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Nature Books on the PhilippinesIJsselstein, Monday, 28 May 2007Books on nature in the Philippines are often difficult to find. Published by British photographer Nigel Hicks is a very attractive books on the Philippines of the coffee table guide (part of a series, that also cover other South Asian countries).
Very important to instill a love for nature are relatively inexpensive books that help you to determine what you see.
In the same category is Philippine Amphibians: An Illustrated Field Guide by Angel Alcala and Walter C Brown. For children, there is a cute little book, A First Look at Philippine Birds by Maria Elena Paterno, and colored illustrations by Crispin Dayao Jr. Although being a magnificent piece of work, it still very traditional in one sense: it shows only the shells as collected.
Much cheaper, but by far not as extensive is the small Periplus Tropical Seashells of the Philippines (Note that exactly the same book is sold under different titles in various South East Asian countries). My comment is that: very interesting and useful for foreign travelers in the Philippine Islands.
Knowing the impressions left by the past generations tells us that valuable lessons can be learned from history. This book intends to incorporate the notable events that took place in Philippines, unfurling the aspirations of the people and unfolding the possibilities of the future. Two years ago, I was a regular bookworm browsing through the Internet for new books to read when I came across a blog that features book reviews, author interviews, and other bookish stuff. Then I stumbled upon Filipino book blogger Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs on Twitter sometime in February 2013. After graduating from grad school in March of the same year, I began my own book blog, which I named The Lifelong Bookworm.
Eventually, I met more Filipino book bloggers, like Kai of Amaterasu Reads, Louisse of The Soul Sisters, and Sab of Sab The Book Eater among others.
Aside from my Filipino book blogger friends, I have also met international book bloggers from countries such as the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Germ U short courses are learning experiences that will enrich your life on even the busiest of days. Richly illustrated, The National Parks and other Wild Places of The Philippines, is about 30 cm tall.
This guide describes more than 80 species of Philippine amphibians illustrated with color photographs. Describing ten birds, and explaining a little about birds, this is a welcome introduction to birds for children between 4 and 12.
Not a single photo shows the animals, alive and in their full beauty in their own underwater habitat. This gives you a broad overview of the types of shells you are likely to encounter on a beach (or in the baskets of shell vendors that approach you). The transition of the Filipino society from the early phases of technological development up to its preparation towards globalization definitely reflects the character of the local inhabitants as well as the culture that has been developed after a long period of time.
I was so happy when my blog went live because I didn’t have to keep my bookish thoughts to myself anymore. When she’s not writing or reading, she creates playlists, fangirls over cute book boyfriends, and dreams of becoming a published author one day. From facts to fiction, beauty to boys, movies to music, how to's to where to's, you start here. It handy size allows you to bring it along during a field trip, and clear photographs are a great aid in determining what bird you're facing. Focuses on their diagnostic features as well as distinctive aspects of their natural history. Leobrera is the first book of its kind devoted entirely to the identification of mollusks occurring within the Philippines. We see each other whenever there are book signing events, and then we hangout afterward talking non-stop about our latest reads, our most anticipated titles, and our favorite authors. I enjoy sharing book recommendations, talking about YA, and fangirling over swoony book-boyfriends with them!

My blog will turn three in May, and I’m glad that I decided to become a book blogger two years ago.
However, how can you teach people to preserve something when they don't even know of its existence. The book covers 34 destinations in the entire Philippines, with highlights such as the Apo Reef (in Negros Oriental), Mount Apo (in Mindano), and a number of destinations in Palawan.
This comprehensive guide can help to identify all shells likely to be encountered in a trip to the islands. I wrote a children's book with a Philippines setting and I want to talk to you about illustrating it for me.
I had a ton of homework and required readings, plus I was working on my Master’s Project, the final requirement of my MA Journalism program for graduation. For Bohol the Rajah Sikatuna National Park and Balicasag Island Marine Reserve are described.
Over 1.600 species are illustrated in 100 fill color plates, and coverage includes the Gastropoda, the Bivalvia, the Scaphopoda and the Cephalopoda.
Complete with maps and notes for visitors, this is a very valuable book to have, and to show to friends looking for a travel destination. In addition, four plates are devoted to land snails and fresh water gastropods, covering two groups, some briefly, others in more detail. All species are annotated with the currently accepted scientific name (including author and date), a concise description, and a distribution profile within the Philippines. Many illustrated species are as yet unnamed by science, and still others have never before been illustrated in any identification guide. At the end of some family groups, additional notes are presented which attempt to clarify certain problematical species.

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