard for when they’re actually firefighting.
He called that cutoff a "tough pill to swallow," as that income level is already far above the income of middle-class Americans. Police often refuse to accept complaints from those who are courageous enough to report the rapes, and the rare prosecutions that reach courts drag on for years. Those questions to ask answer are really basic, along the lines of gender, sexual orientation, “dorm on campus or live off campus” and then, apparently, you’re off.
The brothers bought a new house for their parents, but their mother, Flora, complained about the furnace not working.
Madrigal - The Atlantic Five simple reasons: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on Thursday said Congress should require intelligence agencies to provide estimates of how often the emails and phone calls of Americans are collected during the surveillance of terrorist suspects overseas. He’s gone to this well time and time again, effectively destroying the political careers of top Democrats in red states for no real reason. African-Americans, for the first time ever, may have voted at higher rates than American whites. First, though, the Connecticut-born, prep-school-nurtured, Harvard-educated, New York Times ideological affirmative action hire had to give voice to his inner peckerwood.
Mental Healthcare System Failing Patients, Advocates Say “The place is something out of the 1920s,” Missouri State Rep. Go to Article I, Section 2: The Constitution does not say that the speaker of the House has to be a member of the House.

Mike Crapo for being drunk-driving liar You might think now is a great time to point out that holier-than-thou Crapo is just a typical, hypocritical, law-breaking Republican. Armey took a dispute in which there was some chance of him ending up with nothing, and ended up with a sack of money far larger than anything most people will ever see. Mankiw did his best to join in the process of taking the work that we in the Clinton administration had done in the 1990s to restore America's fiscal balance--work that was very well done, very important, and work that we were and are very proud of--and casually smashing it on the floor.
This is the group that the Very Serious People in Washington want to target for their deficit reduction.
To earn a House majority, Democrats will need to sweep nearly all of them, largely in districts where a pro-gun control position doesn't play well.
Which brings us to Douthat, now humping along toward a monochrome middle age with the same teenage facial hair and the same teenage hand-me-down politics. Restrictions on research were later extended from the CDC to all parts of the Department of Health and Human Services.
We can pay through all of this with minor reductions in the foreign aid outlays that constitute 95% of federal expenditures.
They are emotionally and professionally committed to the belief that fiscal crisis lurks just around the corner, and they will hold to their belief no matter how many corners we turn without encountering that crisis.
Amid dismal fiscal-cliff talks and an even worse reaction to the shooting in Newtown, Mark McKinnon throws cold water on his wayward party - Nothing on taxes.
The median net worth of retirees is about $160K, including home equity according to the 2010 Survey of Consumer Finances. In fact, a supermajority of seniors voted against President Obama in the election, so in a way, seniors voted for the party that's hell-bent on cutting Social Security. Okay, so I understand that Bad Timing happens; I suppose there's no way that the Times' former Style editor and go-to guy on all things Dressage Bertram "Trip" Gabriel III could have known that the WaPos were about to tell the tale of Dick "Dick" Armey, his wife, and his heat boy stomping into Freedom Works' offices to extort $8 mil.
Walt had it fixed, but the repairs were inadequate, and on November 6, 1938, Flora Call Disney died of asphyxiation from the furnace’s fumes. Unfortunately, the administration has given no indication it will do so, leaving the impression that it is likely to be business as usual for the next four years, with regulators who are less than tough on the industry.
While the Very Serious People debate whether people who earn $250,000 a year are actually rich when it comes to restoring the tax rates of the 1990s, they somehow think that seniors with incomes under $30,000 a year must sacrifice to balance the budget. Is there a single example of organic development in what we'll call, for lack of a thesaurus, Douthat's thought? On Wednesday evening, Gary Quackenbush, 61, turned up at the theater seeking his missing gun, “like it would be in the lost and found with lost eyeglasses and other things,” said Long.
I mean, I don't know why you run for government office with the intent to close up government." -- Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA), quoted by Southern California Public Radio, on leaving Congress to become Mayor of San Diego. Nothing on immigration reform (or an incremental, piece-by-piece approach, which will result in nothing). It may be how you disrupt, but it is not how you govern, or how you ever hope to regain a majority.

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