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Jan Packard starts a diary because she is bored, but she suddenly finds there is a lot happening around her. Her mum is attending consciousness-raising meetings, her best friend has gone boy-crazy, she discovers her older brother was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War, and there are protests and politics everywhere. It is a clear and detailed look at all aspects of the US intelligence institutions and the way intelligence works. Hans Jun 30, 2008A book that helps get at the inner working of the intelligence community and how it becomes policy. A concise book that navigates through the complicated world of intel.Lisa Dec 03, 2008There is a 4th edition to this book p.

Lowenthal wrote this book to fill a gap he had identified in instruction on the intelligence community. He found that many texts dealt in specifics, without first addressing the general background information Lowenthal's college students seemed to need most. He wrote this text as a starting point for his course material, to provide students the necessary foundation for further inquiry.This book is full of facts -- fact after fact after fact to get the student of intelligence up to snuff. Also, redundancy abounds: I'm surprised to find myself reading and re-reading the same material. Either way, it adds an unfortunate degree of tedium to an otherwise interesting read.The material itself is fascinating, and the prose is accessible for any reader, even those with no prior acquaintance with the subject.

But the book is an instruction text more than it is a narrative, and as such, it's probably better suited for scholastic readers, rather than those with a casual interest in the subject.

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